Mercury Optimax 150 Spark Plugs Mercury Optimax 150 Spark Plugs
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    Mercury Optimax 150 Spark Plugs
from Jill (  
5/12/1999 7:53:00 PM


 Recently replaced twin 90HP Yamaha outboards on our 6.4m aluminium runabout with a Mercury 150HP Optimax. The fuel economy and general boat handling are terrific but at the recent 50 hour service we were advised that new spark plugs when required would cost $25 (AUD) each! Would DUNK or someone else informed in this matter like to comment please? As an aside - only 9 of these motors have been sold in West Australia and 1 has been stolen. So far we have been pulled up twice by police wanting to check if we have the stolen motor!

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   Optimax Plugs from Brendan (  5/12/1999 8:34:00 PM
 Jill, I had new plugs put into my 1998 Optimax 150 in March of this year while doing the spring get ready thing. They were $19.85 each (plus sales tax). Platinum tipped is the reason I was given for the expense. With exchange rates, shipping, and whatever the difference in sales tax may be between Australia and New Jersey, probably accounts for the difference of $6. The good news is my motor never misses, smokes or any of that kind of stuff. E-mail me if you want to compare notes more. Brendan.....
   Plugs for merc from trouty (  5/12/1999 9:42:00 PM
 Jill, I can remember Merc plugs as far back as 20 years ago were always about 4 times the price of other brands (they were $6 or $7 then!) - seems not much has changed. Why not email merc direct via their site and find out why? try As to the stolen OB...I rang Club Marine the insurance company that advertised rewards etc for info and suggested politely they might like to consider sponsoring a web page for stolen boats / motors so techs with net access could keep an eye out. They didn't seem overly interested. As you and I can guess - most of the gear probably goes east on a truck! WA although a large state has a small population and I reckon it'd be a brave thief went to sea in a locally stolen boat in our state - he'd be spotted in a flash by mates of the real owner!

It's good to see the local Police going all out to solve this latest Rash of thefts though! I see on the TV news they got someone the other day too...repainted the boat and changed the cabin and someone still spotted it! Like I said - a small baoting community here and well informed too! The real problem is stuff going east (and comming the other way!) With lack of effective communication on this issue by stae based law enforcement agencies West to East and the other way, a booming boat theft industry has been allowed to develope and flourish unfortunately. It would appear to me that this electronic medium is an ideal way of bridging that information deficit - but not beeen adopted yet unfortunately.

I'm sure we'd sleep better at night, if unlucky enough to be the victim of such a theft, knowing that photo's of our boat and serial numbers of the motor etc were available via the net to the likes of "Dunk" here in the US and "Reg" in Aus. - techs with access to the net who are likely to be asked to repair eventual mechanical faults to these items of boating leisure equipment.

I once had an OB stolen and about 3 years later the Police recovered it in a drug running raid on a pro fisher suspected of collecting drugs from container ships running our coast...they checked everything on his Boat looking for a serial no. of anything stolen to hold him for further questioning.

They took the serial no of the outboard on his dingy tender and it was the only item of stolen equip in his possesion - but it was enough! He claimed in court he'd bought it at the hotel for $20.00!

I got it back! It had been completely overhauled and was in better nick than when It was stolen!

Anyways - at least our boys in Blue are trying - they do have some successes!

I really want a new 1999 model 40HP Merc 4 stroke OB now, but will check into the cost of Merc spares versus Honda and Yammaha now that you have alerted me - thanks a lot!

Cheers trouty West Aust.



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