newer boat gas mileage??? newer boat gas mileage???
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    newer boat gas mileage???
from buzzed bait  
6/10/2008 3:19:18 PM


 Planning on getting a newer (01 - 05) boat in the next couple of months. Just wondering what kind of gas mileage improvement I can expect by having a EFI or D.I. as oppossed to the old style carbuerated motors. Right now I have an 87 Johnson 150 GT and it is sucking down gas and by that I mean its costing me $40 - $50 a day to run hardly at all( 14-20 miles total) at optimal RPM's. Would like to stay around the same Horsepower.

In my mind the price of a newer boat is going to be offset by the improved gas mileage in addition the the money spent on constant repairs. Am I way off target here??


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   Optimax from Jackson #11818  6/10/2008 3:21:39 PM
 You'll be VERY pleasantly surprised with an Optimax. My next boat will have one.

   All of em from SMS #11748  6/10/2008 4:10:49 PM
 All the new DFI motors get much better milage compared to that old carb looper plus much less oil consumption. Even an EFI is better, but the DFIs have the best mileage.

   opti from jbz7 #13144  6/10/2008 6:24:14 PM
 I went from owning a Merc 150 XR6 for the last 8 years to a owning a Merc OPtimax 175 Pro XS. the difference in fuel useage is amazing. My last three trips were to bug water and with my old XR6 i would have used at a minimum 40 gallons, most likley more. My current Opti i maybe burned 15 on the whole deal. The difference is nothing short of amazing.

Personally i didnt buy a new boat because of gas. Mine was 10 years old( i bought it used) and i was ready for a new one. I would have to keep the thing forever to make up the cost in $$ savings form better fuel economy. I wanted a new boat is all and using less fuel is a great bonus.

   I'm with JBZ from JohnM  6/10/2008 8:16:19 PM
 You just cannot make up the cost of a new rig in fuel savings. It'll take years. By then the warranty on the DFI has ran out. What you DO gain is starting at the twist of a key. The ability to go fish a "normal trip" of 30 miles or so on about 5 or 6 gallons of gas, most of the time updated electronics etc.. on the newer rig. Plus NOTHING beats that new glass smell... well maybe BBS mixed with new glass LOL.

   That 2 year old glass smell is still pretty sweet too... from Toonafish  6/10/2008 10:34:59 PM
 I have to agree with Jbz and JohnM that the fuel savings of the DFI is the real bonus. EFI's are no where close to the DFI's in mileage.

I owned an 86 GT 150 and I'm like you buzzed bait, I just couldn't figure out where all the gas and oil went in that engine.

The 175 Opti I have now is incredible. 1/3 the gas my last boat used and probably 1/5 the oil.

Stick with a DFI on your next rig !


   Ditto... from BCB  6/10/2008 11:11:13 PM
 We agree to go Direct Injection of eitger ETec, HPDI or Optimax. Takevyoir pick and go for it.


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   Thanks Fellers from buzzed bait  6/11/2008 8:35:27 AM
 I know the fuel savings won't make up the difference. What I am hoping is the fuel savings plus the ridiculous amount of money I spent fixing things continually (e.g. electronics, livewell pumps, trailer light) its atleast 75-100 bucks a month. Not to mention the worst feeling in the entire world and is to have your motor @#$% up on you during a tournament. Its time to get something new anyway. thanks


   The boat makes a difference as well from Sowbelly #12006  6/12/2008 12:03:31 PM
 You will see some improvement for sure, but don't forget, a lot has to do with the boat/motor combo. You didn't say what kind of boat you are running. If you have a heavy hull, you may go from 3mpg to 3.8mpg when you upgrade from a carb/EFI 150 to a DFI 150 but if it was a lighter boat, you may jump up to 4.5mpg with the DFI 150. I have had 6 different bass boats over the years, heavy ones, light ones, carb, EFI and DFI motors. Take a 225 Optimax ProXS and put it on a heavy boat and you are looking at 4mpg. On a light boat, it will be over 5mpg all day long. The motor just isn't working that hard to push the boat. Sort of like your truck towing your boat. You get mpg better when not towing. Or when you are towing, you get worse going up hill. I would get the MAX HP your boat is rated for and run 3/4 throttle.

   yep boat dies make a difference. from jbz7 #13144  6/13/2008 10:57:28 AM
 I think im my case i have a decent apples to apples comparison. My old boat and new boat are of similar size and weight and are of the same brand. If anything my new boat is a little heavier then the old one was yet the opti still has it all over the xr6 i had before.



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