Best Way to Get Carpet Clean in Boat Best Way to Get Carpet Clean in Boat
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    Best Way to Get Carpet Clean in Boat
from Cougarcat  
6/15/2008 2:42:56 PM


 Run your boat through a heavy rain storm for about half an hour until carpet is soaked. It doesn't matter if it is on the water or on the trailer. On the trailer it is better to do it at three in the morning so other vehicles do not throw dirt into your boat. I did both Friday night, half hour on water and another hour behind my tow vehicle, into early Saturday morning. Now take your shop vac wet attachment and suck the water out of your carpet. There it is clean as new. This really does work although it is humorous. Note, lightning is not a good added atraction on the water.

I also caught five small bass that weighed out at 8 lbs. Did you know weigh ins do not take near as long at 2:30 am in a heavy down pour? That is true and people don't stand around and chat.

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   you say that in jest but it's true... from Beartrap  6/15/2008 3:32:29 PM
 many years ago,I staged the first mall boat show complete with water in Greenville,Miss......a plumber was changing out a sprinkler head in a small store and thought he had water cut off...he didn't and when he unscrewed that head,it knocked him off the ladder...he ran outside to spin the cut off valve and it the time fire dept. cut water the off at highway for us,we had 2-3 inches of water down the middle of mall...back then we used dry foam to clean carpet instead of water extraction ....we were able to squeegee water into a sunken fountain at center court and in the process,the mall carpet ended up noticeably cleaner...probaly cleanest it had been since installation.. .....we later went to water extraction and it is amazing how much dirt you will extract out of mall or home carpet....if you want to get your boat carpet really clean,use the soap pressure washer at the car wash,bring it homw and rinse the soap out with a water hose....park it in the sun and let it dry....just don't hold that pressure washer so close that you might blast the carpet loose in the corners or along the side of your boat....all carpet and backing is synthetic now and water won't hurt it a bit....

   It is true from Cougarcat  6/15/2008 3:59:40 PM
 I did say it in a funny way but I also said it is true. I've done it more than once. Crossing Kentucky Lake in a heavy downpour also works. Carpet ends up good and clean.

The other part of this is over on Trailers and Towing. Why did my brake lights and turn signals work at two in the morning but not the regular trailer lights? They were working before.

We have also killed our weigh in scale. I guess it doesn't like heavy rain.

   Water.... from Alex from GA #10518  6/15/2008 9:32:15 PM
 ....and electricity don't get along. My van door locks didn't work the other day when they got wet. They're dry now and work fine. Maybe if we spray WD40 on stuff they'll work.

   clean carpet from bassnman30 #10481  6/16/2008 9:28:37 AM
 Years ago I went to the car wash to clean my boat. These days I have a different and bigger boat and it would take me 5-6 bucks just to rinse the thing, not even including initial washing.
I think that your idea holds merit.
I do it on a regular basis.

   The cleanest carpet from Randy B  6/16/2008 1:28:33 PM
 is new carpet. After 1-2 trips, it is used carpet.

   bassnman from Beartrap  6/16/2008 6:21:49 PM
 do your rinsing at home with garden hose....does a better want lot of water at lower pressure's free....

   Beartrap, where in Ga. do you live where water is free. from humminbird #11206  6/17/2008 4:32:24 PM
 Water in my town is approaching the price of gas. It is definitely not free or cheap. My sewage bill is calculated according to the amount of water I use. Water is not free or cheap. AND it is going up AGAIN come July 1. Water is not free or cheap. One day, we will be penalized if we use above a given amount of water. Water may even be rationed one day. Conserve. Fially, before Beartrap nails me, I know the point you were making that you do not have to pay at the car wash site.
Humminbird in albeeny from Beartrap  6/17/2008 5:28:42 PM
 you got me curious and I hauled out my utility bill.....we have municipally owned water,gas,electricity and garbage pick up here....per month,water runs $9.71,sewer and garbage pickup both run about $20.00 each and electicity $80.00 to $160.00

water cost is always the same so I assume we are allowed so many gallons before you are charged additional and don't recall ever going above the I guess I could rinse the soap out of my carpet a time or two before it started costing me extra.....



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