Best place to transom mount a transducer on a TR21? Best place to transom mount a transducer on a TR21?
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    Best place to transom mount a transducer on a TR21?
from Randy B  
6/17/2008 3:14:17 PM


 I want to transom mount a transducer on my 1998 TR21. It's a Lowrance skimmer style.

This hull has a step-like indentation in front of the prop area. The very bottom corner (of that step in) is the drain plug. There's also some water intakes on that face.

So I'm thinking that the transducer should go to the left or right of that drainplug, mounted level and according to the lowrance instructions?

Does anyone have any real experience with the TR21? I'm wanting a good bottom signal at speeds >20mph.

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   Shoot Thru Hull Transducer from Heartland Tackle Service  6/17/2008 3:25:16 PM
 I have excellent results with my shoot thru hull transducer in my TR-20 - I get a solid bottom lock up to 50 mph. I wouldn't dream of putting one on the transom with some of the places I fish. BTW - it's a Lowrance LCX-27C.

Jim Johns, ReelDoc/KS

Heartland Tackle Service

Phone: (316) 250-9349


Heartland Tackle Service

   Jim from Randy B  6/17/2008 4:43:33 PM
 I agree that some lakes are mighty risky to external mountings. That's not my case. I've already ordered a DF skimmer style transducer (36 degree/12 degree).

Just to double check, when you say "shoot thru hull", do you have a "shoot thru hull" transducer (like a PD-WBL) that is shaped like a TM puck -or- did you use a skimmer style?

I've even thought about cutting a hole for a bronze housing/thru-hull mount.

   I suggest from 5keepers #10346  6/17/2008 6:11:50 PM
 not mounting on transom but in bilge area with expoy. I have Lowrance 27 with skimmer ducer and it is working great. Good Luck!

   transducer from Dwight #10907  6/17/2008 6:44:52 PM
 You can use either type transducer for a shoot thru hull. Mine is mounted in bilge sump and reads at 70+ mph

   Randy from Heartland Tackle Service  6/17/2008 7:26:07 PM
 A PD-WBL is exactly what I have epoxied into the bilge area of my TR-20.

Jim Johns, ReelDoc/KS

Heartland Tackle Service

(316) 250-9349


Heartland Tackle Service

   I wonder what's different from Randy B  6/18/2008 12:23:56 AM
 I called Triton and they told me exactly where to put it in the bilge area (just beside the drain plug). I got the Lowrance epoxy and carefully installed it level after really sanding down the hull to perfection.

I lose my bottom signal at about 20 mph. My unit is a LCX15MT. Maybe that transducer is flaky or something. Anyway I've got a skimmer style DF transducer ordered and need to figure out where to mount it. I'd hate to mount it in the bilge again and still not get a good bottom signal on plane.

   test it first from MikeF  6/18/2008 7:51:01 AM
 Before you mount the new transducer test it. The first test should be just hanging it over the side of your boat in the water. See what it looks like; then place it in the bilge with something laying on top of it to hold it down. Put enough water in the bilge to cover the bottom half of the transducer. This will tell you if it works and how well.

A transducer on the transom will give a better return but I wouldn't do it on a high speed boat. Your boat is designed to have a good location to mount the tranducer in the bilge that's where it should go.

   Epoxy possibility from Heartland Tackle Service  6/18/2008 11:38:57 AM
 Is there any possibility that you got air bubbles in the epoxy when you were mixing it? Air will NOT transfer sonar signals. Most folks stir epoxy rapidly when mixing. It's much better to "fold" it together until it's completely mixed - this minimizes bubbles. I learned this the hard way when I first started building my own fishing rods.

Heartland Tackle Service

   Maybe this is my problem from Randy B  6/19/2008 9:53:52 AM
 I re-read the transducer installation instructions. I think I had done a careful job, but did one part wrong.

They say that the skimmer transducer should be pointed toward the front of the boat. I mounted it facing backward because that allowed me to get it closer to the ideal place (the cord interferes otherwise).

I may ponder this some more and decide to try inside once more. I will follow MikeF's advice too (which is in the Lowrance manual too).

   Xducer from BobP #11078  6/21/2008 10:19:11 PM
 If you want it to read at speed it has to be mounted on the back of the boat's running pad (the very last step on the transom). I mounted mine on my Triton PD-19 as far to the right as possible in a spot that's not behind a bunk when the boat is on the trailer. 5 yrs and doing fine so far. Reads to 50+ mph. Yes, it's possible to get a xducer knocked up by hitting an obstruction but the chances are slight unless you often fish gnarly water and scrape the bottom of your boat. I like the increased sonar performance and the water temp display. If you're afraid but still want max performance, you can use 2 xducers, one in the bilge when running and one on a higher transom step (out of danger), both connected to the sonar head with an Lowrance A/B switch.



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