water pressure gauge not working??? water pressure gauge not working???
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    water pressure gauge not working???
from OhioChamp183 #14873  
3/19/2009 11:35:30 AM


 After storing for winter, took the Champ out yesterday.
Water pressure gauge doesn't move? Stays buried below "0".

Motor throws a nice stream of water, so it's getting cooled, just nothing at the gauge?

Motor is a Yamaha 150 VMax.

Any ideas what's up?

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   yes from MikeF  3/19/2009 12:10:54 PM
 You live in Ohio.

   real answer from MikeF  3/19/2009 12:14:57 PM
 It because the gauge froze over the winter. You will have to replace the gauge.

   :^( from OhioChamp183 #14873  3/19/2009 12:34:59 PM
 that's what I was afraid of.

Stored it inside, but it did get cold. Speedo worked fine, so it must have drained enough to not freeze.

   question.... from OhioChamp183 #14873  3/19/2009 12:35:40 PM
 wouldn't there still be water in line..........anywhere?

   without from MikeF  3/19/2009 12:50:45 PM
 Without seeig the actual gauge it's hard to say. It may be your speedo isn't run off a pitot tube or that it drains back down when it's off. What you need to do is pull the tubes off of the back of both when you winterize the boat.

Once it does freeze it can crack the bourdon tube that moves the needle and allow the tube to drain so when you check it in the spring the tube is dry.

On a good note a lot of the newer engines use sensors for water pressure and the gauges are electric and the speedo's can be run off of GPS.

   Frozen guage from Jeff Hahn  3/19/2009 1:06:54 PM
  OhioChamp183: I've done the same thing with the water pressure gauge, but never had the speedo freeze in 20 years of owning bass boats. Next fall, disconnect the water line to the gauge, remove the gauge and dump/suck all of the water out. You can reinstall it, as long as you don't start the engine again until spring. I just take mine out and store it in the basement with all the other stuff I take out of the boat.

Jeff Hahn

Edited 3/19/2009 1:07:08 PM

   oh well.... from OhioChamp183 #14873  3/19/2009 1:28:49 PM
  live & learn!

Also never ever had it happen to a speedo gauge in 30 yrs.
First time on a water pressure gauge.
$50 mistake.....that won't happen again! LOL

Thanks guys!


Also, my speedo does run off a water tube. All mine have....that I can remember.

Edited 3/19/2009 1:29:51 PM

   Fix it from Dave D #12397  3/19/2009 3:34:44 PM
 Use a small needle nose plier and reset it, done it many times

   cool....but how? from OhioChamp183 #14873  3/19/2009 4:39:33 PM
  I'll try it.........how? LOL

Edited 3/19/2009 4:40:09 PM

   you could but from MikeF  3/19/2009 4:43:11 PM
 If the tube inside the gauge was not split open you could move the needle back to zero and it might work but it would not be anywhere near accurate.

   Frozen Water pressure gage from Bobs203 #15467  3/19/2009 6:54:17 PM
 Mine froze a couple years ago and I tried working on it a couple of times and could get it to register, but as Mike said, it wasn't accurate at all. $50 later I was back in business - and started storing the boat in a heated garage...:)

   Gauge repair from Dave D #12397  3/20/2009 12:36:37 PM
 I have not seen an amountable change in the readings after repair, though there may very well have been some I am not to conserned if my gauge reads 12 lp and the exact water presure is 10 or 14 as long as it is consistent. I am conserned when my gauge shows I have lost preasure and have a problem. the repaired gauge gives me that, OhioChamp if you want to attempt a repair and need more help contact me

   Dave.... from OhioChamp183 #14873  3/21/2009 9:49:42 AM
  email me at:


and let me know what do do to try repairing it

It's worth a try. It's a Faria gauge.


Edited 3/21/2009 9:50:44 AM



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