Primer Ball replacement question Primer Ball replacement question
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    Primer Ball replacement question
from rgray200 #13648  
7/22/2009 11:58:28 AM


 I replaced my primer ball on my 02 (200hp) Ficht. As I squeezed the primer bulb several times I was unable to get it to build up pressure/prime. I took my boat to the local lake thinking if I started the engine it would get the primer bulb to prime and hold pressure. This did not happen after I started the engine and it ran out what gas was left in the injectors and the motor naturally stopped running. I did notice the primer bulb collapsed. I thought I would try something different so unhooked the primer ball and turned it the opposite direction with the arrow pointing in the direction of the tank. Guess what, it primed imediatly and held pressure. I ran the boat the remainder of the day.

My question is has anyone else ever had this happen? I thought I was loosing it and called my dealer to make sure I put it on correctly with the arrow pointing toward the engine. In my 30+ yrs. as a boater having replaced primer bulbs before I have never had this happen. I called the dealer and ask them and they said they hadnít seen this before either and said I should bring it back for a replacement.

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   hmmm ,,was it an Attwood replacement bulb?? from Rattler  7/22/2009 7:50:51 PM
I had the same problem a couple of
months ago....

   Rattler I have the answer......... from rgray200 #13648  7/23/2009 6:47:47 AM
 I took the bad primer ball back last night. I haven't cut open the old one to see how they are made yet. However, the mechanic showed me how. If you pump the ball and place your finger over the one of the ends you will feel the vaccum on your finger.
What happened was they reversed the ends during manufacturing and quality didn't catch it. Neat trick huh. I will cut open the old one tonight just to see how they are assembled. The dealer said you can cut off the metal clamps and reverse the ends and it would work but he gave me a new one. Don't buy the after market ones though because the material is cheap and will need hold up with todays gasoline.

Have a good one.



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