Gas treatment - Stabilt question Gas treatment - Stabilt question
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    Gas treatment - Stabilt question
from robbocop #14013  
10/1/2009 3:12:40 PM


 Over the past 15 years, when I winterize, I have treated my Merc 40hp and leftover gas in the boat fuel tank with the Sta-bilt fuel additive (red) and have had great success. This year, after purchasing a place on a pond, the boat is used a minimum of 5 times a week, and have used the Sta-bilt Marine (blue) to treat the gas every time I refuel the tank with the recommended amount. All is fine except every now and then a little smoke at low idle speed if trolling on the pond with a deep runner, but clears out quickly.

The question I have is, when I put the boat up for the winter this year when I winterize, shall I add the Sta-bilt (red) to the gas that is already treated in the tank with the Stabilt (blue), or not. Does the Blue treat the gas and do the same as the red for preservation or are they 2 different animals? Thanks in advance.


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   Blue Stabil from Brannen #10664  10/1/2009 4:00:00 PM
 I don't have to worry about winterizing down here, so maybe someone can answer that portion of the question, but I know that the blue Stabil is designed for gas with the 10% ethanol while red Stabil does nothing to ethanol. I have been using blue Stabil for over a year and have had no ethanol related issues. That being said, I don't believe you can overtreat fuel with Stabil, so I doubt it would hurt anything to add more red to it, but I'm sure you could call them to find out. I always treat mine to about 150% of their recommendation with the blue.

   Exhaust from robbocop #14013  10/1/2009 4:26:28 PM
 Do you ever get any smoke when idling or in low speed? If so,is it attributed to the Stabil?

   Haven't noticed any from Brannen #10664  10/1/2009 4:48:30 PM
 I run a 150 VMAX and haven't noticed any unusual smoke. There is a slight amount of smoke at idle, but it has done that since I got the motor (of course, I have been using the Stabil since I got the motor as well).

   Thanks from robbocop #14013  10/1/2009 4:56:58 PM
 Yes, I beleive it just may be a low rpm thing as I think someone told me the oil pump doesn't work as efficiently and the oil doesn't burn off as easy at low idle speed as it would at a "running" speed

   B;ue Stabil from Cougarcat  10/1/2009 10:08:29 PM
 If you are using the Blue Stabil you have no reason to add the Red Stabil. The blue has the same effect as the red plus helps with ethonal.

   Treat early, treat often from CS175 #13967  10/2/2009 10:24:59 AM
 You should also treat with Stabil whenever you fill up versus just before storage. Stabil (either formula) works best on fresh gas so putting it in right at fill up is better than using it on "leftover" gas. Given the amount per tank required, I simply add Blue to each tank as a matter of habit. Takes care of the ethanol worries and I don't have to worry about status when its time to store.

   Blue vs. red from robbocop #14013  10/2/2009 8:34:52 PM
 Yes, I always add the blue to new gas, my question was, do I need to add the red when I put the boat up for the winter for the gas still in the tank, (already treated with the blue) or does the blue do the same thing, therefore I do not need the extra added red.

   most 2 strokes from MikeF  10/3/2009 9:07:32 AM
 Most 2 strokes are programmed to use more oil at idle.

   Should be good . . . from CS175 #13967  10/4/2009 8:33:22 PM
 Robo - if you use the appropriate amount at fill up, you should not have to add more. Note that the blue has two different recommended amounts - one for running to keep the gas fresh and one for storage (twice as much). If you plan on storing, adding the full recommended amount as soon as you fill. Adding later won't revitalize fuel.

   You're good. from StevieP  10/5/2009 5:18:53 PM
 both blue and red stabilize the fuel.

blue ADDS ethanol-fighting stuff to the mix.

If you have the blue in there, you don't need to add the red.

   The Red from boatsandmotorsofdalton  10/7/2009 1:48:52 PM
 we have seen that the red eats up diaphragms in the fuel pumps and vro pumps. Not good to use. Stay with the blue for marine.



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