Replacing fuel line to Mercury outboard Replacing fuel line to Mercury outboard
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    Replacing fuel line to Mercury outboard
from AlanW #10911  
5/11/2010 9:02:31 AM


 I need to replace the fuel line from the tank to the engine.
Is there anything special about the silver/gray colored Mercury brand line that is on it now, or can I just use regular black approved fuel line from NAPA or AuotZone, etc?? ( 3/8" inside dia.)

My current silver Murcery line has either a lining inside that is breaking down or some kind of build-up/varnish on the inside that is flaking off.

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   Replacing The Fuel Line from Valiant2 #12358  5/11/2010 10:20:31 AM
 I went through what you are presently, earlier with my '00 200 Merc EFI. I received some excellent information from Master Merc Technician, Don Weed:

"Replace with fuel line from the tank to the primer bulb with EPA approved fuel line. (On my Ranger, that hose was 3/8" I believe). Replace your primer bulb with (13330Q07), your water fuel filter with (18458T4), and install kit (8570005A1) in your pulse fuel pump."

Ethanol attacks the fuel lines, and the fuel line between the primer bulb and the engine (gray Mercury hose) has an inner lining that crystalizes and breaks away in tiny chunks. (In my case they were big chunks and they nearly blocking the line in a couple of cases - I was told to replace this line with another Mercury line and do it every five years) Since the fuel line from your gas tank to the primer bulb is primarily comprised of're not seeing the same "crystals"...but be assured, it has also been attacked; its just passing through the system as small rubber debris, which hopefully are bieng trapped in the water separating fuel filter."

I remember that the fuel line from the tank to the primer bulb was a different size than the line to the engine from the primer bulb.

Hopefully this info isn't too confusing to you and will be of some help.

   fuel line from AlanW #10911  5/11/2010 10:37:07 AM
Thanks, mine is a 00 Merc 200 EFI also. It has the 3/8" dia Mercury gray colored hose with red lettering running all the way from the tank to inside the engine cowling.

Engine has been running fine so far with no problems. The lining is broke down but has not started flaking off yet; except the piece I took loose at the primer bulb and stuck a screwdriver down into. Pieces instantly broke off, but I have not run the engine yet and didn't even re-connect the line. I had just recently changed the spin-on filter, so I'm hoping just replacing with new EPA approved line and a close inspection and cleaning of other components will do it.

   one more item from MikeF  5/11/2010 1:24:36 PM
 If your boat has an anti-siphon valve now would be a good time to change it too. The rubber inside the valve swells up from the ethanol and it sticks shut.



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