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    what's the best?
from basscr21  
4/4/2011 3:37:54 PM


 I was just wandering what yall used as a fuel stabilizer! I have read stuff about the new gas with e-15 in it and that it and outboards don't mix. So if yall have any tips on how to prevent problems with gas line, filters and such let's hear em. and as always thanks in advance.

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   Marine Stabil (blue) from FreeOnBoard  4/4/2011 4:20:22 PM
 1 oz/5 gal. Haven't had any experience with higher than E10.

   a cocktail from StevieP  4/4/2011 4:48:04 PM
 of Marine Sta-Bil, Startron enzyme treatment, and/or Seafoam.

Neither have I had to deal with any more than E-10.

   seafoam? from js_bassman #14683  4/4/2011 7:45:17 PM
 not sure if this is true... but the marina I just took my boat to said to stop using seafoam because its alcohol based and I'd just be adding more alcohol to the fuel system.

   ringfree from Cougarcat  4/4/2011 9:01:13 PM
 Depends on the engine. Mine would be Ringfree and red Stabil. I try to buy alcohol free gas. Tell me when your up to fifty combinations. I also like Chevy's although my next truck might be a Ford.

   Seaform does not contain alcohol from humminbird #11206  4/4/2011 10:16:18 PM
 Petroleum distillates, but not alcohols.


   huminbird , you might want to look again... from jbz7 #13144  4/5/2011 7:43:01 AM
 Seafoam is ~20% isopropyl alcohol, 35% naptha and the rest is oil.

Personally i would not want ot add even more alcohol to the system.

I run green stabil and merc quickleen in mine all the time. The onyl fuel we have around here is e10 so i have been dealing with it for a while. The stuff doesn't store so don't buy what you wont use quickly and don't store the boat without draining the tank completely. I would avoid e15 at all costs, e10 is bad enough.

   no alcahol in seafoam from Paul Dougherty #12074  4/5/2011 10:33:59 AM
   Ipa from Dwight #10907  4/5/2011 12:54:31 PM
 Contains 10-20% IPA which is isopropyl alcohol. Not ethanol but still alcohol.

   I stand corrected, but ISP is not hydrophilic from humminbird #11206  4/5/2011 2:02:44 PM
 Isopropanol is hydrophobic (no affinity for water). Ethanol is hydrophilic (an affinity for water). What this means is ISP will not attract water, whereas ethanol will. ISP acts like a hydrocarbon (like gas) and will dissolve in gas. So the ISP in Seaform will not attract water. This was my thought when I said no alcohol...I really meant ethanol.
So continue to use Seaform with confidence as it will not separate nor attract water.


   Really Humminbird? from jbz7 #13144  4/5/2011 9:13:08 PM
  Why is dry gas made of isopropyl alcohol? The entire point of dry gas is to absorb water in the tank and pass it to the engine to be burned.

Here is a snippet form the makes of ISO Heet which is an isopropyl alcohol based dry gas solution.

"Iso-HEET contains isopropanol and special additives including Fuel Injector Cleaner. When Iso-HEET is added to the fuel tank, this formula remains in the solution with the gasoline, and absorbs five times its weight in water. Any water in the gas tank mixes with the Iso-HEET, preventing the water from freezing in winter. Iso-HEET also removes water and condensation in warm, wet weather. Then the entire mixture of gasoline, Iso-HEET and water are burned during combustion inside the engine. Iso-HEET cleans fuel injectors and carburetors for fast starts and smooth-running engines year round."

That iso heet stuff is 99% isopropyl alcohol. It really makes me think twice about what i'm putting in my tank and what its made of.

Edited 4/5/2011 9:15:54 PM

   been a while since I took science from MikeF  4/6/2011 8:15:36 AM
 But I'm pretty sure all alcohols are hygroscopic, meaning they will bond with water. This is good up to the point where the alcohol bonded with the water reaches the point where the concentration is high enough where it will phase separate from the gasoline. You can burn gasoline mixed with alcohol containing water but once it separates you'll have a problem.

Here I can purchase recreational gasoline which is ethanol free and I still add Startron Marine Fuel treatment just in case.

I would not add anything containing any type of alcohol to a fuel containing alcohol. It would be counterproductive.

   marine stabile / seafoam from soggybottom #12100  4/6/2011 11:19:41 AM
 I have been using marine stabile and seafoam for a couple of years in my 150xr6 with no apparent problems. It seems to smoke less with the seafoam, only time and/or a mechanic will tell if it has been worth it, it can't hurt.

   Link to fuel additive test from slylox  4/6/2011 11:58:38 AM
  Here is a link that addresses fuel additives and e-10 gasoline. Take it for what you will, but it says avoid all additives that contain alcohol of any kind - that includes Seafoam.


p>Edited 4/6/2011 12:04:05 PM

   because more alcohol is bad from soggybottom #12100  4/6/2011 3:11:50 PM
 If more alcohol is bad why is the EPA pushing for 15% ethanol, I know it has nothing to do with good or bad.
Maybe I will stop using seafoam, although I use it to keep the carbon down, I don't know if the ethanol in the gas is enough, I do use stabile at the same time which should keep the water from building up.

   Quicksilver Rejuvenate from Brad  4/6/2011 4:54:50 PM

this every 50 hours or so. You use it like regular oil and it does make a difference in performance. I use portable tanks and i make a log entry after every tank is empty. i log time/date--location--hours and miles so i have very consistant records. After i use Rejuvenate i get about a mile and a half more range from a 6 gallon tank. On a typical trip i log about 175nm, and after using Rejuvinate, i get about 10 miles more range for the next couple of trips. It is a little more expensive that regular DFI oil, but it is convenient to use. West sells it.

   all alcohols do nor absorb water. from humminbird #11206  4/19/2011 9:28:15 PM
 I still stand by comments about ISP. Ethanol is soluble in water. ISP is not, as well as methanol, butanol, propanol, hexanol, septanol, octanols, etc.




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