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    Triton vs Ranger
from DT  
7/20/2011 2:17:15 PM


 Which boat Triton 21X3 or the ranger Z521 does anyone know of a forum that compares the two? Or any input which is the better boat?

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   Bet you get a lot of opinions on this.... from 710brownfish  7/20/2011 2:47:27 PM
I'd take the Ranger. I like the "looks" of it better, I believe it'd hold more resale (although the Z520 may do even better than the Z521), and I feel a smoother ride in Rangers than I do in Tritons. Not that either one is remotely bad, and I'd be proud to own either, but I don't feel as much vibration and harshness in the Ranger. But all of that is straight opinion. You can probably find Youtube vids comparing them, or just "Google" it.

   Z521 Ranger from spinerb  7/20/2011 3:55:28 PM
I have had my Z521 for a year now its the best Ranger I have had to date and I have had quite a few new ones. I have rode in most brands but still like the Ranger the best. Try to find someone near you to take you for a ride. If you were in Maryland I would let you run mine. Hope this helps Walt

   compare the re-sale value from Beartrap   7/20/2011 4:19:41 PM
of a 5 or 10 year old triton to a ranger...

   resale? from Randy B  7/20/2011 4:50:23 PM
  So I'll do a resale comparison... all data from NADA.

A 2001 Ranger 520SVX 21' boat with 225HP listed at $40.3k and low retail is now $14.5k. Retained 36% value (lost $26k).

A 2001 Triton TR21PD 21' boat with 250HP listed at $35.2k and low retail is now $11.8k. Retained 34% value (lost $23k).

A 2006 Ranger Z21S 21' boat with 250HP listed at $49.7k and low retail is now $25.5k. Retained 51% value (lost $24k).

A 2003 Triton TR21HP 21' boat with 250HP listed at $53.7k and low retail is now $23.3k. Retained 43% value (lost $30k).

Not an exact comparison, but for what it's worth...

Edited 7/20/2011 4:51:02 PM

   I would look at Basscat from DaveT  7/20/2011 5:27:31 PM

   Ranger from SPINNERBAIT KID GUIDE SERVICE  7/20/2011 6:19:44 PM
I have rode it every company from bumble bee, pheonix,basscat, skeeter, triton, legend,nitro,procraft all of em. I am not sponsored by Ranger in no way shape or form but by far that z521 has the biggest front deck most space and smoothest ride I've ever been in. I will be getting one next fall for sure. The carport will look funny with 2 rangers.

Spinnerbait Kid Guide Service
Phone: 1-256-891-6175 home
1-256-298-1178 cell
Web Site:

   Lucky from jason #10410  7/20/2011 8:07:23 PM

My next boat will be a 520 2-3 years away

   No contest from Rangerman  7/20/2011 8:17:39 PM
Ranger! Triton is faster, but!

   I'd really encourage you to compare that Z520 to the Z521 from 710brownfish  7/20/2011 9:13:29 PM
 I always hear people say the 20 is more useable, and in more demand (better potential for resale).

   Ford, Dodge and Chevy from 5keepers  7/20/2011 9:53:50 PM
You got to drive'em & fish'em and pick the one that you like.
They are both good boats. I would be more worried about getting a good motor!

   Jmo from Skipper  7/20/2011 10:33:46 PM
 I think one of the 2 companies will disappear in the near future. There's no viable reason for the same company to own both Ranger and Triton. At one time it might have served a purpose when there were more boat dealers. Now, no. There's not enough left.

By far, Ranger is the more valuable name plate. I think that Triton will go the same way Champion did.

Between the 2, I'd pick Ranger.

That said, Bass Cat would also be on my list. Ranger's down fall if it has one is going to be it's pricing. You can get a Cat with pretty similar features for $20,000 less. How long do you have to work to earn $20,000? 6 months? 8 months?

I compared Ranger and Cat side by side last winter at a show and honestly, the Ranger was over priced. There wasn't a difference that I could see in quality of materials. Ranger had a few more trinkets, but really, stuff that'll be broke in a year.

   I own a Triton. I'd buy a Ranger from StevieP  7/21/2011 12:58:02 PM
I have a 1999 Triton. It's held up well, but all sorts of "little things" have gone wrong with it over the years...

Half my gauges don't work. I had to replace livewell pumps. Trailer issues. visible stress cracks in the clearcoat. The list goes on. My perception (and that's all it is), is that Ranger owners don't have these same issues.


   Triton vs Ranger and Motors from DT  7/21/2011 1:19:34 PM
Guys thanks for the input. 5keepers made a good point. What is a good 250. Heard some bad things about the Yamaha SHO. But also heard Mercury OptiMax had power head problems. I have a 2001 200 Yamaha HPDI V Max that I am really please with. Alex I fished with you a couple of years ago in the boat you have. I think you told me you had problems with the power head on the Yamaha. What engine will you go with on your new boat?

   Sho all the way from fishintechnician #13154  7/21/2011 2:57:48 PM
sho, enuff said

   for my money from MikeF  7/21/2011 7:35:33 PM
I would buy a Basscat with an SHO. Regardless of price, side-by-side the Basscat is a better made boat.

   Owned both brands from RobShaw  7/22/2011 1:50:58 PM
Triton TR-20 and Ranger 520. I just enjoyed the Triton much better mainly due to the ride and handling.

Its your money. get in both of them if you can and run em. If youre a big time tourney guy, compare incentives as well...both brands offer good deals in that area if you can catch fish.

p.s. as to Mike F's comments above, owned that brand too. That brand should not be used as a comparison as its in a whole different league.

Edited 7/22/2011 1:52:32 PM

   Of those two Ranger from JohnM  7/23/2011 7:43:56 AM
That being said I recently bought my first 20' bass boat and I've been chasing bass science the late 70's. I ve owned two Rangers, gave demo rides in more Toons than I can recall along with most other brands out there. I bought another Bass Cat!!!

As for motors there is a thread pages deep of SHO owners finally owning up to multiple blown power heads and other problems on another forum. IMO the EPA has neutered all outboards to garbage we live with. Pick the one that has longest warranty and best mechanic close by, hope for the best.



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