How to wire up an automatic Bilge Pump How to wire up an automatic Bilge Pump
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    How to wire up an automatic Bilge Pump
from rgray200 #13648 #13648  
4/16/2012 6:40:05 AM


 I currently only have a manual pump on my Ranger and would like to have an auto bilge. Take any suggestions.

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   pump from Dwight #10907 #10907  4/16/2012 7:57:47 AM
 Any of the cartridge type auto pumps should work. Most have three wires for manual and auto operation. You can run them off the wires that run your pump now for manual and run a new fused hot wire from the battery for the auto function.

   Even though you can run the hotwire straight from the battery for the auto part from Skipper  4/16/2012 9:02:38 AM
 I prefer to use a 2 position switch. That way incase it gets stuck I can easily cut it off and I don't like a whole lot of things on my batteries. If I could somehow whittle the batteries down to having 1 wire per terminal life would be a whole lot less worrysome on a boat.

   stuck from Dwight #10907 #10907  4/17/2012 10:05:56 AM
 If it gets stuck you take the fuse out or it gets hot and blows the fuse. It may not be the best way but it is the way Triton did it on my boat. If you use the two way switch you'll need a new wire pulled from the console back to the pump. and make sure your breaker is heavey enough to run the new pump. The only problem with it is if you have a battery disconnect switch you may have to run a hot wire to the pump switch.

   Best to wire HOT from Rangerman  4/18/2012 6:41:09 AM
 you want it to pump auto when it need to, regardless if the swithch is in the on postion. A boat sitting in the water auto should always be hot. My two cents

   I don't keep mine in the water from Skipper  4/18/2012 4:33:31 PM
 Mines in a garage most of the time which is why I switch mine. However, there are times when we go on trips for 3 to 5 days at a time and it stays in the water. I like to have it for those occasions. I have had a loose bullet weight roll back and get under the float and cause one to stay on. Usually one would hear it in the garage, but I like to be able to shut it off. If it were on a master on off switch that's be ideal.

   No switch. from Alex from GA #10518 #10518  4/19/2012 9:56:18 PM
 Mine is usually in the water unless the water is too low for the dock to float. I just remove the fuse when it's on the trailer.

   Auto on a switch from Rangerman  4/20/2012 8:05:29 AM
 defeats the reason for an auto pump.

   bad live well pumps from skeeter fork #12611 #12611  5/19/2012 7:34:33 AM
 I have a Skeeter 200, 2008 and bothn pumps are bad I know they are Rude but I am pretty old and don't want to spend hours removing and replacing, I can't determine from looking what model they are, but though maybe it would be possible to just replace the pumping unit on the bottom without totally removing the entire units.



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