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    Minn Kota Terova
from skeeter fork #12611 #12611  
5/9/2012 7:44:02 AM


 Fished with a guide that used a Minn Kota Terova with I-Pilot and was very impressed with the features, so I purchased one at Bass Pro. After about 2 hours of removing the old Minn Kota and starting the install the Terova I found that for it to deploy into the water and pass over the bow of the Skeeter 200zx, the motor and mount would hang about 7 or 8 inches over the edge of the boat and only have 4 bolts holding it down. Called Minn Kota and they told me I need their mounting bracket (which was an additional $$) but that the motor would still have to be mounted on the bracket to clear the bow (therefore hang over). They also told me the Terova was better suited for boats used on coastal waters and those with smaller bows. (not ever mentioned in the ads). Took it back to BPS and got my $ talked to the head of the “boating dept” and he said they had not idea that it would have to be mounted in such a way for a “bass boat”. I also send a note to Minn Kota and BPS and they thanked me for the info but I doubt that either will ever make that info public.

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   how was the guide's unit mounted from MikeF  5/9/2012 9:16:48 AM
 These units with the power-drive heads are mounted differently than a cable controlled TM. The mounting information is available on MK's web-site.

   So, what exactly is the issue? from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  5/9/2012 9:32:03 AM
I have one centered-mounted on my boat with a Deep Blue Marine DogBone mount. With or without the mount, it would still be in the same position and just as strong.

The other option is MK's sliding mount. Slide it forward to deploy, slide it to the rear to allow the proper fit for a boat cover.

Other than cover fitment issues, I see absolutely no problem with the mount hanging over the bow.

   Terrova from bassbama #11023 #11023  5/9/2012 3:50:24 PM
 Have one for two years now on a Triton TR the only issue with the overhang is when you are docking or tying off. When tying off use two ropes so the mount doesn't hit the dock no other issues and for what it does with I-Pilot it's worth the small inconvience. We now have Power poles and Talons that hang off the transom sonar graphs that are almost as big as a cereal box that have to use ram-mounts and with Humminbirds new 360deg sonar about to be released that is another pole(Talon looking) that has to hang off your transom and deploy below the prop of your outboard so with all this new technology the boating industry takes a while to design decks and hulls to keep up but in their defense they have to see what products stand the test of time before putting all that money into re-design.

   Potential Solution from bassbight #15060 #15060  5/10/2012 10:14:15 AM



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