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    Done with Motor Guide
from Bender, MS Gulf Coast  
5/15/2012 11:18:02 PM


 Putting my Minn Kota Maxxum back on the boat. 9 years and still strong. Motor Guide Tour? 5 years old and over $400.00 spent during that time including January last year replacing Module and now the module is out again. What a piece of Junk.

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   I hear ya. from jhopper51 #20523  5/16/2012 12:16:23 AM
 I was a Motor Guide guy for years and years and I bought a new one 2 years ago that was the biggest piece of junk. I could not believe it. It came off within 6 months when I could not get it to function consistently. I went to a Maxxum. Obviously they are not making a quality product. I'm finding this in many of the things I buy today.

   welcome home from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  5/16/2012 5:58:40 AM
And back to the mk family. Now all we need to do is get you a Daiwa reel .. lol

   That ain't gonna happen FB from Bender, MS Gulf Coast  5/16/2012 6:12:43 AM
  I might would do the Okuma thing but Shimano all the way. Diawa is a good reel but dollar for dollar the Shimano's are the best value for me. Since I tear into about 1500 a year I see what happens to them with use and abuse and they seem to hold up better year after year than any of the others. What I need to do is open a Trolling Motor repair section too. There are two repair centers around here. ONe in New Orleans and ONe in Mobile. They both have a license to steal.

Edited 5/16/2012 6:13:53 AM

   This isn't a shimana post but from fishintechnician #13154 #13154  5/16/2012 2:22:53 PM
 I have been a dedicated Shimano Curado fan for over ten years now. A curado flew off the back of my boat a month ago, so I go to buy a new one. I was surprised and happy that the price had dropped. After one day of use, I realized why. The latest curado reel is a piece of junk. I couldn't throw anything light or it would back lash. Reluctant to return it I continued to use it for another few weeks and the tension adjustment knob is frozen. I finally took it back. I have fished nothing but curados since I start using baitcasters and this last one really sucked.

   My MG 36V from BR400  5/16/2012 4:07:22 PM
 Has been pretty good. I did have a module go out last winter but it was still in warranty. Glad it came with a 5 year warranty. Yes, it gets used.

My bud has a new 101 Fortrex. That outfit is nice. Smooth, quiet, and the lift assist is great.

BR....putting sticks and rocks in Curados so Bender can remove them.

   tm repair shop from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  5/16/2012 5:32:35 PM
You should. You can make some nice cash, just plucking and chucking parts. About the only thing you cant fix without he proper equipment is the control board. Everything else is sup easy, excpt for mk shaft remval. Thats a bitch.

   trolling motors from cajunbearbass #10997 #10997  5/16/2012 9:28:59 PM
 the day they started using high tech electronics in trolling motors was the day most of the trouble started.water and computer boards do not mix well.i have heard some say minnkota is junk and others say motorguides are junk . i say it's to much technology.

   Hey fishintechnician - your Curado issue from Harumph #11038 #11038  5/17/2012 8:08:16 AM
 I am going to have a post for you over one the Rods/Reels board.

You might want to check it out.

   You will probably come back to MG with time. from humminbird #11206 #11206  5/27/2012 6:46:32 PM

   doubt it from usmcfish #13780 #13780  6/5/2012 9:43:33 AM
 I am still running my original Maxxum 74 from 01.. I have another one still in the box if this one ever dies.



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