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    Nitro Z7
from 710brownfish #17012  
5/18/2012 1:31:18 PM


 Does anybody know why you can't get a 175 on a Z7??? All other manufacturers will put a 175 on their 18' model.

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   Coast Guard Rating from Cougarcat  5/18/2012 2:46:57 PM
 Lean over the rail and look at the Coast Guard Engine rating for the boat. I don't know for sure but I'll bet it states the maximum is a 150hp. I think it is a way to broad statement that all 18 foot boats will take a 175 because most are rated for a 150hp.

   BIA rating from Dwight #10907 #10907  5/18/2012 4:10:24 PM
  BIA is not the coast guard. Its up to the maker to list HP rating for their boats. BPS changed this model and several others in 2010 and dropped the HP ratings for all of them. Z7 used to be rated for a 200.

Edited 5/18/2012 4:17:08 PM

   Don't go over the rating plate from Rangerman  5/20/2012 7:56:16 PM
 you will KILL the resale, and void any hull warranty.

   Z7 from Tomcat #11840 #11840  5/22/2012 10:47:43 PM
 The factory is only delivering Z7's with a 150. But if you look at the plate, it still says max. 200 HP. I've seen several in the showroom like this. So if you want a 175+ and the plate says it's rated for it, and the factory won't do it, now what? No one I talked to has the answer.

   Ratings from SMS #11748 #11748  5/23/2012 8:57:08 AM
  The Coast Guard approved horsepower rating for boats under 20 feet is a formula: Length X Width X 2 minus 90, measurements in feet. On top of that, manufacturers will not exceed 150 hp with single steering. They round off the number to the standard horsepower ratings of outboards but must not exceed 10 percent of total. The formula rates the Z-7 at 201HP. I just looked at BPS site and it states; "Engine options other than the ones shown here may be available for this boat. Additional charges apply for engine changes requested on boats purchased from dealer stock. See your dealer for details." The price point probably is not very attractive if up-charging to a larger motor. They'll do it, but at what price?

Edited 5/23/2012 9:05:39 AM

Edited 5/23/2012 9:07:28 AM

   Think Mayby from Rangerman  5/23/2012 9:37:29 AM
 its a push for the New Mercury 4 banger 150's, plus keep the price down?

   Price Point from SMS #11748 #11748  5/23/2012 2:01:15 PM
 I think it's just a price point issue. They buy so many 150s at a really good price, that putting a 175 on it would drive the price to that of a low level Skeeter or some other top tier manufacturer. Any options to a package boat like a Nitro drives up the cost in big jumps. They live on standardizing a package and buying those items in as big a bulk buy as possible. They really would rather not customize they're offering. Price they're options and you'll see what I mean.

   Nitro Z7 from Tomcat #11840 #11840  6/8/2012 10:53:45 PM
 I drove a new Nitro Z7 couple days ago on the Ohio River. It was a stock boat, single console, standard 150 Pro XS, standard 24P prop for this setup, 3/4 full gas tank, hydraulic steering, no jackplate, and two guys each about 190 lbs. I was totally impressed. The new rapid planning transom system hull put us on plane in the blink of an eye. Speed climbed rapidly, with the speedo hitting 67 mph. No gps, so I don't know the accuracy, but it was fast. Wind blowing pretty good so water was choppy, but it handled superbly. And a dry ride. With a 175/200, this boat would absolutely sprout wings.

   I agree with SMS, Nitros seem reasonably priced but...... from Jmac #10965 #10965  6/11/2012 2:35:46 PM
 if it isn't part of the package or you want to upgrade, they are going to hit you big time. I would like to drive one of the newer models like Tomcat just to see how they ride.



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