2 beep alarm on Merc 225 efi 2 beep alarm on Merc 225 efi
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    2 beep alarm on Merc 225 efi
from alp #10186 #10186  
6/26/2012 7:08:22 PM


 I have a 2000 Merc 225 EFI. Used it this past weekend and I got a 2 beep warning at least 6 times....this happened from the time I left my last fishing spot until I got back to the boat launch which was 15-20 minute ride...it started when just idling out to the main channel and again when getting to the boat launch...water pressure was good and good flow from the pee hole...it ran great for the long haul, no beeps...

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   225 efi from rodman #12088 #12088  6/26/2012 8:01:36 PM
 Check the small oil tank on side of engine. With motor running take cap off and see if tank fills up. If its full. check to see if motor is smoking more than normal. Its one of two things the checkvalve is bad or the oil tank sensor.

   got a 175 EFI that does that periodically from Beartrap   6/26/2012 10:23:57 PM
 check oil reservoir inside the cowling...it has to be full to the top....if it's down 1/2 inch or so,it will cause that beep...to correct it,unloosen the reservoir cap,crank engine and let it idle and watch the reservoir,the engine idling will fill the reservoir slowly,as soon as level reaches the top,tighten cap and you should be good to go....

   one other thing it can be from MikeF  6/27/2012 9:29:41 AM
 The sensors inside the tanks have a habit of coming loose. The adhesive Mercury used doesn't really bond with the polyethylene the oil tank is made from. The sensor is more wedged in than attached and they move around.

   Thanks guys from alp #10186 #10186  6/27/2012 10:03:52 AM
 I think we have pinpointed the problem, I think I will get the mechanic to change out all those parts just to be on the safe side.
Again, thanks

   One other possible problem is water in gas from humminbird #11206 #11206  6/27/2012 9:38:34 PM
 Most likely reservoir tank not being completely full. However, a small amount of water in water/fuel separator can cause the alarm to sound. Little water in separator can cause alarm to sound intermittently.


   Sometime from Rangerman  6/28/2012 8:31:24 AM
 the big oil tank gets jelly balls from the oil and must be stained cleaned and refilled, clean the oil pick up also. good Luck.

   At least your is only 2 beeps from LTJ-1  7/3/2012 10:15:45 AM
 Mine is 4 only happens when its been setting for a while and moisture is in the cowling. If I run it the1st time it will do it then start back up the 2nd time and it quits. I don't even pay any attention to it anymore.

   Update from alp #10186 #10186  7/5/2012 9:56:06 PM
 Well, I decided to eliminate the oil injection system all together....Took it out today and for the first time in the last 4 trips...no beeps...yipeeeeee
thanks for all the help guys


   What did you expect, no beep, when you took out the oil injection system? from humminbird #11206 #11206  7/6/2012 3:10:18 PM
  The beep alarm was there to tell you the oiling system was faulty. Removing the system removed the source of the problem. Surely you didn't expect the alarm to be functional. The alarm was not for celebrating the 4th of July.


Edited 7/6/2012 3:11:58 PM



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