Hydraulic Jack Plate Question Hydraulic Jack Plate Question
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    Hydraulic Jack Plate Question
from alp #10186 #10186  
7/5/2012 10:02:36 PM


 Here's the deal. Gambler came with hydraulic jackplate and trim tabs. Jackplate has been run on 2.5 or 3 and with that, it seems the trim tabs are not doing the job of keeping the front end down when taking off. I am assuming that raising the jackplate up a notch or two would enable the tabs to work as they should. Never owned a boat with hydraulic jackplate or hot foot so I am new to this zoo. Headed out next week for a few days on the water and plan on doing some experimenting. Any ideas or comments on upping the jackplate or any other ideas on keeping the front in down on hole shot.

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   Probably less to do with the plate setting than you think. from Wackoman  7/6/2012 7:12:59 AM
First make sure the tabs are working. Then check this site out. Some good info here. Since this rig is new to you I suspect it will take a trip or two to figure out what works best. Everyday is differnt on the water.


   Boat from Dwight #10907 #10907  7/6/2012 9:10:45 AM
  You need to run the boat and try the tabs and the plate at various positions. Measure the prop shaft center distance below the pad of the boat and if you have a dial or gauge note where it is now. You should not be lower than 3 1/2" below pad. It sounds like you have the plate to deep at take off. You don't have to run the plate all the way down like you do trim at take off.

Edited 7/6/2012 9:25:24 AM

   Probably depends on the boat from ZX-Bama #14918 #14918  7/6/2012 9:19:39 AM
 I don't have the hydraulic jack plate, but I did get the shop to raise the motor a little bit and it did help on hole shot. However, I think I lost a little stability at high speed. You will love the hotfoot. I never had one until my current boat. I would not want to be without one now.

   how about this? from Randy B  7/6/2012 1:28:46 PM
 When you are experimenting, move some weight to the front of the boat. For example, if you carry a tool box, fire extinguisher, spare parts, spare anchor, etc. Try moving them to a forward compartment. Of course, make sure your plugs are in the livewells, so you aren't carrying excess water back there by accident.

Lastly, do you feel like the tabs are installed correctly on the hull? Maybe those are mounted too high. An inch can make a big difference.

Then there's the old "shove a basketball into the bottom side of your jackplate" deal. The flotation can actually make a difference too.

Just random musings... In all cases, your experiments are the best guide. After you gather some data, some person here or your best local boat setter-upper can advise you better.

   Thanks from alp #10186 #10186  7/6/2012 10:34:55 PM
 That's alot of help guys, Wacko, great info on that site...will make a few adjustments before hitting the water and then will work it from there...thanks again for the ideas and suggestions...

   "new to this zoo" from Beartrap   7/8/2012 10:07:35 AM
 gonna assume you don't have any experience with power trim or jackplates....doesn't matter where the jackplate or tabs are set,if you don't have engine trimmed all the way under the boat,the nose is gonna stay up....also,it is normal for the nose to rise up when taking off then it levels off as the boat picks up speed....
run your jackplate all the way down to start with,when you get up on plane,raise your jackplate til you start losing water pressure then drop it back down just a little and you ought to be real close....caution...the faster you go,the more the boat is gonna rise so you need to keep a eye on water pressure and you may have to lower the jackplate more at wide open trimmed out speeds....




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