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    Boat cleaner/wax
from Aubie1  
7/11/2012 2:10:39 PM


  Hey Guys, got a question. What kind of a cleaner do you recommend for the boat hull when you exit the water and also a cleaner/wax when you wash? Thanks, your input is appreciated!

7/16/12 Guys thanks very much for the input. I think Im going with the pro-tec. I am attaching their email address if someone else is interested!!

Edited6/2012 9:39:22 AM

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   Pro-Tech from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  7/11/2012 4:02:17 PM
ProTech, if it's still made was a very long lasting wax. A bottle lasted me a couple years, when I was actually waxing my boat when it needed it.

I use Purple Power and Scrubbing Bubbles on my boat, when I really need to clean my boat. I use a spayer and delute the Purple Power for the hull. On the inside (no carpet) I use scrubbing bubbles on the non-skid. Super easy. Spay on and hose off.

   Bass Boat Saver from BassMan/NE #10319 #10319  7/11/2012 5:53:35 PM
 Every time when I leave the water, Bass Boat Saver. The best and only thing I use when pulling my Triton off the water.

Maguire Marine Wash and Maquire Marine Wax for the deeper cleaning on Hull.

Take a Kid fishing, BassMan/NE.

   pro-tec from Dwight #10907 #10907  7/12/2012 9:41:30 AM
 Protec leisure products is the company name but I'm not sure they are still in business. It lasts a long time and only takes a small amount. I bought 4 bottles in 2006 and still have 3. You only have to use it twice a year and I fished the Lower Potomac river.

   Well Dwight from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  7/12/2012 4:29:41 PM
 Drop a bottle off at my house. Chances are you come real close on yout way to Smallwood and closer if you launch at Marshall Hall.

   Polish and Wax from Ront53  7/13/2012 3:48:56 PM
  I use Maquires Instant Detailer when coming out of the water and it works the best on my white boat. I have tried the others, BBC, etc, and even Pledge, but this works the best for me. Long term, I use Collinite Fiberglass cleaner and Collinite Fleet Wax.

   Fisherboy from Dwight #10907 #10907  7/14/2012 9:02:20 AM
  Life time pass at Va parks. You still plowing mud in Pohick bay.

Edited 7/14/2012 9:03:20 AM

   Protec Products from Mike Whitten  7/15/2012 8:31:46 PM
 Protec is still very much in business so far as I know.
They are headquartered in LongView Texas. Dave McDonald has a very fine line of marine products.

I use the Wash N Gloss and Protec Sealant on my BassCats, and have for years. I've found nothing better so far.

Mike Whitten/Germantown, TN

   Plowing sand these days from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  7/16/2012 9:49:28 AM
Went flats fishing in the Bay this weekend and plan to keep that up for the rest of the summer. Didn't catch anything big, but we caught quite few redfish. I'm going to fix that and hunt down some specks (trout) at the same time.

Back on topic, I'm going to have to hunt down another bottle of Protec.

   Boat cleaner/wax from Aubie1  7/16/2012 11:45:00 AM
  7/16/12 Guys thanks very much for the input. I think Im going with the pro-tec. I am attaching their email address if someone else is interested!!
   plus on Pro Tec from drainplug #11086 #11086  7/23/2012 8:01:01 PM
 been using for years, easy on & off, second coat makes the difference!

   Ditto what Whitten said from Pounce  7/28/2012 9:26:33 PM
 Nothing better than Protec. I apply it every 6 months and use Lucas Slick Mist once a week.

   . from RJR  8/31/2012 3:45:15 PM



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