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from #19722  
7/25/2012 7:56:07 PM


 If you wanted to repower an older boat (98 Ranger in very nice condition) what would be the best approach, new or try to find a leftover one or two year old engine. How would you locate an older engine? Looking for a 150 or 175 current rigging is Evinrude.

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   money and reliability from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  7/25/2012 8:04:26 PM
Used will save some cash, but if it were me, I would shop around and find a good deal on a new 4 stroke (not a Verado). That's if I planned on keeping it a looooooong time.

   Yep, Merc 150 four knocker and don't look back. We will all have four strokes in a few years. nm from Wackoman  7/26/2012 7:54:43 AM

   New Old Motor from Hydrasports196 #11880  7/26/2012 6:16:28 PM
 I bought a new leftover 2007 75 Optimax at Bass Pro in Charlotte in 2010, saved about $3000.00 over original price. I would check all the locations within driving distance to see if they have any more. You can check online.
The motor carried the orginal 3 year warranty and I added an extented to 2015.

   REPOWER option from RJTNC #12702 #12702  7/26/2012 7:03:09 PM
 Take a good look at the Suzuki DF150 or 175. These are very likely the strongest 4 strokes in that category. The performance reports on their web site show very favorable numbers on the 175 mounted on a Ranger 185. As a matter of fact, they give up very little to the 2 strokes in terms of performance which was not the case too long ago. With these modern engines, you can have your cake and eat it too! NOTE THE GEAR RATIO ON THESE SUZUKI MOTORS - nothing else in the industry like it. I can assure you, they will outperfom the new Merc 2 valve 4 stroke b/c the combination of that gear ratio and high cubic inch displacement/torque combine to enable the operator to run either a higher pitch, diameter or both on the Suzys. Fisherboy is right about the reliability and the fact that you will have to own the engine a long time to get your money's worth - if you purchase one of these new. And Wackoman is also correct about the entire market shift transition to 4 stroke, as evidenced by: Yamaha SHO VMAX, Mercury Verado and normally aspirated 4 strokes, all Honda O/Bs are 4 stroke as are Suzuki. Only Evinrude doggedly remains steadfast in their 2 stroke strategy to outboard propulsion. Not only are outboards all going the 4 stroke route, so are personal watercraft, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, even weedeaters. When they develop a 4 stroke chainsaw, you know the 2 stroke world is over. Never say never and the conversion is well on its way as you can see. Yes, there are applications where I still like the 2 stroke (I have owned 4 vs. only 1 4 stroke), but the day of the 4 stroke has come.

Edited 7/26/2012 7:14:15 PM

   suzuki from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  7/26/2012 7:49:42 PM
 I have the DF90. It's lighter than the Optimax 90 and has more balls. It pushes my 17 flats boat around 52mph loaded to fish with 2 aboard and good holeshot. I can hit 60 empty, with me and a 25p Trophy but the mid range sucks with the big wheel. I usualky run a 23p TR04.

You'll need a bigger wheel with Suzuki's low gearing though.

   I've been looking at the Suzuki DF but they weight too much. nm from Wackoman  7/27/2012 11:42:29 AM

   Suzuki DF from Hydrasports196 #11880  7/27/2012 3:00:31 PM
  Mercury 150 4 stroke-499 lbs
Suzuki DF150---------474 lbs

Mercury 150 2 stroke-431 lbs

Edited 7/27/2012 3:03:22 PM

Edited 7/27/2012 3:03:43 PM

   got to believe that a lightweight yamaha 150 is coming soon from Beartrap   7/27/2012 6:01:55 PM
 like the posts above.....4 stroke is wave of the future..

got a 4 stroke yammy 25 h.p. and love it....

   New Merc 4-Stroke from clayslayer #18872  7/27/2012 9:19:46 PM
 weighs in at 455lbs...

   Older engines from BCB #10868  7/29/2012 7:35:52 AM
 We really like those Fastrike/Intruder series of engines. These run well and we would call a few dealers, find a used rig and parts it out, or run an advert looking for one. You an find an early 90's it with lower hours still and just sell the about and trailer once you parts it. Even better is finding an older rig tha was upgraded to one of these engines.

We would either disconnect the oil VRO pump or run oil in the gas also as they will fail. Then just enjoy it.

We think that is the answer you were



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