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    Jet Drive
from JerseyBasser  
8/22/2012 5:40:37 PM


 I found a 18 ft bass tracker aluminum boat for a good price. Its a resevoir boat right now and has been stripped of a lot of things but the guy has all of the parts,console,gas tank etc.
Question is how hard is it to install a jet drive lower unit and how much of a pain is it to get it set right doing it at home. I have to buy an outboard and dont know how big a motor this boat can handle I havent really looked at the tag but want to go as big as I can. Just checking to see if it be worth it to do all this or just try and find one already done this way.

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   Are you looking for a serious jet boat or from Hammer  8/23/2012 10:01:30 AM
 just a boat with a jet motor. As you probably know, there is a difference in a boat made to run rivers with a jet and a boat that can be ran in a river powered by a jet. Several of my buddies have had Xpress boat with tunnels and loved them. I'm not sure how well a tracker would hold up to the daily use or abuse of a river. I know your question is a little different than what I talking about but my buddies usually switched out the lower unit when running the lake in tournaments or back to jet for the river. One of them bought and old boat just for the 150 hp motor for his Xpress(brand new boat) but the other two bought theirs as a package(new). One got the center console and another got the "bass console". They both agreed that the center console was best for the river while the "bass" was prefered for the lake. Hope this help some. Samuel

   keep us posted from Beartrap   8/23/2012 11:01:39 AM
 on what you do....
for what it's worth,couple years ago looked into possibility of running the Missouri river from its headwaters...plan was to take jet drive lower unit and switch back and forth as needed...talked to my dealer about it and they talked me out of it and told me it would be lot easier to take two engines and just swap engines because the controls being different for each engine....

   thanks fellas from JerseyBasser  8/24/2012 7:25:08 AM
 I'll keep ya posted. I wouldnt being using it a lot to river fish just when I wanted to check things out where I havent been and figure out if I can get the Skeeter in safely and out.
I just want to put a jet drive on an outboard and use it like that.Ive been looking around and have found some reasonably price used. I dont want to sink a lot of money in it becasue it wont be used much.



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