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Mercury Outboards

    Mercury Bluewater OptiMax
from Bill (  
3/23/1999 8:13:00 AM


 Anyone have any experience with this series of motors? Esp. the 200 and 225hp models. Any known problems?

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   Optimax me from Drew hopkins (  3/23/1999 12:16:00 PM
 Bill, i have been trying for a year and a half to get my hands on a new optimax to replace my yamaha on my seawolf. the dealers tell me that most of the optimax's are coming only on prerigged packages and are very difficult to buy just motors. i have a friend who has a pair of the 225's on a big mako and he loves them. they burn a lot less fuel and oil than the regular v-6. he only has 200 hours on them so far but has no problems to report. the only noticable difference is thay are a little sluggish in the midrange as compared to the regular v-6. i am planning on one in the spring as i use the boat to commercial fish giant blue fins and i just dont trust the yamaha any more. let me know how you make out. regards drew.
   Optimax from Jason B (  3/23/1999 4:06:00 PM
 I believe Merc has the motors straightened out. The Merc rep at the Miami show said the motors are fine and that the initial problem was from a rush to market. FICHT is quieter, but Optimax is more reliable. Here in NC the motors are not scarace since we have a good dealer network. I could buy two today.
   Optimax problems from Wide Open II (  3/23/1999 10:11:00 PM
 My new Mako came with twin Optimax offshores. The motors are about as quiet as a 2 stroke can be. They really get quiet when they are sync'd at the same rpm. And the great thing is that they stay where you put them, no up and down rpm adjustments. I did have an early problem with one of my engines with less than 1 hour on the motor. A sensor of went south and the engine would only idle. The service tech hooked up the handheld, battery operated computer to the engine while it was at the dock and in the water. It told him the problem, he put on the new part and bingo, back in action. We had a problem with the other engine with less than 10 hours on it. The entire lower unit seized up...completely...boy that was a scary noise when it happened. Apparently Mercury had published a retrofit bulletin and it didn't get done to my engines in time. They put new lower unit assemblies on both engines and they have been purring ever since. Hat's off to both my service tech and to Mercury for quick attention. Have heard both good and bad from others on the board regarding Optimax, but I think I'll stick with mine. By the way, gas consumption is way down from other outboards and same goes for oil usage.
   Mercury Outboards from Greg (  3/25/1999 5:47:00 AM
 If you are looking for a Mercury outboard contact: Coty Marine, 915 Amboy Ave, Perth Amboy, N.J. 08861, Phone: 732-293-1000. They will ship the motor to you. Have a nice day. ----Greg



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