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    Re: Post # 10755/4 Deadly Dudley.
from Lucky Al (  
12/28/1998 10:23:00 PM


 Richard, you rang a bell! I have 3 Deadly Dudleys in my tackle box. They were made by Burke lures. I believe they were promoted by Doug Hannon. Deadly Dudleys are a type of buzz bait, but are different. The dbl blades are mounted on a bent wire (safety pin style) without the right angle present on a regular buzz bait. It can be buzzed on the surface or "bulged" just under the surface, creating a heavy, pulsation,without the splash and noise. Under the right conditions they are indeed deadly. Question: Are they still available? I could use a few more. Al

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   Lucky Al from Richard de los Santos (  12/29/1998 9:33:00 AM
 It's nice to know Iím not the only one who remembers some of these oddball lures. This board is really starting to make me feel old. Anyway, I doubt they are still made. Does Burke even make lures anymore? Maybe Gambler can fake one for you? Iíd give you one of mine, but whenever someone wants an old lure of mine, it suddenly becomes invaluable and I canít give it up.
   Dedly Dudly and Burke Fishing Lures from Clyde (  12/29/1998 5:08:00 PM
 Recently I tried to find a current address for Burke and I have decided they probably don't exist, at least under that name. The company was owned by Bing McClellan and it seems I read somewhere that he had retired. If anyone can tell us if this company still exists I'd appreciate. I have a little booklet they produced back in the early 70s, "Dedly Dozen Tip Book" by Bill Dance. Interesting that the spinner blade used on the lure is much like the one Eric Fare marketed in the 50s to use with his secret skittering methods. I say secret, because he asked people who bought the material about his system not to tell anyone. Fare advocated using a 14 foot flat bottomed wooden boat painted dark grey or green. A solid fifteen foot cane pole painted dark green, one foot of dark green 20 pound test line, and his special skitter spinner. I was told once that the Fare spinner blade resembled the early Buell spinner, which made it very old indeed.

Happy Holidays everyone,


   "Put a Burke where they lurk" from Bassdozer (  12/30/1998 1:04:00 AM
 Hi Clyde,

Here's an address & phone from an article in the March 1997 issue of In-Fisherman:

Creme Lure Co./Burke Fishing Lures PO Box 6162 Tyler, TX 75711 (903) 561-0522

Hope it helps.

   Burke Lures from Clyde (  12/30/1998 12:57:00 PM
 Thanks Bassdozer,

I guess it is logical that two companies started by pioneers in soft baits should end up together.

Happy New Year,


   ) (n.m.) from LedHed (  12/31/1998 9:59:00 PM
   }) nmsg from Bassdozer (  1/1/1999 1:00:00 PM



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