Shallow Crank Bait Survey Shallow Crank Bait Survey
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    Shallow Crank Bait Survey
from Leo (  
1/4/1999 10:39:00 PM



I've not been bass fishing for very long. About the only lures I have any success with are plastic worms, topwaters, and Rat-L-Traps.

There are times when it looks to me that shallow running (0 - 4 feet) crank baits should be very productive, particularly over shallow grass beds, but I haven't found the combination.

I've tried the Strike King Spence Scout (in white) and the Baby 1-Minus (in white and in blue chartreuse) with no success.

So..... I looked thru the latest BPS and in last year's Cabela's and found "every" shallow running crankbait they had listed.

Here they are:

1. Bagley’s - Balsa B

2. Bandit - 100 Series Crankbait

3. Cotton Cordel - Big O (¼ oz)

4. Excalibur - Swim’n Image

5. Luhr Jensen - Speed Trap

6. Mann’s - 1-Minus

7. Mann’s - Baby 1-Minus

8. Norman Lures - Wake

9. Rapala - Shallow Shad Rap

10. Rebel - Wee-R

11. Strike King - Spence Scout

12. Worden’s Lures - TimberTiger DC-2

Any of you care to comment on: 1) which of these you've tried 2) which with success 3) which without 4) color?

Thanks for you input. This should be interesting.


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   Shallow Crankin' from Jighead (  1/4/1999 10:58:00 PM
  From the list above I've had sucess with the Shad Rap the most. I did try the Spence Scout about a month ago when it was still unusually warm and they seemed to like it too. Actually most of the time when I'm fishing a crankbait in shallow water I like to use a med. diver and knock it into cover, that's a high condfidence tactic for me. I use a bouyant lure like a Fat A and stop the retrieve when it hits something, that's also usually when it gets nailed. Of course you're talking shallow grass and I'm thinking laydowns so maybe we're talking apples and oranges here. I do want to try that new Image, had a lotta luck with the topwater.
    Shallow runners from Bob J. (  1/5/1999 12:23:00 AM
 Leo; my best luck has been w/ the large Bagleys, mostly chart/black back, pearl, or blue pearl. Like the above message, I'm fishing mostly laydowns/stumps in midwest (MO) waters. I use short pitch casts, reel the bait in quick bursts, trying to bump objects. Strikes come mostly when the bait ricochets off a log or stump; most strikes are visible, or at least you'll see a swirl or boil in more murky water. Use a stout rod and 20 lb line;no need for a glass crankin stick for this style.
   Shallow Crankin' from Kenny (  1/5/1999 1:57:00 AM
 Leo, I've had real good luck with 3 off the list and some luck with a 4th. I really like the Bandit 100 series, they come with the good Mustad Triple Grip hooks and are reasonably priced. I've used the pearl/black back. I've also had good luck with the Big O in Char./blue back. The third is the Rebel WeeR in crawdad. I like to use them around laydowns and stumps. The 4th one I've used a little bit is the Swim'n Image. I haven't really used it enough to make a judgment yet, but so far it looks pretty good too. Of them all, I think I'll get more of the Bandits because you don't have to change to quality hooks. You can use them right out of the box. Hope this helps. GL&GF ><)));>
   Shallow crankbaits? from Joe/AL (  1/5/1999 7:38:00 AM
 Leo, just to confuse you a little more, here is one not on your list. The Bill Norman Professional Edge baits in 1/4 and 3/8 oz. Baby N and Little N. I have been using them for the last couple of years and they have produced.

The "Sun Parrot" color has been very good on Pickwick and Wilson, for smallmouth in the summer, when they are roaming shallow. Great hooks, I don't touch them. They are hard to get tied on without getting stuck with them, right out of box. Got an order on my desk for four more of them right now.

Works for me. Good Fishing! Joe/AL

   Swim'n Image from Bassface (  1/5/1999 7:38:00 AM
 Excellent bait. Nice wide wobble. Will work well at any of the depths you are looking for with just a change in rod tip p[lacement. Crank as fast or slow as you want, you ain't gonna change the depth until you move the rod tip. Lets you change the presentation a thousand different ways. Good sharp hooks and well worth the extra dollar you will pay over the others.
   doubling up from tom (  1/5/1999 8:06:00 AM
 in clear, shallow water around here, it's hard to beat a shad-patterned shallow shad rap or bandit 100...if the water's a little off, i like the fat a's or joe's lil n's...always like to back these baits up with a deeper runner ( fat rap or deep-wee r) or a t-rigged worm...the bigger, the better.
   shallow from kelly (  1/5/1999 8:23:00 AM
 ive had no luck, but ive had good success with shad raps of any size. they should be a staple in a tackle box. i have caught fish on excalibers swim n' image, but mainly on fish schooling in coves. as tom just said above, its hard to beat a shad rap! good fishing.
   Jerkbaits & Twitch baits from Paul (  1/5/1999 8:53:00 AM
 Weighted and un-weighted jerkbaits or twitch baits like shallow shad raps and bomber model A longs and topwaters.
   Baby/Mid -1 from Duncan (  1/5/1999 9:15:00 AM
  For shallow tide waters here in VA nothing beats the Baby/Mid -1 in firetiger.


   Favorite Shallow Crankbaits from Jeff Hahn (  1/5/1999 9:57:00 AM
 Leo: Of those on the list, my most productive is the Shad Rap and the Cordell Big O. These are both very popular bait here in Ohio. One not on your list, which I believe BPS carries, is the Bomber Flat A, Shallow Diver. This is one of my best shallow crankbaits. Generally, the shallower the crankbait I fish, the flatter I want the sides to be. There are exceptions, like the Cordell Big O and the Poe's 200. But, my best shallow crankbaits have flat sides. They behave much more realistically when they deflect off of shallow cover, compared to a fat bait. My best shallow crankbait is the Wee Bait, hand-made near Cincinnati, Ohio and very hard to come by. A similar bait is (used to be?) made in the Carolinas, called the Carolina Killer. And, some of Stanford and Lohr's crankbaits may similarly fit the bill. Hope this helps!

Jeff Hahn

   Shallow Cranks from Tom (  1/5/1999 10:43:00 AM
 The Shad Rap's in size 7 & 5 are my favorite shallow crank baits. I usually don't crank them though. I get them down and then I jerk them like you would a minnow shaped jerk bait. I've had great success doing this all over the West. Another great bait over weed beds is the Rebel minnow in G - Finish. That bait is discontinued though, or at least I cant find them any more.
   Shallow cranks from Bill Davis (  1/5/1999 1:18:00 PM
 I really like the Bandit lures, got about a dozen for xmas, also use shad raps alot and the small Manns in silver/black back. Heard good things about Standford so waiting on some shallow runners I ordered last week.
   Shallow Runners from Johnny from Eastern,ky (  1/5/1999 1:48:00 PM
 Leo,you have received some great answers,there's lot of these baits have used and like that you mention. The shadow Shad Rap,Spence Scout,Mann's Baby1-minus just to name a few but my favorite right now would have to be Excalibur Swim'n Image. Have caught lot of schoolies and have seen bass come up out of laydowns to hit it they seem to like it pretty good. You have got lot of choices and all these baits will produce so good luck on your choices and hope you catch some big ones.

Johnny from Eastern,ky

   Shallow Crankin from Bass Boy (  1/5/1999 2:15:00 PM
  Some people like to use a large billed cranbait in shallow water, they retreve it by ripping it thruogh the weeds and then let it stop for a little bit. When you rip it the weeds that are stuck on your lure fall off. To help prevent the weeds from getting caught on the bait, I replace the hooks with weedless trebles. And depending on what type of weeds I am fishing in I sometimes caught off the leading hook of each treble. I hope this info can help you. Bass Boy
   Flat A from Bob J. (  1/5/1999 6:19:00 PM
 Another post; I agree w/ Jeff above on the Flat A; a great bait, especially in early spring. It is almost neutrally bouyant, so supends pretty well. I'll add a suspend strip just behind the bill and use slow retrieve w/ long pauses. Great on Table Rock and other MO lakes. Only problem is it hangs up a lot in cover. Best colors have been fire tiger or chart/black back. Good luck.
   Shallow crankbait,,,,,,,have to go with the swimmin' image.. from Paul Sonnier (  1/6/1999 12:01:00 AM
 I have had some tromendous succes this past year with a Swimmin Image. The Gizzard Shad, and Tennesee Shad have worked wonders for me. Have caught some good Largemouth in shallow water, over weeds & grass, as well as off points in 10 to 14 feet. I have caught some very good sized Smallmouth as well. Paul Sonnier
   Thanks for the Replies! from Leo (  1/6/1999 10:04:00 PM
 What great answers!

Looks like the credit card will take a hit.....

Thanks again,




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