P-Line vs Damyl Tectan P-Line vs Damyl Tectan
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    P-Line vs Damyl Tectan
from Mitch (  
1/13/1999 1:33:00 PM


 If you look at the stats on tectan it clearly looks superior to P-line,however,Tectans lime green color really doesn't look like any water color I'm used to. Does anyone out there know if tectan is as limp and castable as P-line? Which one would most of you like to use day in and day out? Comments greatly appreciated as always.

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   Tectan Line from bass_n_man (  1/13/1999 4:17:00 PM
 I'm sure you as well as everyone else who has read my posts knows by now, I prefer the Tectan to ANY other line available today so I won't go into that. However there are a couple of things I will address. First off, when you stated, "Tectans lime green color really doesn't look like any water color I'm used to" I can tell chances are that you have never actually seen the line except in a catalog. Yes, in the catalog it looks very bright however when you see the line in person you will find that it is about the same color as the green P-Line. In answer to your question, YES! Tectan is very limp with very little memory and in my opinion ALOT more castable than P-Line. Chances are that you will get more responses for the P-Line because alot of people have yet to try the Tectan. My sugesstion for anyone is give the stuff a try. I KNOW you will be impressed. Good Luck and Please Remember To Practice Catch And Release To Ensure The Future Of Our Great Sport.
   Tectan from Mr. Nick (  1/13/1999 5:04:00 PM
 I found Tectan to have great limpness for casting ability, a bit too much stretch, very thin diameter, poor knot strength with a Palomar knot, and not too abrasion resistant. I was using 17 lb test. Used it for two days. I would have no confidence using it in a tournament. How about others?
   Tectan from Shadow (  1/13/1999 5:35:00 PM
 I tried Tectan about 8 years ago. The line I used was rated somewhere around 24lbs. It is stretchy but does cast and handle well. Strength with a wet "Trilene" knot was pretty good. In brush it broke much easier than regular 20lb line. When I measured the line the diameter was significantly larger than advertised.
   ) (n.m.) from LedHed (  1/13/1999 8:29:00 PM
   P-Line from Ed (  1/14/1999 1:13:00 PM
 Agree with Leadhead. I use, almost always, McCoy line and Stren Sensor for cranks and spinners. Bought some of the new Sensor green line and have taken it off my reel. Used it in a tournament (CPA) and lost 2 fish and $$$. Tried the 10lb P-line in Dec on the Ozarks and am pleased with it for cranks and gizits. Like it because of the minimal stretch and good sensitivity. Did notice that the line is somewhat stiff and used Reel Magic and the memory left. Haven't tried the Tecten and think I will stay with McCoy and P-line. Full confidence with McCoy. Remember catch and release. Ed
   P-Line from david (  1/14/1999 1:58:00 PM
 I have used P-Line extensively. It is about 30% larger in diameter than other lines of equal test rating. (I checked several lines with a micometer) I like the lower ratings (10# and under) for spinning because the line is resistant to twist. I had some problems with the 15# test breaking off. I had a bass nail a spinnerbait I was slow rolling and when I set the hook, the line broke at the reel. This has happened a couple of times. I am now using 15# Trilene tournament select with good results.



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