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    10in Worms
from John (  
2/9/1999 9:19:00 PM


 I have never fished with these monsters....Anyone got any hints?

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   10 inchers from JsPasnTru (  2/9/1999 10:05:00 PM
 John I use 12inch worms Texas rigged with very good success. I started using them in 1998 and to date have landed 2 over 10 with an 8 pounder last week. They are my lure of choice now. These worms generally draw bigger fish however; little ones will hit as well. Hope this helps.
   10" from Mr. Nick (  2/9/1999 10:27:00 PM
 Great for big bass. Vary the sinker weight. Great night bait. My personal favorite is the power worm in any dark color.
   They are good T-rigged for the Thickest Weed Tangles and for Hot Summer Nights from Bassdozer (  2/9/1999 11:42:00 PM
 I use two styles, both T-rigged with 3/4 to 1 ounce weights. One is the thick-bodied 10" grub worm from Yamamoto in blue pearl/silver flake, black/red flake, of smoke/black & silver flake. Second is the thin-bodied 11" Phenom worm from Mister Twister in red shad or black/chartreuse firetail. I use these on hot summer nights on structure and along shore with pegged bullet weights. Or I flip them up 25 feet up into the air during the day and let them come whistling down like bombs to blow holes in the thickest weed mats known to mankind. When bombing, I peg a 1 ounce teardrop-shaped Carolina weight the wrong way (butt first instead of nose first). Believe it or not, it blasts through thick weed mats better butt first.
   10" plastic worms from fish in fool (  2/11/1999 12:18:00 AM
 john i have caught alot of fish on these worms in tenn. lakes. i ihave caught alot of good fish on them (3-9lbs.) but then i graduated to a spinnerbait and started catching good fish more consistantly on a SB. but i still do cary the 10"ers for days when they just won't hit the blade
   Love the "Ol'Monster" from Troy Jens  2/11/1999 12:18:00 AM
 John, as said above they work! I use them all summer and pitch them in the grass. Surprisingly I get plenty of short fish on them also. I use the 10.5" Ol'Monster by Zoom. I usually use them shallow in heavy cover but have had good luck casting big worms and "hopping" them around deep water cover and ledges.
   Big Worms from Roger Mosley (  2/12/1999 2:14:00 AM
 Big bait = big fish, always remember that. I took my largest bass on a 10" Berkley Power Worm - purple. I like them in shallow pads. Don't need much weight to cast them a country mile. I use a screw-in 1/16 bullit weight which allows the worm to rise and drop SLOWLY. Hope this helps!



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