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    Jiggerpolin For Bass
from Cw (  
2/26/1999 12:02:00 AM


 Does anyone have experience at jiggerpolin and if so what rod/pole do you use?

The only two I've read about, in Mar. Bassmaster mag., are the Mocco's Amazing Doodle-Sockin' Jigger Pole 11 1/2 ft. and the Poindexter Jiggerpole made by Buddy Poindexter's Bait Shop in Gallatin, Tenn. The Doodle-Sockin' pole comes with a free video on the technique from Cabela's. Thanks.

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   Jigger Pole from Arby  2/26/1999 1:10:00 AM
 CW...it has been a long time since I've seen one but ones I've seen were 12' to 14' Calcutta Cane poles ( the ones with the 1/8th to 1/4th inch hole). Originally it had no 'eyes' or reel. It was like a "cane pole" rig only the lure was attached to a short 12" to 14" dacron line. After hooking the fish it was a "rope hauling" affair getting it in the boat. Later ones had small eyes and a very cheap fly reel for line storage. A big (highly irritated) Bass on one end and a small angler on the other end of that thing was more fun to watch than a three ring circus. I'm sure the commercial offerings of this "classic" rig are a little more sophisticated (and lighter) than the 'originals'...come to think of it...I haven't seen any Calcutta Cane poles in thirty or so years.
   Jiggerpolin cont'd from Cw (  2/26/1999 6:44:00 AM
 Arby: Your description of the jigger pole of years ago is right on as to the modern day one, at least via March issue of Bassmaster magazine.

I saw a fishing show a few years ago on it but it was called something else on the show. Modern rods from what I understand don't have eyelets.....the line runs through the rod. The Doodle-Sockin pole is fiberglass and the Poindexter pole is graphite. Cabela's Master Catalog Spring Edition 1999, page 50 tells about the Doodle-Sockin pole.

The lake I usually fish will be ideal for this technique. Yesterday, I caught a bass that was in a jungle of tall dead looking pampus grass type stuff on a worm. If I had had the long jiggerpole I could have caught more. This type of grass is hard to fish with a normal rod.

Take care and thanks for the reply.

   Don't you mean jiggerbobbing? from White Trashfish (  2/26/1999 8:07:00 AM
 Down here it's called jiggerbobbing. Arby - I was trying to remember the name of those old green cane poles the other day. I had a Calcutta about 15 years ago and you're right, they are the Cadillac of cane poles. They made the best flounder gigs too. To be honest, I've never done this but here's how it was described to me by an old Florida Cracker:

It's a 20-22 foot pole (in Florida). When you hold it you look like a man working a hand plow. The line is 80-100 lb braid, 18 inches long and is doubled and wrapped down the pole. Tied on the end is the jiggerbob, the largest bucktail jig you can make. You know, a big ol GollyWobbler. It was done at night, around docks and pads with one man silently sculling a rowboat while the other tapped the tip of the cane pole in the water while dragging the jig. Tap, tap, tap,kersplash, . You then rear up the pole hard enough to set the hook in the 15 lb bass and lift him out of the water, you slide that 20 foot pole down through your hands to the balance point and rotate 90 degrees to dump this big old sow in your partners lap.

   Jiggerpole/Doodlesock from Richard (  2/26/1999 1:25:00 PM
 There is a difference between the jiggerpole technique and the doodlesock. The poles are the same but the jiggerpole uses a topwater bait, usually a large one with props and you work the bait in a figure 8 pattern around the object. The doodlesock is a subsurface technique using a bait that resembles an octopus. To control the depth with the doodlesock you use a big bobber to work the lure at the desired depth. Last year whiel on Percy Priest in TN I was fishing a T and saw this older gentleman working the same bank using a doodlesock. I went around him and when he was about 30ft on the other side of the boat he landed a largemouth that was HUGE. The technique still works.
   jiging poling from M and N Tackle -- Ultralite Bass Jigs  2/26/1999 3:02:00 PM
 There is an artickle in the new Bass Masters on page 80. Check it out
   I was going by what the March issue of Bassmaster mag. said..... from cw (  2/26/1999 3:54:00 PM
 .....they didn't mention a bobber, although I'm sure there are several ways to use the poles. The article explains that just about any lure can be used such as buzzbaits, deep diving crank baits, noisy surface lures such as the Jitterbug or Devil's Horse; jigs and plastic worms, etc.

I suggest if your interested to read the article in March 1999 issue of Bassmaster magazine which is available at various stores now. Very interesting article. It says don't try jiggerpolin at night unless you have a strong heart!! Good fishing to all.

   Forgot Something about jiggerpolin. . . from Cw (  2/26/1999 4:00:00 PM
 . . . the article also said that jiggerpolin is banned from major bass tournaments. I plan to attempt to get proficient with it. I've heard it's best to use this technique when the water temp. is 80 or above.

Any expert jiggerpolin bass fisherman care to give us rookie jiggerpolers some tips?

   Jiggerpole from Richard (  2/26/1999 7:35:00 PM
 The doodlesock technique is useful when the water is cooler. The bobber is nothing more than a way to gauge the depth of the lure. You move along as slow as possible an tap the bobber on the surface of the water. I trued it and caught a few fish. The best location I have found and in takling with some people who have tried it is on a steep rock bank. The jigerpole method is good for warm water when the fish are holding under under overhanging branches. It will scare the piis out of you when they bust at night.
   Bobbing - Doodle Socking - Jigger Poling from Clyde (  2/27/1999 2:24:00 PM
 In 1791 William Bartram wrote about a method learned from the Indians in Florida. They used a Bob, short line, and long pole and the methods were pretty much like those used today.

In the 1950s, Eric Fare in Chicago sold a paper describing a similar method. Fare advocated using a 14 foot flat bottomed wooden boat painted dark grey or green. A solid fifteen foot cane pole painted dark green, one foot of dark green 20 pound test line, and his special skitter spinner.

In 1988 Randy Howell III of Demopolis Alabama, published a book "The Art of Jigger Pole Fishing." Randy also sold a video, a 20 ft telescoping jigger pole, and a jointed Creek Chub Lure. I don't have an address for Randy but if you live in that part of the country you might be able to run him down. Randy was featured on "Outdoors with Archie Phillips" if you are familiar with that show.

In 1979, Charles Robbins of Iuka Mississippi published his book, "Catch Big Bass Consistently," which contained a similar system. He used an eight foot fly rod with a seven foot line, a jig and a split tailed worm. He admitted the method wasn't very sporting but advocated it as a sure means of taking Bass at certain times during the year.

Variations of this method have been used on Bass for at least two hundred years and they still take Bass. Unfortunately when the Bass are on their beds it is deadly. Someone once told me the only better method is dynamite.




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