Boat Hull Color, does it matter? Boat Hull Color, does it matter?
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    Boat Hull Color, does it matter?
from Mark (  
4/5/1999 9:00:00 PM


 A few of us boys were looking at new boats last weekend at the sportshow when the subject of best looking color turned to the subject of least intrusive color. One of the guys thought that a light colored hull would be better than a dark one as far as the fish seeing the boat. My first thought was: a light or dark hull would generally appear dark from underneath regardless of it's color. Second thought was: a light color hull might reflect light better and be harder to spot against the sky in shallow water. 3rd: then again, maybe a dark hull blends in better w/the bank and trees!

Final thought is: Now I'm thinking way too much, and that's what ususally gets me in trouble! LOL

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   boat color spooks the fish? from Steve (  4/5/1999 9:17:00 PM
 I had two boats with grey bottoms, current has black. My opinion is that the fish tend to run under this boat more than previous hulls, which they seemed to stay away from. None were what you'd call gaudy. C&R, Steve
   Hull color from LedHed (  4/6/1999 12:42:00 AM
 My little boat has a bright white hull, and fish head directly under it every chance they get when brought close - so color doesn't matter then - it's still shade and safe to the bass. Personally, I'd pick a light color hull for it's reflectivity, if it's considered a factor at all. Rather the fish see something that blends with the light color surface, than a large black object floating overhead. Not so sure it makes a difference either way, unless you tend to sit right on top of them when fishing.
   The least of your problems; don't make things so hard; fish are dumb as rocks from Jim Porter (  4/6/1999 8:34:00 AM
   boat colors from peter rabbit (  4/6/1999 9:33:00 AM
 i have a pink boat.
   Hull Color from Ron Allison (  4/6/1999 11:08:00 AM
 Along time ago someone on this board suggested adding decals of schools of shad to your hull to draw the fish.
   Doug Hannon says hull color does matter. from Lea (  4/6/1999 12:06:00 PM
 Problem is, I can't remember what the Bass Prof said was best colors.
   Denny Brauer says it matters too from chuck (  4/6/1999 4:26:00 PM
 On one of his few shows that aired last year on ESPN, Denny Brauer said he believes boat color, particularly hull color, does matter. He advocates a dark colored hull, and wearing dark colored clothes. He believes it provides some type of camo that will not spook fish. I questioned this because it seems the logical "camo" would be light colors to blend in with the sky. But you sure can't argue with his results. By the way, I think he wearing dark colors in the Classic last year, and his boat does have a dark hull. Go figure.
   Hannon said the worst color for a boat would be YELLOW!!!! from Darryl (  4/6/1999 7:01:00 PM
 Besides being ugly, in my opinion, Hannon opined that yellow is a color bass are aversed to compared to others. So much for the light and bright concept. I don't think it matters and Hannon actually said in his book it probably didn't matter either except that yellow probably would be least desirable. And not just because it's ugly either. But it is ugly!
   Also, he recommended camo colors to blend with the shore from Darryl (  4/6/1999 7:31:00 PM
 But I don't think a khaki, olive drab, and army green dual console bassboat would appeal to too many people.
   Hull color from Steve D (  4/6/1999 7:38:00 PM
 Had a Skeeter with a gray metalflake hull once,never really thought what it looked like from below. Once while fishing a shallow grass bed in crystal clear water, my partner made the comment that we must look like a floating jewelry store to the bass. Made sense to me. Got rid of it that winter. Can`t say if it made any difference.
   Boat color from Rick (  4/6/1999 9:29:00 PM
 My next boat will have a white hull. Not because the fish like it or dislike it. Because you can't see the scratches I put in it! I don't think the color of the boat matters near as much as the noise (vibration) that comes from the boat itself. Unless the water is really gin clear everything floating on the water looks dark from underneath.
   Doesn't Matter from Jeff Gustafson (  4/6/1999 9:31:00 PM
 I've had bass swim right under the boat before, but it makes me mad because half the time they just sit there and I can't catch them. They don't care what color it is. Jim Porter gave the best advice. Why worry about such small things.
   Think logically about what has been said from Jim Porter (  4/6/1999 11:28:00 PM
 Camoflage blending in with what? Dark clothing blending in with what?? A blue sky? A sky that has a background of light?? Brauer said, Hannon said, PoDo said -- bull!!!! Fish are dumb creatures. The only thing that spooks them is something that becomes aggressive towards them. Boats aren't very aggressive. Haven't you seen minnows swim right against a big fish in a tank?? They do it all the time. Fish are not afraid of anything UNLESS it exhibits aggressiveness. Boat color -- what an excuse. Come on. Let's get to something that matters and will help catch a fish, not some fairy tale. And, the comment about the decals on the bottom of the boat is true. We made a big joke out of putting decals of shad schools on the bottom of Buddy's Hydro-Blaster for years. Then, some outfit in Ft Lauderdale (at least in Fla) came out with an honest-to-goodness ad in a fishing magazine for baitfish school decals for boat bottoms. I kid you not. I sent scans of it to a hundred guys who emailed me for the darn thing. I doubt they will be in business long. Fishermen are not THAT gullible! Hey, how about that 'Son of Helicopter' lure I heard about?
   They may be in schools, but it's really special ed. from Tornado Dave (  4/6/1999 11:53:00 PM
 Bass really are simple creatures. What makes them difficult to catch is that we can see them most of the time. Think about it, we fish by brail. If you can see them, you can usually make them bite. That is why spring is so much fun, we get to do alot more sight fishing. As for the color of the hull. If it make you feel better, go with dark green. It matches everything else in the water.
   This is it - my ticket !!!! from Don Neidig (  4/7/1999 7:28:00 AM
 I'll put together a CAMO BASS BOAT PAINT KIT, and then I'll do an infomercial. I'll be able to retire from all the FOOLS buying them, so as to not scare away the fish.....
   Mirror Finish from Mike Corbett (  4/7/1999 8:18:00 AM
 Hmmm. Maybe a mirror finish would be best! Then all the bass would see is other bass. Guess I'll git the polish and go to work on my aluminum boat... Mike
   sweating the small stuff from Mark (  4/7/1999 8:47:00 AM
 Jim, I tend to agree, my first reaction to this was about like yours, just go out and fish! I also agree the fish are dumb as rocks, but they do have basic survival instincts.

I remember the time we got our clocks cleaned (along with about 100 other guys!) by Jim Moynaugh in a local T on lake Minnetonka. We were on a flat in Wayzata Bay in spring and the 3-4lb fish were eveywhere. Problem is they were extremely spooky. Long story short.... most of us gave up on those fish because of how long it was taking to get them but as we were pulling out here comes Moynaugh, now forget about light shirt dark shirt, he's laying down on the front deck working these fish! And his team partner isn't even fishing, he's down in the boat holding the net. We were laughing a bit as we watched this... until he took a 3 and 4lb. fish in a few minutes. Now this is the guy who consistently brings in 10/40lbs, 5/25lbs and smokes the field out there. Could be a lot of little things put together, might not have anything to do with hull color.

And besides, the first priority should be to match the truck!

   Cathing the BIG ones... from Spanky (  4/7/1999 9:00:00 AM
 I prefer a watermelon/speckled colored hull, with a chartreuse tail-end.

Also, a trailer hook welded to the lower unit doesn't hurt and it'll all pay off when I finally get the "big one" :)

Don't make things more complicated than they need to be... Get out in your neon green boat and catch some fish!

   Hull Color from Bazzhole (  4/7/1999 5:24:00 PM
 I am partial to red shad with neon. Spanky you are the man . Just fish if you know what you are doing you can strap cow bells to the bottom of your boat and catch em . Tight lines BAZZ.



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