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    Rabble Rouser Crankbaits
from Spotted Bass (  
4/28/1999 11:49:00 AM


 After reading/responding to a post on "Other Topics" about doubles, I remembered 2 old crankbaits that I have in my tackle box called Rabble Rousers. I got 5 of them from a lure saleman in 1981 when I worked in a sporting goods dept at a local chain store while in college. Before Bandits became my "go to" crankbait, I used these baits extensively for shallow cranking applications. They were/are quite productive. The years of fishing have took their toll on the two that I have left. They look similiar to a storm shallow crankbait but they have huge BUG eyes.

Does anyone know what happened to the company that made Rabble Rouser crankbaits? I believe they were out of Texas. I have not seen any on a store shelf in almost 17 years. If anyone has any of these old "jewels" that are cluttering up their tackle box, email me and lets see if we can work something out.

Spotted Bass

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   ugly crankbaits from Draper (  4/28/1999 12:12:00 PM
 Before I started using Stanford crankbaits, I too used these things. I think my Dad let me use them because they were expendable or just ugly... I did catch my first fish on a crankbait with these on a very memorable day at Eufaula... Still have two, but I haven't seen them in years... I never knew the name of them, but the description and the eye sure rings a bell!
   Rabble Rouser from Jeff Hahn (  4/28/1999 2:45:00 PM
 Spotted Bass: I beleive that Rabble Rousers were made in New Philadelphia, Ohio. They used to give away a ton of these as handouts at local tournaments. And, the bargin bins at local tackle shops were always full of them. I probably have a couple Rabble Rousers gathering dust in a box under my tackle shelf. I'll see what I can find.

Jeff Hahn

   Rabble Rouser's from John (  4/29/1999 1:00:00 AM
 Spotted Bass,

Occasionally they'll show up on eBay Auction (www.ebay.com). Check under Miscellaneous:Sporting Goods:Fishing. There's a search engine at the top of each page.

Tight Lines!! John

   Rabble rouser from Baybuzzard (  4/29/1999 11:29:00 AM
 Rebel used to make the rabble rouser and I don't think they are made any more.
   Hey Spot from Triton Mike (  4/30/1999 10:46:00 AM
 Hey SPot, I will put a APB out on Rabble rousers here in Texas. If they were made here I will find out. Lots of older bait shops here.. That will be my first place to look. Hey do you need anything from Bass pro before I get back to "sippi". Gonna go check out that 16lber they put in the BPS aquarium may even take a picture and put it in my tackle box for good luck.. ha ha



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