Length on Carolina Rig Leaders? Length on Carolina Rig Leaders?
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    Length on Carolina Rig Leaders?
from Mitch (  
5/12/1999 1:12:00 PM


 I was told from a bass pro that typically a c/rig leader should be about as wide as your shoulders, which is only around 2 feet. I noticed owner hooks has come out with a pre-rigged c/rig leader that is 48" long. How long in most circumstances should the leader be?

2nd subject: I also was told to use a 1 oz. egg sinker when c/rigging. I was told it stirs up bottom silt and attracts fish, is this true? sounds logical. This guy wins a lot of local tournements so I really think he knows what he's doing. any comments are appreciated.

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   Leader Length from Terry Battisti, SnakeBite Custom Fishing Tackle  5/12/1999 1:53:00 PM
 Hi Mitch

It has been my experience that the tougher the fishing conditions, the longer the leader should be. I have had good luck with leaders anywhere from 18" up to 6' depending on the conditions. This makes sense if you think about it. When the fish are active, the sinker acts to attract fish like your friend said. But, when the fish are off the bite (from either too much fishing pressure or the weather), I feel the sinker scares the fish off. Therefore, I use as long a leader as I can effectively cast. Now, regarding sinker weights. Again, active fish = heavy weight. But, inactive fish will sometimes want the lighter weight. Under these circumstances, I will go as low as 1/2oz with the C-Rig. If it's really tough, and I need to use a lighter weight, I discontinue using the C-Rig and use a Mojo Rig or Split-Shot Rig.

Well, I hope this helps you out. Take care and keep your line tight!


   Two leaders from Tim (  5/12/1999 4:46:00 PM
 I use the pre-rigged c-rigs from Walmart. The leader is about 18" with a 1/2oz weight. I have had good success with these rigs (it's my confidence bait). This past weekend I fished a tournament and tried something new. I added another leader to my rig, app 6". On the long leader I used a 6" zoom lizard, and on the short leader I used a zoom centipeed. It was a deadly combination. I caught fish on both leaders. Maybe it was a fluke, but, I will have it in the boat the next time I fish.

Good Luck

   c-rig leaders from Jim N (  5/12/1999 6:25:00 PM
 Mitch the longer your leader is the slower the action of your bait is and the shorter the leader is the faster the action is. It's just another instance of letting the fish tell you what they want, have seen several times when fishing a crig with a 2 or 3 foot leader and nothing and switch to a longer one and have the bass tear em up. As for the sinker I primarily usa 3/4 oz. will only go heavier if it is very windy or am fishing really deep.
   C'rig leader length from Steve (  5/13/1999 12:42:00 AM
 If you want to cast your C'rig, my experience is that more than half the rod length is pretty lousy to cast. If you need a 5' leader like Terry mentioned, you'll probably just want to drop it and drag it with the boat, not a bad thing for a backseater. I make my leaders up ahead of time, put them on a large leader spool (Cabela's) and might end up retying them once before putting on a new one. The length I make them in the shop is about 30-36", but it's just eyeballed. The main idea is to keep my line wet! C&R, Steve
   leader length from tom e (  5/13/1999 7:28:00 PM
 IN minnesota we have mostly clear water here . Leader length makes a big difference here. First let the bass tell you what leader length you should use . Up here the word is gettting around very fast , slip shot is the way to go. The reason is quite simple , useing a slip shot (mojo) sinker it has a rubber band in it and is easily adjusted up or down on the line . With a reg. carolina rig you can,t adjust the leader length at all , unless you rig a bunch of rods with different lengths which is a cluster ---! AS far as noise or rattles or beads , use a rattle in your plastic lure not on the sinker like a reg. carolina rig , and you will kick everybodys ass ! MORE BIG FISH IN THE LIVEWELL!
   c-rig from mrbass (  5/14/1999 8:14:00 AM
 I was wondering if you guys have ever seen a pro 3foot leader?I have watched the pro`s on tv and seen them on the lake.I have seen more leaders that they call 3ft that are the same length as the rod they are using.I quess what I am getting at is that fish are more inactive then active so when they are not really biting fast I go with the longest leader I can throw(providing the water has some degree of clarity).
   Where to buy Mojo sinkers from Lynn (  5/16/1999 11:41:00 AM
 Just read above post about carolina rigging. Wondering where you can get the slip shot (mojo) sinkers for carolina rigging. Getting tired of tying 3 knots everytime I break off. Do they make them in 3/4 or 1 oz sizes and do you have any trouble with them slipping down on your line?



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