Spinner Bait rod and reel combos, what do you use? Spinner Bait rod and reel combos, what do you use?
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    Spinner Bait rod and reel combos, what do you use?
from Dan (  
5/18/1999 1:05:00 AM


 I don't fish my blade baits as much as I should. Iam re evaluating my tackle. Currently I use a 6-6 Falcon rod FC-3-166, Medium light action teamed with a Shimano Curado with a 5 to 1 gear ratio. While the rod sounds as if it would be a little whippy it is really pretty stiff. Do you Blade guys prefer a worm rod type action or do you use an action that gives a little but still transmits the feel of the blades turning. Ill be throwing 1/8,1/4, and 3/8oz. baits mostly. The rod I use is long handled as well.what do you use and why?

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   Sounds good from Hydrilla (  5/18/1999 8:43:00 AM
 With the size of baits you are throwing, I think that's the same exact setup I would use. If your boat sits low to the water in the front, some may argue that a 6 foot rod would be better, but I think you are good to go. I do like a rod with a little more a** for heavier spinnerbaits, especially in heavy cover.
   If It Works For You...Do It! from Jimbeaux (  5/18/1999 9:37:00 AM
 I think alot of it depends on what you are comfortable with. Having fished 25 years before these new fangled long handled rods came on the scene, I am most comfortable using piston grip casters of either 5'6" or 6' with a 3600 Abu Garcia Black Max or Curado. For me this is simply an accuracy question. However if I am slow rolling or otherwise fishing an area where accuracy is not a concern I will go to a 7' med heavy Quantum Tour Edition long handled contraption to get longer casts and deeper presentation.
   spinnerbait combo from Gary Rhodes (  5/18/1999 10:14:00 AM
 I,m not to familiar with Alabama lakes but the lakes I fish in up state NY are very weedy. I use a 7'6" mitchell fulcrum flipping stick I did'nt like this rod much for flipping but it's a great spinnerbait rod.I use a shimano lexica reel.I have the confidence with this setup that if I get a decent fish on and it wants to bury himself in the weeds I will get him in.I also use the same setup with smallies'there are plenty of them up here, just set your drag accordingly and do'nt try to hoarse them in.( buzzbait thrown with same outfit).
   Spinnerbait rod? from Tim (  5/18/1999 10:14:00 AM
 I am a custom rod builder in NC called Protech Rods. The most widely used spinnerbait rod is a 6foot 6inch rod in a medium action. Preferably a Loomis mb782 or783 rod, although other makes will do fine. The 6.6 rod will be versatile in shallow as well as deeper water. Handle length is simply personal preferance. The light to medium action rods will allow the fish to inhale the bait a little better than the stiffer rod. Again, the greater percentage is personal preference. This is my opinion based on what I build most. Tim
   one suggetstion from jeramy (  5/18/1999 11:01:00 AM
 I disagree with Tim on one thing. You really don't want a rod that is less than a medium action the reason being is the vibration from big blades, especially colorado or indiana will work your wrist to death. A little stiffer rod is nice to keep from working you to hard. I like a medium to medium heavy 6'6" rod. The grip is a matter of preference I like a long handle rod. However a pistol grip does make it easier to get accurate roll casts which is the most important cast when fishing a spinnerbait. Good luck and fish the blade their is no wrong way to fish a spinnerbait.
   The good thing about a spinnerbait rod is... from BMagill (  5/18/1999 11:19:00 AM
 It doesn't have to be expensive, sensitivity isn't a big issue. I use a 6'6" med. action fiberglass rod (Silstar, picked it up for 18 bucks) with a long handle. I like the way the glass casts, its a lot easier and more accurate. Also allows the fish to get the bait better. Of course, I lost two nice bass on this same set up yesterday night, so what do I know?
   My Selections from Paul (  5/18/1999 12:14:00 PM
 Spinning Rods: 1)Medium Light action rod for light 8-10 lbs line fishing (ie. jigs, tubes, split shot rigs) 2)Medium action rod for 12-14 lbs line fishing (ie. slugos, flukes crankbaits) 3)Medium heavy action rod for 17 lbs line for spinnerbaits and topwaters.

Reels: 1) Shimano model 1000 for light line fishing. 2) Shimano model 2000 or model 4000 for all other applications

IMO, Buy a little more expensive medium light action rods for light line fishing and decent spinning rods for all other applications. Also, I suggest you stick to one brand of reels so you have replacement parts and inter changable spare spools. The Shimano Sideslab is an good inexpensive spinning reel.

    Paul from Hydrilla (  5/18/1999 12:25:00 PM
 Spinning gear is good for plastics, but at least for myself, if I threw a spinnerbait all day on a spinning rod, my wrist would be worn out. I think Dan's got the right idea with a 5 to 1 Curado. Just my opinion, Paul. If it works for you, great!
   My set up from BassMan (  5/18/1999 2:36:00 PM
 I use a LFC-4-166 and a TDX reel. IMO, the best all around spinnerbait rod/reel combo out there today. My buddy swears by an MBR 783 IMX, but I love my rod and don't feel a real difference. I believe the 3 power Falcon is to light, try the 4--you will like it and have more backbone to deal with a PIG. Take a kid fishing, BassMan.
   Spinnerbait rods from Jay from Bay (  5/18/1999 4:12:00 PM
 I prefer 6.6 Med for spinnerbait under 1/2 oz and MH for the rest.
   I use two depending on what I'm doing from Marlin Frederick (  5/18/1999 8:33:00 PM
 My favorite spinnerbait rod for fishing spinnerbaits (1/4-1/2oz) shallow is a 6' Castaway "Heavy Bait Casting" rod. That's the name of it. This rod has a lot of backbone and an extremely fast tip.

For slow rolling spinnerbaits deep (1/2-1oz), I like to use a Falcon Low-Rider LFC-5-166. The longer rod allows for longer casts and the heavier action gives me better contact to the lure and more hook setting power. Slow rolling a spinner bait is a lot like worm fishing when it comes to the amount of sensitivity needed.

   Spinnerbait rod from Ken (  5/18/1999 8:38:00 PM
 I prefer a six foot fiberglass rod and Curado (high speed) for accuracy and a seven foot graphite with curado for slow rolling. I fish Spiderwire on both. The glass rod definitely helps with hook-ups. My six foot rod is a custom from Bill Poe here in NC. Good fishing. KenS
   Spinnerbait rods from Dan (  5/19/1999 12:54:00 AM
 Thanks for all the great info it looks like Im going to stick with my present set up as my primary system and since this will be a spinnerbait weekend Iam going to bring and old 6-0 Lews M.H. (pistol grip) out of moth balls and team it with another Curado. After all why should I have to have only one spinner bait rod and reel. Shoot some times I have four or five soft plastic rigs on deck.
   spinnerbait setup from frogman (  5/19/1999 2:01:00 AM
 i use a castaway sb3 rod which s 6'2" with good backbone and a fast tip. however i prefer to use a reel with a high speed retrieve. i use a quantum energy 600ti with a 6.3:1 ratio which i find easier to wake a spinnerbait on the surface. with a slower ratio i have crank like there is no tomorrow to keep it on the top.
   spinnerbait rod and reel from javelin (  5/30/1999 6:17:00 PM
  to me i will never us no other reel than Shimanos chronarch for spinnerbaits.It has a good retreive for burning a blade under the sufrace or slow rolling it down deep.. The rod that i use is Bass Pro Shops Bionic Blade in a 6'0 medium action for spinnerbaits 1/4 to 5/8 and a 6'0 medium heavy for spinnerbaits 1/2 to 1 ounce.



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