Using A Frog: When Is the Best Time and How? Using A Frog: When Is the Best Time and How?
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    Using A Frog: When Is the Best Time and How?
from Johanna (  
7/14/1999 12:02:00 AM



I purchased a white soft bodied frog (with weedless hooks) a few days ago but haven't yet tried it out. When is the best time to use these lures and how does one fish it? Is it best to cast over an area that is heavily weeded or covered in algae so as to confuse the fish? Help! I one day dream of catching a fish over three pounds and would like to do it before I collect social security!

Btw, thanks to those who had answered my previous post; I have found the torpedo lure to be very effect at almost any time of day.

Good fishing, Johanna

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   frogs from Triton Mike (  7/14/1999 1:02:00 AM
 Johanna, Right now most definitely is the time for the frogs. Reasoning is the water is so hot 88 degrees. Under the pads the water is ALOT cooler. I think that is the key right now in finding fish in the summer time. I strongly advise a long rod 7ft when frog fishing for 3 reasons. 1. you can cast it farther 2, you can work it better over the vegetation by holding your rod high 3. You can horse the fish out of the pads better. You will find that alot of fish will blow up on the rat but not take it under. Always and I mean always have a texas rig worm or lizard tied on and drop it exactly where the fish blew up and you should hook up. Hope this helps. By the way this is a good way to catch some nice fish. If you are ever in the Jackson area give me a buzz.

Triton Mike

   Froggin Colors and Tips from Jeff (  7/14/1999 6:31:00 AM

I agree with Mike. Great tips. The colors I use are black, green and white. I use the white during sunny days, black during low light conditions and green most any time. These are just my rules-of-thumb. I have caught 'em on black up in the middle of the day. One trick I use is to take a little worm dye and shade the bottom of a white frog, to give it a pinkish tint. I also stick a few rattles inside of the frog and maybe a piece of a split shot weight. This gives it a little more weight for throwing and makes more noise while on top of cover.

Throw that rascal anywhere, even try swimming it in open water around the edges of ponds.

Good Luck & Good Fishing,


   Frogs from Mike G (  7/14/1999 2:27:00 PM
 I agree with the above comments. In S. La plastic frogs are deadly over what we call "duck seed." That's that tiny floating clover like stuff that sticks to the side of your boat and gets all over everything else. Fish duck seed in the thickest area you can find, usually down wind, that is where the wind has piled it up. When a fish blows up on it, be careful not to immediately set the hook, drop your rod tip and wait to feel the fish. I find you get many more hook sets that way. Any of you neighbors get a need to fish in S. La. look me up.
   Frogs...gotta luv em! from Mike H (  7/14/1999 2:45:00 PM
 I've been using frog type baits more and more recently. Here in the west, and I suspect elsewhere too, we get a lot of thick algae blooms. This thick, green goop can be real frustrating at times. When it gets real heavy I like to work a frog over the top. I have both floating weedless frogs, and some slow sinking plastics that I rig weedless. If there are a lot of breaks and holes in the mat, I use the slow sinker to drop into the gaps. Most bites come when it drops off the edge and starts to sink.

Also, as mentioned above, don't forget to have another rig ready for missed strikes. Myself, I like to use a tube jig to drop in. Almost always get 'em that way.




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