Tying the Swimming Worm Rig - PHOTOS show you how! Tying the Swimming Worm Rig - PHOTOS show you how!
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    Tying the Swimming Worm Rig - PHOTOS show you how!
from Bassdozer Worldwide Bass Fishing  
8/30/1999 10:06:00 AM



I've added some PHOTOS that teach you how to tie the swimming worm rig in detail.

It is essentially a two hook worm harness. You cannot buy these rigs -- you have to make it. Therefore, we are providing PHOTOS and tying instructions on how to tie it and fish it right. When rigged properly on the harness, the worm has a bend to it, thereby causing the worm to corkscrew through the water. It is a great way to rig worms for many shallow or surface-oriented applications. Although many bass have seen plastic worms, few fish have seen one rigged swimming style. Try it!

Just go to www.bassdozer.com, click on "Bass Fishing Articles" and you will see it near the top of the list.

Hope it helps.

Regards, Bassdozer

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   PHOTOS show you how to rig the MAGIC...of big two-tone grubs! from Bassdozer Worldwide Bass Fishing  8/30/1999 10:24:00 AM
  I've published a new "PHOTO article" in conjunction with Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. We give away all the secrets to teach you how Gary has been using big two-tone grubs to turn some heads in tournament circles this summer. We also give away a free pack of hooks and free screw-in weights to any reader who orders two bags of two-tone grubs online.

So, we give away Gary's tips, tackle hints and secret style. We give away the proper size and style of hooks and weights. With fall feeding just around the corner, why not buy two bags of big two-tones...why not use 'em to catch the biggest bass of the season? And buy some stronger line...you'll need it!

Free offer available only at www.bassdozer.com. Click on "Bass Fishing Articles" then click on "Catch the Magic"

Hope it helps. Regards, Bassdozer

   excellent from George (  8/30/1999 11:44:00 AM
 Excellent presentation and excellent site!
   Swimming worm from Doug Lundin (  8/30/1999 1:16:00 PM

My compliments on your website and articles. Was very impressed. I did notice that on your article about the swimming worm that it said that you can't buy a rig like this. Up here in the Midwest we have a worm made my several manufacturers that closely resemble this worm. The hooks are smaller and they are pre-rigged with 3 hooks. There is a bend in the worm to make it turn like a cork screw in the water when retrieved slowly. The worm has about a 10 inch leader and must be used with a snap swivel (preferably a ball-bearing swivel). A small split shot can be attached above the swivel for added weight to make the worm swim deeper. If you want I can scan in a worm and send you the picture. Again great web site and I will be visiting often.

Doug Lundin

   You're right Doug from MattG (  8/30/1999 1:45:00 PM
 I know just what you mean. I've used several types of pre-rigged worms over the last 5 or 6 years to catch lots of bass. Not many people know about them and they work great for pressured fish! Its tough to find them down here in SC though - I may have to try this swimming worm rig.
   First, thanks if you can scan, Doug!...Second, it's only fair to Jim from Bassdozer Worldwide Bass Fishing  8/30/1999 2:35:00 PM
 Yes, Doug, If it is not inconvenient for you to do so...I would just love it if you can scan and send me the swimming worm photo. Just put into the email any comments you want to describe it (manufacturer name, product name, hook sizes, weight, etc.) and I will "superimpose" the descriptive elements on the picture, then post the new scan and link it with the original article. Thanks so much, Doug!

By the way, regarding the article, the swimming worm text and pictures were sent to me by Jim Porter, one of the greatest bass fishing educators of our times. Any manufacturers mentioned are Jim's original choices as are the choice of hooks, etc. in the text and photos.

As for me, I like to use the Yamamoto split shot hooks for this (and for floating trick worms, and certain weightless soft plastic "stickbaits"). The Yammie "splits" (hooks) have a wicked bite, and can be incredibly weedless and snagless when the soft plastic is "impaled" just right. And I like to tie my harness rigs with Spectra 2000 kite-flying line (put a li'l shot of SG on the knots) whereas Jim writes that he prefers the Fireline.

In the future, I hope you may recognize other of Jim's works, if he is willing, at the Bassdozer site. Thanks from us all, Jim!

   Thank you Jim Porter and Bassdozier, from Pete (  8/30/1999 4:03:00 PM
 been trying in my mind ever since Ive heard about this, how it was rigged.Now we have pictures for dummies like me,no excuses now.Thanks again to both of you for makeing this simpler.And Bassdozier Ive been to your site before and go everyday -its very informative to say the least - keep them comeing ,please.Looking hopefully for more from Jim Porter also



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