Snake looking lure Snake looking lure
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    Snake looking lure
from pilsnr (  
9/12/1999 9:33:00 PM


 When I was in my early teens I came across a lure that looked like a snake with a mister twister like tail, It was rubber like a worm , I have since not been able to locate any of these lures, I dont know who made them our what they were called but I do remember that when you cast these lures over the lily pads or brush that they where a bass magnet. If anybody knows where I might be able to find some of these lures please let me know. I've looked at the academys in the area with no luck.thanks

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   i think renowsky made them from jaytheloser (  9/13/1999 12:33:00 AM
 i also think i spelled renowski wrong, but u get the picture. jtf
   Hannon's Snake Bait? from Jeff Hahn (  9/13/1999 8:48:00 AM
 Didn't Doug Hannon endoresed a snake like bait? Could Burke have made this one? Also, I think Burke marketed plastic worms that were colored to represent various snakes.

Jeff Hahn

   I remember "Snatrix" lures. from Ronnie Pettit (  9/13/1999 9:34:00 AM
 The Snatrix if I remember right was a plastic worm like bait with a snake head on it. I guess they went the way of the diamond rattler that K-Mart used to sell.
   Snatrix from longrod (  9/13/1999 9:51:00 AM
 Bill Norman made them and stopped about 10 years ago. I was able to find the only location in the country that has any number of these recently. Trader Bill's in Hot Springs Arkansas has a limited supply. You can contact Matt Mitchell @ 501-623-8403. These snake baits are fantastic summertime lures any where there is grass or shallow cover. I have just begun Carolina rigging them with some initial success. There is no other action like it that I have seen. I am also in the process of trying to get a mold made so I can pour my own.
   Norman, then Larew from RichZ (  9/13/1999 8:23:00 PM
 Sonds like, as has been intimated by other respondents, you're thinking of Norman's 'snatrix'. Gene Larew marketed an identica copy of it as recently as 3 or 4 years ago that I know of, but Larew's has gone through about a half-dozen management and/or ownership changes in the past decade, and I know they severly cut their SKU list a year or two back, so I would be surprised if it was still avaialble from them, but it might be worth a try.
   Hannon/Burke snakelure from benthiccracker  8/18/2011 3:42:05 PM
fiogf49gjkf0d to order the one currently marketed, I found a Burke one still in the original package at a antique store in N. Georgia of all places. There was only one or I would have bought more...



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