Crankbaits, What is the best in the world? Crankbaits, What is the best in the world?
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    Crankbaits, What is the best in the world?
from Chris (  
11/24/1999 8:08:00 AM


 Give me your opinion as to the best Crankbait in the world. No matter what the price. I want your 2 cents worth.

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   Crankbaits from Fontana Finesse Man (  11/24/1999 11:22:00 AM
 Chris, my personal favorite crankbaits are Norman DD 22's and I also use some bandit crankbaits. I am not the greatest fan of crankbaits, but IMHO these are two of the best on the market, however, I wouldn't limit myself to strictly carrying these two types. Different types, like Tennessee killers, and risto raps, etc... all have times and applications when they are just as productive. Keep crankbaits with wide wobbles, and tight wobbles, that cover at least two different depths. I also like crankbaits with alot of pearl in them and a few with chartreuse and some brown ones.
   Tough question... easy answer, to me at least from Massimo Zanetti (  11/24/1999 11:25:00 AM
 I guess that lot of folks here would say Bandits but to made it simple, a lot depends on everyone tastes and on how much a bass angler has caught fishing a given crankbait. To me, the best crankbait doesn't exist, not in an absolute way at least. I got some cranks in my tackle box that works very well at the depth they're built to swim. Bu if I'd have to pick one from that bunch, my choice is a lipless crankbait. It's the only one that you can swim at every depth you want, depending on the speed of the retrieve and rod's position. No one of the billed lures give you that luxury.

Just my 2 cents. Good fishing!


   Tying one on for Success from ShadRap (  11/24/1999 12:01:00 PM

I have a question about knots. I know there are several kinds, but, are Rapala Knots better for fishing the Rapala's? If so, could these knots be useful for other types of baits such as other crank-type baits so the eye of the bait is tied loosely, therefore yielding unrestricted freedom for the bait to do what it is supposed to do when retrieved. Maybe the Rapala Knot could be used on some of the topwater baits like a Jitter Bug or maybe a Devil's Horse. What y'all think? Hmmm, I just thought about something. I haven't thrown that Devil's Horse in a while. Anybody else like this bait?

"If they ain't Tight and Wet, they are practically useless"

   Best crankbaits from longrod (  11/24/1999 1:26:00 PM
 I, like everyone else, have a few favorites and a lot of others that I use from time to time. I'll pose a question to your question though. When you say the best, are you referring to the best brand or something more specific like the best model of a brand?....not to mention color. If you are asking for the best brand and you are just looking for historic results or current successes I would have to say Poe's. The number one crankbait in that line for me would have to be the 300. It is a big fish getter but also good for numbers at times. The color would be pearl with a light blue back. As for number one of all time for catching bass for me it would have to be a Rebel Deep Wee R in chrome and black. Number one hot bait for me now would be a Bandit 200 or a Bomber Fat A in pearl/chartreuse and firetiger respectively. Those two baits were very good to me this summer in shallow applications. The old standby silver and black #7 shad rap would be a close second in any category you want to use. But, again if I could only fish one specific crankbait it would be a Poe's 300 and I would just adjust line diameter and casting distance to affect the depth.
   Poe Crankbaits from Rick (  11/24/1999 3:31:00 PM
 Can someone tell me where I can find these?I've had a lot of people tell me these are the best crank they've ever fished. I'm not a big crank fisherman so if I'm going to keep some in my box,I want them to be good producers.Thanks in advance.
   Poe's.... from S.O.B. Fishing Products   11/24/1999 3:42:00 PM
 Rick and other Poe's lovers.....I was just in the new BPS Outdoor World in Houston, Tx the other day and they had a huge box set up in an aisle full of all models and colors of Poe's crankbaits. Price was $1.99 ea. If you live near one of the Outdoor World stores and like Poe's, better hop on over there !!

GL&GF, "Gambler"

   Crankbaits from Toad (  11/24/1999 3:56:00 PM
 Like most of the above, I like different cranks for different situations. But my favorites are Normans Professional Edge, Poes 300, Bagleys, and rattletraps.
   Crankbaits from Paul (  11/24/1999 4:26:00 PM
 Any Fat Rap that matches the water depth, Bomber 7A in 10 feet or less, and the Big O for under 4 feet.
   CB's from khingfish (  11/24/1999 4:32:00 PM
 Ditto on the Poes and Bandits. But i have caught alot of fish on Storm Wiggle Warts. You might give them a try. Jumbo sports had Poes CBs on clearance and still do, they also have everything else on clearance as they are going out of business. The Poes RC1 is a very good shallow water crankbait. Poes CB's have also got some stout hooks on em too. GL
   ahhh a easy ? from Triton MIke (  11/24/1999 4:43:00 PM
 Ain't know bones about if. Bandits hands down... I admit I use to fish Poe's quite a bit when they just came out. But I went back to Bandits with good reason. They catch fish for me. I agree with Massimo.. The best bait you can possibly fish with is one you have confidence in.

Triton Mike

   knots from fishlover (  11/24/1999 5:26:00 PM
 i always use a snap, it's easy to exchange lures and also it gives lures a better action
   Crankbaits from John (  11/24/1999 11:41:00 PM
 It's so very hard to choose one...I like Norman's, particularly the DD22. They are durable, run true, and catch fish. I also like Poe's, but they aren't as durable and frequently require tuning. They do produce when you get them right, though. I also like the Rapala line. Especially the Risto Rap and Down Deep Rattlin Fat Rap. If price is not an option, I would have to say my pet baits are those by Lohr's Lures. They are hand made baits out of North Carolina. The owner is a very knowledgeable, friendly person. His lures are beautiful, cast great and run true every time. And they do catch fish!

   favorite crankbaits from david s. (  11/25/1999 12:07:00 AM
 if i had to choose one name brand of crankbait it would have to be a bandit 300 series. i've caught so many big fish with this small crankbait that it is actually scary. i don't know what it is about this crankbait but i always seem to catch large fish with it. in the spring i like the dark brown and orange. in the summer and fall i use the chartreuse blue in murky water and pearl blue in clear water. i don't feel like you can go wrong with a bandit. my second choice would have to be a norman deep little n in the same colors as i mentioned above. hope this helps.
   Crankbaits from Jocko (  11/25/1999 5:14:00 AM
 It seems to me when Poes was bought out by Yama-whatever in Wash state that there appeared to be an influx of cheaper Mexican made lures in the chain stores that looked to have been assembled sloppy.Luckily I have plenty of older ones,but has anyone else a comment or is it my eyes?Also, does anyone know what the story is w/ Bagley's?Are they part of Wasp now cause I notice they offer that prizm finish recently and the factory in Winterhaven/Auburndale Fla. was closed when I tried to visit in Sept and now it's been leveled and replaced w/ a gas/conv store.Minutes from my mother's in Fla. Bagley's used to have a replica of the world record bass in the showroom.Pretty impressive to view to say the least!!!For numbers I go Norman dbn, lavender shad or #7 countdown silver/blk.Gamakatsu ewg of course.
   Try Standford Cedar Shads from Mike Whitten (  11/25/1999 7:44:00 AM
 Ilove to throw cranks, and own and throw most of the lures mentioned above. The 200 Bandit is a deadly lure. I would also like to suggest the Cedar Shad and the Smoking Shad series made by Dieter Standford in North Carolina. I first saw these lures at the BMC in Birmingham, and have made them one of my "secret weapons" ever since. Check them at Mike Whitten/Memphis
   Crankbait favorites or bests. from Thad Rains (  11/25/1999 6:19:00 PM
 The best crankbait in the world is the one tied on the end of my line that I am fishing with and catching fish with. I prefer several different makes and models, all mentioned above. IF I HAD TO CHOOSE ONE OVER ANY OTHER, IT WOULD BE A BILL NORMAN DEEP LITTLE N OR MIDDLE N, Chartreuse/blueback. If I were limited to only one crankbait to ever throw again, it would have to be one of those. All of the above have great products/catching ability. But the best one is the one that I am using and catching fish with. Sorry about all that, but CONFIDENCE will catch more fish than all the crankbaits in the world. JMHO. Tight lines, keep safe and good luck. Thad Rains
   Stanford Cedar Shad !!! from Steve Griffin (  11/25/1999 8:57:00 PM
 If you have not tried the Stanford series of crankbaits you have really missed out on a true product of craftsmanship and a GREAT crankbait. I love their large cedar shads for cranking ledges here in Alabama during summer. Also great results in late winter & early spring "plowing" the lurer in more shallow water. Like Mike Whitten said in above post, give them a try!!!
   crank from joe (  11/26/1999 2:21:00 AM
 confidence is the the best for your bait.the best crank is the bill norman series crankbait .it is the best for your money and has been around longer than any crank on the market today. good luck
   crankbaits.... from darenwh (  11/26/1999 2:25:00 AM
 There is a time and place for every crankbait on the market. Picking a best can vary from lake to lake, season to season, part of the country, water quality, etc... Overall it seems most people choose the large round body baits such as bandits, normans, and poes for largemouth most of the year. These are excellent baits to start fishing crank baits with. My recommendation if you want to learn to fish crank baits with good success start with one or two brands (norman and bandits) and get a variety of baits in different sizes and running depths while sticking with only one or two maybe three colors. This will force to spend time finding the correct depth and fishing the bait more exactly to catch fish as changing color all the time will not be an option. Next get a good crankbait rod and reel, a lure retreiver, and start fishing. Keep the lure hitting off of something such as bottom, rocks, wood, etc... and be ready for the hit. Using only one or two brands of crankbaits will allow you to more easily tell the difference between a hit from a fish and the lure bouncing off something and will help you learn to fish the lure right. Don't start collecting every crankbait in the world. Though this makes for a pretty tackle box rarely does the person with this box catch fish consistently. They do not get enough time to learn to fish such a variety of baits. Daren
   longrod is RIGHT...Poe's, with other brands as second choices. from Jeff Hahn (  11/26/1999 12:08:00 PM
 longrod: You hit the nail square on the head. Poe's would be my definite first choice and it would be the Poe's 300, for anything 8'-12' deep. The Norman Deep Little N would be second. For deeper than 12', the Poe's 400 is the number 1 bait. For shallower than 8', the Shad Rap, Bomber 6A, Big O, and Deep Wee R Rebels would be important to have, although the Poe's 200 Series (not widely publicized) is a hard bait to beat down to 6'. For very shallow water and snall baits, the only commercial bait I've had success with is a Tiny Big O. Most of my super shallow cranking (4' or less) is done with various hand-made, flat-sided crankbaits, but Dieter Stanford's Shallow Smokin' Shad is the best commercially available flat-sided, shallow crankbait.

Jeff Hahn

   Love Them Bandits from Big Cheese (  11/26/1999 1:07:00 PM
 Bandit is the best hands down! I catch fish on these all year round. I use the 100's in the spring. And wheen the water cools off int the fall I work the stump feilds with the 200's stop and go. You get hung allot but the fish you catch is well worth a crank or two.
   Cranks from Jonnybass (  11/26/1999 7:12:00 PM
 In Md we are primarily river fisherman and the best baits I have ever used are Bagley's. Throw em into the thickest cover and they hardly ever hang up. I love em. I have found the greatest success in 10ft or less. Deeper than that I prefer the Poes or fat free shad. Jonny
   2 favorites... from draper (  11/28/1999 10:44:00 PM
 Stanford Cedar Shads and Stanford Smokin Shads!!!

Seriously, I have spent a great deal of time using most crankbaits out there on the market. Some I like. Some are awesome. Some are crap. Even within a brand, there can be a huge variance between good and bad. All will catch a fish though... I have seen fish caught on broken cranks doing rolling flips across the surface, Neon Blue Color C LEctor bargain bin cranks and all in between... But I also believe in perfect, exact actions in baits for certain times producing much more than similar cranks or cranks with other action styles... For instance, how many of you have used baits that have slightly different actions and performed very differently in terms of fish caught? I believe Stanford baits present the "perfect action" and do so on a much more consistent basis than others...

But I choose these cranks for their overall quality, durability, and broad product line... At first, I used the big Cedar Shads for hitting the deep ledges for parts of the year... Then, I added the smaller ones and also the flat sided smokin shads, to round out my arsenal for shallow spring and summer fishing. My last additions were the Swcs which is a great Fall-Win-Early Spring bait and the super shallow bait they made in limited quantities last year. I now catch fish on Stanford Cranks every month of the year... There is an action and size for all possible situations... And I do mean all... I even weigh them down if I need to get deeper like 25-30 feet!

I believe strongly in using wood crankbaits and these I believe to be the best in that category. WWW.STANFORDLURES.COM. For those of you who saw Austin Powers 2, after you use these you might want to to keep them secret!

   elaborating on from draper11 (  11/30/1999 9:34:00 PM
 Those of you who used Poe's know what I mean about the "perfect action". It was that one bait in 5 or 10 that just was awesome and seemed to run slightly different, and seemed to catch way more fish... The type of bait that would trigger a bite from every fish it passed, even if it wasn't aggressive. These baits are "magic" or whatever... They're like that one baseball bat out of a dozen that seems to have the right grain and sweet spot and hits the ball much farther... Well, I believe the Stanford baits are made to exact dimensions (body width, lip angle, pull point) that enable them to be much more consistent, and I know they used to be very strict about that and provided that more of them were close to that "magic action" zone. The only variable in their performance was their weight, since cedar can vary by the inch, depending on knots and such. Unfortunately for the avid Poe's users (of which I myself was one), since leaving the country they tended to move more towards mass production and away from quality... which is a definite downside of popularity I suppose. Whatever the case there definitely is the "magic bait" phenomenon. Anyone else beleive in this? ?



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