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    Question about Carp
from Johanna (  
12/8/1999 9:51:00 PM



There is a lake near home where I go bass fishing (Vicksburg) and recently I have not once but three times caught a large (7-9 lb) carp on my line. Could someone tell me if carp are good to eat or should I just throw them back (like I've been doing).

Thanks! Johanna (still waiting for the 5+ bass!!)

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   Carp from Preacher (  12/8/1999 10:44:00 PM
 A. They destroy bass habitat. B. They taste like old socks. C. Take them home and put them in the garden, they are great fertilizer.
   Yellow Sewer Bass from Dr. Bass (  12/9/1999 1:20:00 AM
 Throw'em on the bank, and leave'em.

I wouldn't even go to that much trouble, but you have to take them off of the hook.

   carp from Rocketman (  12/9/1999 7:52:00 AM
 At one time in the state of Iowa you were required to remove all rough fish from the water when you caught them. A couple of years ago they changed that law and you now have to return them to the water. You can smoke or pickle carp, both of which are excellant. The best time to take 'em is spring or fall. The water is cold and the fish is cleaner than during the summer. Because they are so boney most people don't cook 'em, though I have been told they are good. I know of a bar that serves scored carp sandwiches. Never had one but have heard that they are good. Have never heard of carp destroying bass habitat.
   Carp destroying bass habitat from Jason G (  12/9/1999 8:18:00 AM
 I assume what Preacher is referring to by saying that carp reduce bass habitat is that they can completely destroy a grass bed while feeding. The upper end of Old Hickory lake here in TN is overrun with large carp, and they will tear up every grass bed up there in the spring.
   Gud fitin, gud eatin. Dey is juss gud! from Gee money christmas (  12/9/1999 8:50:00 AM
 Ketchin carps is tha bom! I likes to get a wun anna haf ounc weited huk, sprae sum kikinbas gralik on it, slo rool that bad boy til i feels a litl tug den WAMMO! I sets the huk. DIs teknike wil onley wurk wit the propper quipments doe. Gots to hab the 7 annahalf fut heaby ackthion canes pole sos you cen hoss dem outta dey holes. Now onta de eatin:

Jus pok dey eyeses out an fede dem to the kitey kat (theys soure tastin you no). Tak de rest uv dat bad boy an put him in a pot wit sum woter, solt, unnion, carats and iffin the mood is rite, a litle O.E. Boll him for aboute 5 minnits a pound tills the meet fals offa de boneses. Serb wit yo fabrite sid dishes an gib the leftoverers to yo kitye kat.

I tink dat de carp is unnerated as a gam fish. They is neglekted in oll de pappers an on the TV. It wil bee a beter wurld wen dey is duin a show on fox aboot dey Top wunnfitty carpmasters toure. Tite lineses and big bouties to yuoall. G.

   Johanna! from Wannabe  12/9/1999 10:21:00 AM
 I thought you'd dropped off the face of the earth. Glad to see you're still lurking. To answer your question, some say they are good to eat and you can buy them at fish markets. But I also hear they are very hard to clean. Never tried it myself, so I can't say. I've always just returned them to the water, but never knew they destroyed Bass habitat, so I say death to all Carp from now on. Sure would have liked to see how big you eyes got when you hooked 'em though.

Keep in touch and I'll let you know if the LM turn back on at the spillway.


   carp from Incognito (  12/9/1999 3:05:00 PM
 Carp do harm habitat by "muddying" up the water. They roll, splash, and generally court each other in the shallows. At certain times of the year, one can see hundreds of carp doing this in the shallows. This muddies up the water which reduces light penetration that green plants need to survive. With less weeds in the lake the whole carp role magnifies - turning into a viscous downward spiral for bass.

Minnesota used to have a law that stated you could not return carp to the water. The result was fisherman throwing them on land to rot and stink up accesses and river banks. Now we are allowed to directly release the carp into the water in which they were caught.

Carp are fun to fight - many days were filled with catching carp on nightcrawlers or whole kernel corn. A stronger freshwater battler there is not! Many areas consider them a delicacy, and in many countries they are the gamefish of choice.

   Anyone ever see carp interested in eating bass eggs? from Bassdozer Worldwide Bass Fishing  12/9/1999 3:24:00 PM

I am not trying to stir up an anti-carp sentiment here...seems from the posts above that they're not that well-liked already! *LOL*

But, I do want to ask if anyone's ever seen them on the bass nesting grounds? I have seen several occasions during the peak of the bass nest incubation when "gangs" of big carp (10-20 lbs.) were lurking ominously just within range of some very ripe bass nests. Not cruising past...not sunning...not moving around at all...even when disturbed by the boat...just lurking down low in schools of 8-10 carp with all noses pointed straight at the bass nests.

Even more startling - too much to be coincidence - there were as many large female bass standing them off guarding the access points to the nests (which were in wood cover). Not small 1-2 lb. male guardians - BIG SOW BASS all in a row...not moving...looking nervous...all facing the carp.

I've seen this a few times and each time I spent 10-15 minutes trying to see "what happened next"...but nothing except some very patient carp and some very nervous lady bass. Basically, I'd lose patience and run off the gang of carp then continue fishing.

I do not know what those carp were doing...maybe they act like that for some other reason, but those big bass had to be very nervous about them...can't think why else those big bass were rallying in front of the nests?

Quite honestly, I don't know what kind of chance a 5 to 8 lb. bass would have against a 20 lb. carp...kinda like an infantryman trying to hold off a tank.

Do you have any experiences like this...or any info that can either refute or support my suspicions?

Please let me know!

Regards, Bassdozer

   catching carp from binkwood (  12/9/1999 3:26:00 PM
 We have a rule that states; anyone that catches a carp (or any rough fish) has to buy everyone in the boat ice cream. However, someone that catches a mudfish would have to buy over someone who catches a carp. But, if you catch carp between 7-9 lbs, I think you would have to buy everyone a steak dinner! All kidding a side, carp also prey on bass eggs.
   bassdozer from binkwood (  12/9/1999 3:34:00 PM
 I hit the submit button too soon. I have indeed seen carp waiting around the parameter of bass spawning grounds, and I'm sure they are waiting to prey on their eggs.
   Carp Fishing from Matt (  12/9/1999 3:43:00 PM
 I don't know about them eating bass eggs, but carp will completely destroy all of the grass in a lake. They put a strain of carp in Lake Conroe, just north of Houston, that were supposed to be sterile. Guess what, they weren't. You cannot find one strand of hydrilla in that lake now. These were not the yellow colored carp, I think they are native. These were what they call white amur and they get big. Let me tell you the best bait to catch them. It may sound funny, but don't laugh it works. Go get you some bran flakes cereal and pour some in a bowl and grind it up real good. Next get a Big Red soda water and poor some in that bowl and knead it all together. It forms a dough when you get it to the right consistency. Mold that dough around a small treble hook till its the size of a large grape. Sling it out there with no weight and get ready. One thing nobody mentioned is how smart a carp is. If he takes your bait and you let the line go tight you can forget about it cause he's already spit it out. You must set the hook right as the line is going tight. You want to have a blast, go out and catch some 30 lb. carp on bass tackle. It gives you something to do when it's 100 degrees outside and the bass aren't biting. You can probably get with a Cajun about how to cook them. They can cook anything. Matt.
    to bassdozer from Sport (  12/9/1999 3:50:00 PM
 Mr Dozer,

I have seen the same thing here in Minnesota, carp eating eggs of the bass and sunfish..a hand full of 20 lb carp can destroy about 100 sunfish beds in about 20 mins...sad. Here in minnesota the DNR put grass carp in to take care of Eurasion water Milfoil, thinking that they couldn't reproduce. WRONG...they can. There have been a few lakes here that they killed off all the game fish so that there were only carp left! only thing to do then is drain the lake- poisen it and start over.. which isn't safe either!


   knowledge is good from Rocketman (  12/9/1999 4:22:00 PM
 Just a little fact to help educate all of ya', good to throw out at the local estabilary so's ya' look smart. The carp was exported to Russia from the US several years ago when the Russian sturgeon population took a drastic down turn. The eggs or "roe" of the carp is used in place of sturgeon roe for caviar. Said to be excellant.
   To Russia with love! from binkwood (  12/9/1999 6:06:00 PM
 Russia is going through tough economic times now. The least we can do to help our Russian brothers is send them the rest of our carp (gar and mudfish soon to follow). Slick Willie could re-deem himself in my eyes if he did this!
   carp from fishlover (  12/9/1999 7:27:00 PM
 Carp is not a game fish, but they are really powerful.they can grow to 20 lb. too. whatever carp do to the bass, they are a part of the water community. don't use them as fertilizer.they taste fine, but you got to know how to cook them
   Rumor, myth, inuendo, and carp from Ralph Manns  12/9/1999 11:48:00 PM
 Let's try a few facts just to get rid of the myths in this thread.

There are several types (species) of carp. The three we most often meet as anglers are the "German or European" version, the goldfish (thanks to livebait releasers) and the grass carp.

The comments about eating large amounts of grass all apply to the grass carp. The German carp and goldfish (not all are golden in color) are known to biologists as water muddiers (sometimes) and omnivors. They muddy water if the carp population is large. But, carp populations usually only get large if bass and pike anglers overharvest the predators.

European carp may ingest some fish eggs, but are not known to biologists as major threats to spawns by eating bass eggs. However, carp often spawn at the same times and in the same places used by the late spawning bass.

Bass will defend their nest areas from small carp, but the 20-30 pound carp win. The result can be some destruction of bass nests. The trade off is that carp fry and fingerlings are easy prey to slightly larger bass fingerlings. Bass eat almost all of every yearly carp spawn, which is why anglers often only see very large carp, but almost never see small ones unless a lake's bass population is overharvested.

The European carp was imported into the US and widely stocked by both private individuals and state fisheries workers in the late 1800s as a food fish. Many Europeans like the flavor. A modern US Government booklet is available (USFWS) with instructions on preparation of carp for eating. The flavor is good, but there are many small bones -- leading to the myth that carp aren't edible or tasty.

In Europe, carp are considered a major game fish. Anglers there practice carp C&R, maintain records, and have developed suitable techniques and tactics.

Here in the US, carp are the Rodney Dangerfields of the fish world and get no respect. But, as our populations continue to grow and we continue to pollute waters near our cities, we find carp are one of the most likely species to be available to city anglers. We've talked about the need to recruit more anglers from the city to save sports angling as we know it in the next 100 years. Later generations may thank God for carp.

Although I prefer bass fishing as a challenge and hunt, I've fished for large carp and enjoyed the experience. They can be difficult to locate, hard to trick into biting, and pull like hell on light tackle.

As bass supporters we must know both the actual threat carp sometimes make to bass fisheries and the value these same carp can have if we understand and respect them. Resist any introduction of carp or goldfish into bass waters via baitbuckets, but also know they can provide sport fishing and food.



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