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    Weighting Jerkbaits
from Rw (  
12/29/1999 10:11:00 AM


 I going to play around with my jerkbaits and attempt to weight them. Has anybody got some good tips or point me toward some articles on the web or in Bassmasters on weighting jerkbaits. I've got the March 98 issue with article on jerkbaits, are there any other issues that covers weighting jerkbaits.

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   Weighting jerk baits from Toad (  12/29/1999 10:15:00 AM
 I just wonder why you are weighting jerk baits when there is such a variety of baits on the market that already suspend?
   Weighting Jerkbaits from Jeff Hahn (  12/29/1999 12:31:00 PM
 Rw: I have weighted several jerkbaits, but I don't do it by drilling them. Instead, I usually use a combination of lead wire, suspend dots, and changing to larger (and therefore, heavier) hooks. Get a bucket of water and play around with these combiniations until you get the suspending action that you want. You can also buy suspending jerkbaits from the factory, just as Toad said, but like any other mass production item, they don't all work exactly the same. So, you still might have to fine tune them in order to get them to work as you want them to.

Jeff Hahn

   Jeff hit the nail on the head once again. from Brant (  12/29/1999 1:30:00 PM
 I won't comment any further on what he described to do, but I do want to add something about factory suspended jerkbaits. I have yet to see a factory bait suspend the way that I want it. I get a clear bowl or jar big enough to put the baits in and add enough water to tap and see if they suspend, float or sink. I get a thermometer and place in the bowl and and ice until I get the water in the bowl to be the water temp I would normally through a roque in. Different water temps have different effects on the suspending of baits. Factory baits do not come with this in mind so you will have to mess with them to get them right. I hope I have helped. If you want to talk more about it, e-mail me. TIght lines.
   lm bass from zach (  12/29/1999 2:04:00 PM
 I find in winter that the bass love deep diving crankbaits.
   Which should it suspend? from Rw (  12/29/1999 3:04:00 PM
 Thanks for the replys. They are all helpful, guess I'll be playing in the sink tonight. I guess I should've also asked should the bait suspend straight or should head or tail be a little heavier to look like a dying shad.
   weight on jerks from Chuk-N-Duck (  12/29/1999 9:00:00 PM
 I have found that even when the Jerk Bait was "suspending" it still tends to rise up. On some jerk baits I do not want this to happen. I want the Jerk Bait to just sit right there and do nothing until I twitch it. I use a sheet of lead tape and will cut small 1/8" strips and place just under the bill. I can add as many strips as needed to achieve the desired results and its more versatile than the suspend-dots. It may tend to "nose down" a touch so don't put too much on the front without countering on the rear underside. Works for me.



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