Jerkbaits in pre-spawn Jerkbaits in pre-spawn
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    Jerkbaits in pre-spawn
from Andy (  
1/27/2000 5:25:00 PM


 Those of you out there that like jerkbaits during the prespawn, got a couple of questions for you:

Where do you like to fish them? Particularly those of you fishing natural lakes..

What weather conditions make you reach for a jerkbait as opposed to a spinnerbait?

How fast do you like to retrieve the jerkbait for prespawn?

Anything else?!

Thanks, looking to fish jerkbaits a bit more this spring. Didn't do it too much last year. I am fishing mainly natural lakes.


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   Jerkbaits from limitfinder (  1/27/2000 5:55:00 PM

I think the suspending Rogue is my favorite year 'round bait. As for pre-spawn, I've had my best luck on Kerr (N.C.) and Anna (Va) on deeper points in toward the backs of coves. Some may say that main-lake points are best, but I prefer the points in the coves. Weather doesn't matter that much, but on sunny days I like a blue/chrome with an orange belly. On rainy or overcast days I like gold with a brown/black back or fire tiger. I prefer to rip it hard in a jerk (pause) jerk-jerk cadence. It seems to trigger the fish into striking better. Give it a try.

   Jerkbaits from John Griffin (  1/27/2000 6:44:00 PM
  I favor the rebel jointed minnow model D7&C7.Black over silver and blue over silver.I also use the jerk,jerk,pause retrieve.I find the best fish in 6 to 8 feet of water in creek arms.Vegitation is a plus.
   Jerk baits from Ron Wag (  1/27/2000 7:27:00 PM
 My favorite jerkbait is a Redfin gold with orange bottom. Try when you throw it out let it set for about 10 seconds or more if you can stand it.Move it very little just enough to make go under the water about 2 inches and hold on.
   go ahead and treat yourself to a TD minnow from jaythefinesser (  1/28/2000 2:01:00 AM
 team diawa has a TD minnow, the BEST jerkbait you can get. Nice sharp hooks, killer colrs, but they arent cheap. cabelas has em, just get one, and try it. you'll see it outfishes all others. they make a silver, yellowish back jerkbait that kills em wherever i go. good luck!
   agree with jaythefinesser from dick (  1/28/2000 7:14:00 AM
 The Redfin gold with the org is still one of my favorites, but that Dawia gold is my best. Smallies. So far I am disappointed with Yo zui and Lucky Craft (confidence thing). They look great. Need to force myself to use them more. Good fishin Dick
   jerkies from Andy (  1/28/2000 10:03:00 AM
  Okay, thanks guys. So do I read this correctly that you guys pretty much don't differentiate between say a spinnerbait and jerkbait as far as weather is concerned? I have read that some prefere the jerkbait on more sunny and calm days and the spinnerbiat on overcast or breezy days with the wave action reducing the light levels.

Any thoughts on this?


   jerkbaits... from randingo (  1/28/2000 1:08:00 PM
 I won't pretend to be an expert on exactly what jerkbaits to throw when, but I will say that I've had great success with the Husky Jerk and the Rogue. My favorite color is clown, but I'll throw lots of comobinations of chrome or gold as well. The Daiwa and other Japanese minnows are gorgeous and will sometimes outproduce the standards, but often the opposite is true as well.

As far as conditions go, keep in mind that jerkbaits are sight baits -- the clearer the water, the more effective they are. I have no hard fast rules about weather conditions in which I'll throw them, and I don't think the bass have any rules about when they'll bite them. I do think that jerkbaits call fish from fartehr away (in clear water) than spinnerbaits because of the highly erratic action produced by hard jerks and slack line -- it looks injured and they'll come a long way to hit it.

   spinnerbait/jerkbait from MegaTube Man (  1/28/2000 1:26:00 PM
 I really don't base the decision on weather but more on water color. Although after a front a jerkbait can sometimes work great especially in the smaller sizes. I like to fish them on points,shallow flats, weedlines,etc. I always pay specal attention to water temp when I looking for a starting place, just a few degrees in the spring can mean the difference in catching a few and loading the boat. I try and let the fish tell me what retrieve they want , but I usually start out with the old jerk,jerk,pause routine and switch it up until I get bit. Heres a little guide I go by for choosing the bait to throw: Jerkbaits - In the spring I like to use a jerkbait when I have clear to lightly stained water. Clear water will generally "loosen" the fish up some, they might relate to a bush but they will be farther out from it, not in the thick part. When this is the case a jerkbait is hard to beat. It really excells at forcing reaction strikes in clear water. Spinnerbaits - I like spinnerbaits in the spring when the water is a little dirtier. The dirtier the water generally the closer the fish will hold to the cover and a spinnerbait is the tool that I prefer in this situation. There are other tools that would work just about as good but not a jerkbait IMHO. Trying to rip a jerkbait through heavy cover would be tough. Sorry for the long post and good luck! Bill
   Jerk bait or spinner from GMoon (  1/28/2000 7:01:00 PM
 Lots of good advice. One of the problems with bass fishing, there so much good advice. So here is my opinion. For the most part, the particular brand may not be as important as presentation. For me it is silver/black Rapala daytime, bronze/black at night.

The clearer the water the better. I often "dead stick" the bait around grass and other cover and over deeper water 5-10'. When the fish tell me I pick up the retrieve with jerks in varying lengths and numbers. Again got to rely on the fish to tell me what they want. I like spinner baits in dirty water and exploring the staging edges. Slow rolling spinners from the outer edges of known spawning areas to the first evident drop off. Looking for the sweet spot where females hold before moving to beds. Well good luck, tight lines.

   jerkbaits from Steve (  1/30/2000 12:13:00 PM
 I've read all the comments and find most of it good advise. The only comments I might add are these: Be open minded in all you do concerning bass fishing. I say this because I've personally caught bass on jb's in MUDDY water! Now I know this is going to stir up some response and admit this is not my first choice of lures for these conditions but because I was too stubborn to switch I caught fish. Not to sound like an expert but I personally know some pro anglers and know with certainy that alot of them are throwing the husky jerk right now. I've never fished a natural lake but suspect a bass is a bass. Also Stacy King has an excellent video available from BPS on jerkbait fishing. By the way Stacy is a great guy and doesn't hold back any secrets in this video.



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