Best way to bait a minnow trap Best way to bait a minnow trap
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    Best way to bait a minnow trap
from Ken Dog (  
2/1/2000 5:27:00 PM


 I was reading outdoor life and they gave tips on how to catch and raise your own bait. They gave techniques for worms, mealworms, crawfish, and leeches. They didn't mention anything about minnows though. I have a minnow trap and have only used it a few times, only once with success. I was wondering what is the best bait to put in the trap to attract the minnows? Don't get me wrong, most of the time I fish with artificials, but sometimes when I take guests and when I got saltwater fishing, my company feels a lot more optimistic using live bait. I have thought about bread and hot dogs, which tends to work best? Thanks

Ken Dog

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   Minnow trap bait from R. Davis (  2/1/2000 6:58:00 PM
 Try range cubes (cottenseed cakes)available at all feed stores for about $5 for a 50 lb bag.
   Baiting minnow traps from Junior (  2/1/2000 6:59:00 PM
 Ken Dog, I've always used bread with good success. I haven't tried anything else so I can't offer anymore suggestions. Just make sure to place the trap in a slow moving current or pool.
   Minnow Trap Bait from hank (  2/1/2000 7:34:00 PM
 I have good luck with a flounder carcass. A fresh smashed crab is also a good choice. I have tried dog food, but it seems to attract a lot of small pinfish. Really any kind of fish head and/or carcass will do. fish markets usually have plenty. Hope this helps.
   Baiting minnow traps from russlane (  2/1/2000 9:21:00 PM
 Hey Kendog, caught minnows for a living on the Bogue Chitto when I was a kid. Used home ground cornmeal and a little oatmeal. Dont put too much oatmeal as they will eat too much and swell up and die. You didnt say what kind of trap. If it is screen or such you will have to put the bait in a sock or stocking or something pourous. If it is glass, sell it on ebay and you can buy all the minnows you need for the next several years. You need to put the trap in some current and face the mouth downstream so the minnows feed up to the hole. Good luck! Russl
   catching minnows from bigjohn58 (  2/2/2000 10:43:00 AM
 I have always had great success catching minnows in a trap with bread. Put a couple of slices in the trap and let it sit for a while. Maybe let it in over night. I then put them in my fish tank if I have some left over after fishing. I have a small pond with tons of minnows in it. It is a little harder to catch them other places. I found the best way to catch them other places is to use a kicking net. It works ok in small streams.

Hope this helps, bigjohn58

   Minnow Baiting from Bassn7 (  2/2/2000 11:17:00 AM
 I've used minnow traps my entire life . . . trust me on this one. Open a few packages of "Saltine" crackers and let them 'stale' a bit. Then crush them up and put them into the trap. Be sure to cover the trap with a "leafy" branch to subdue the area. (Older glass minnow traps work 100% better) The small salty pieces work like magic. FISH ON!
   Onion from Kip (  2/2/2000 1:51:00 PM
 Try a slice of onion.
   try this... from kevin (  2/2/2000 3:45:00 PM
 hey Ken Dog,

Buy a can of cat food and take off the lid and drop the can with the food into your trap...i find that this works very well


   minnow trap baiting from foxrip  7/6/2010 7:32:10 PM
i have had luck with fresh white bread and about half a cup
of elbo macaroni goodluck
this has worked for dace and fatheads



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