What's the best way to peg a worm weight? What's the best way to peg a worm weight?
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    What's the best way to peg a worm weight?
from JackHeath  
7/31/2000 8:26:00 PM


 I don't normally peg my worm weights, one reason being that I am concerned over the extra weight the fish is picking up and the other reason being that it is easier for the fish to throw. Anyway, there are some situations where I would like to try this. I have used the toothpick method and there has to be a better way. Seems not to even work half the time. Maybe I am doing it wrong (seems like you couldn't do that wrong, but you never know) I have also tried the Gambler screw in weights. Didn't like those either. Any other suggestions? Thanks much, Jack

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   Jobee Hook from J&J Lures from Doug (  7/31/2000 9:22:00 PM
 Try the new Jobee Hook from J&J lures has the Texas rig weight molded right on the hook! A great idea for an age old problem. Great for all types of plastics, worms, gitzits, hulagrubs and more! Available from Bass Pro Shops!

   Peg-Its from SteveK (  7/31/2000 9:36:00 PM
 Hey Jack, How's the Florida fishin'? I like to peg the weight for skipping the bait or real heavy cover. The rubber Peg-Its by Top Brass tackle work pretty good. You have to get them in there just right though. If they're too loose the sinker slips, if they're too tight they can damage your line if you have to slide it up a little to change baits. You get the feel for it pretty quick though. It's the best and cheapest method I've found. -Steve

   Rubber Band from khingfish (  7/31/2000 10:32:00 PM
 Take a piece of mono line ( 3 or 4 inches long) and run it thru the weight. Then run it back thru the other way. This will form a loop. Lay a wet piece of rubber band about an inch or two long in the loop and pull it thru the weight hole with the two line ends. When the rubber band gets in place , pull the mono out ,snip the ends of the rubber band and you are ready to go. GL

On some sinkers , it may take two rubber bands to fill the hole.

   Snubber Bobber Stops from Jostasu  8/1/2000 9:33:00 AM
 IO use What is called Snubber Bobber Stops. They are a little piece of rubber molded on a thin wire loop that you pass your line through, and pull the Snubber onto your line. Once it is on your line, you then add the weight and tie on the hook. If ypu want to use the rig as a pegged weight, slide the snubber down to hold the sinker to the hook. If you want to let the sinker slid free just slide the snubber up the line a ways. It works for me..

They are on page 202 of the Bass Pro Shops 2000 master catalog..


   thanks! from JackHeath (  8/1/2000 4:25:00 PM
 thanks a bunch guys. The FL fishing has been pretty bad for me this year. That's why I'm looking for a few new tricks. thanks again. jack



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