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    Rock piles
from Joe (  
8/28/2000 8:17:00 PM


 How would you go about fishing a rock pile? Coming out of 15 feet on one side and 20 feet on the other. The rock pile is sitting in 7 feet of water and it's about 30 feet round with some coontail patches in it.

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   Fishin Rock pile from JBoss (  8/28/2000 8:27:00 PM
 Floatin lizard in the coontails. Then a jig-n-pig on the bottom. Crankbait on the sides.....panther<------lurkin in the shadows

   Here is a finesse approach from Radar  8/29/2000 10:11:00 AM
 Hey there. Go with 10lb line, a mojo weight pegged about 20" up the line, a 1/0 worm hook rigeed with a purple or camo curly tailed 4"-5" worm. Drag this bad boy around the rockpile, after you crank it with a redish brown Bomber 6A. Good luck. The crank will get the aggressive(and sometimes larger)bass, the slip shot rig is for the rest of the fish. Fish hard! ----Radar

   I'd be from Jon Pski (  8/29/2000 10:18:00 AM
 fishing it real hard! Sounds like a great spot! Think I'd hit it and the surrounding deeper water first witha topwater.Either a spook or a Pop-R. Then burn a chartruese willowleaf spinnerbait (with Chart. blade) over and around it. Huge smallies love to destroy this bait. Then I'd pick it over very thoroughly with a black/brown jig & pig or a Brush Hog, concentrating on those spots where the coontail met the rocks. Let us know how you do. I'd love to find a spot like this on some of my waters.

   Just got back from Champlain.... from Pat (  8/29/2000 12:12:00 PM
 and fished rockpiles for an entire week. One in particular went from 30' to 12' to 4-7'. My suggestion is to start on the most shallow point and work down and eventually you will find the right depth abd angle. My choice for bait would be a Watermelon Tube with a 1/4oz head on 8lb line. Just let it sit and work it slow but only 6-12" at a time. Trust me, you'll find them this way. Our average day was 30+ with several over 3lbs.....

and by the way,.....the windy the day the better the rockpile...

   prefishin rivers from rick o (  8/29/2000 1:58:00 PM
 i fish a number of rivers here in n.c. and have learned one thing. fish shallow. deep fish are usually in manmade "hurdles" and it's hard to find enough of em to keep you goin a whole tourney. 1st pattern, and most well know is fishin creek mouths. any creek, no matter how small will usually concentrate bass especially on fallin water. i usually pick up a couple hundred yards up from th mouth, fish to it, a hundred yards or so up it, and a couple hundred yards past it. my favorite pattern for river fishin is fishin outside turns in th river. for some reason if you find th right one, you can catch big numbers of large fish. i have won 4 out of 5 tourneys on one 1/4 mile stretch of river containing two bends. you still can catch fish on th inside turns but th outside bends seem more consitent. i only fish two baits when river fishin. one is topwater, pick yer favorite, and th other is a zoom trick worm, rigged wacky,green pumpkin in color, on a 5/0 round bend gamagatsu hook. bring plenty of both. i use 3 or 4 bags of worms a day and up to 40 hooks a day. then come th pattern within th pattern. are they holdin on wood or vegetation (pads, grass) once i figure this out i'll fish fast through th areas without th fishholding cover and slow down and fish th best cover thouroghly. hope this helps ya, good luck.

   Rock piles from Joe (  8/29/2000 9:02:00 PM
 Thanks guys for the tips. I'll let you know after the weekend how I do.

   Rockpiles from Scott L. (  8/29/2000 9:30:00 PM
 I'm from Maine and fish rock piles and humps regularly. I usually start out by throwing a super fluke over the top. Sometimes the fish will be suspended off the sides of the hump and so I will throw the fluke there also. If that doesn't work, I go to a jig&pig. I work that across the top of the hump. I fish the deep sides with a carolina-rigged zoom lizard. I usually use a 3/4 oz weight and a 6' lizard. I don't know where in Canada you are from, but here in Maine, it is common to find big largemouths holding on smallmouth spots. A spot like you are talking about can hold a large number of quality fish. They can be hard to find and so they don't see as much pressure as the more obvious spots. Good luck! Scott

   One big lizard from Scott L. (  8/29/2000 9:34:00 PM
 Sorry. That was supposed to say 6" lizard, not 6'.



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