Goldfish as bait? (Legal hopefully not?) Goldfish as bait? (Legal hopefully not?)
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    Goldfish as bait? (Legal hopefully not?)
from MTodd (  
9/21/2000 11:42:00 AM


 These things cannot be good for a lake. Twice recently I've heard mention of their use, once while on the water. I'll admit their colors may be attractive, especially to fishermen.

Regarding their legality where should I check, the DNR or G&F or ?. Hope this post does not lead to more of it.

Starting a company has temporarily replaced fishing of late, but it is a joy to read your posts on this fine board. At its best, it is the next best thing to fishing. Cheers to you sponsors and participants.


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   Here kitty, kitty... from Scott (  9/21/2000 12:06:00 PM
 MTodd, I've heard of this too, HOWEVER, I've never seen anyone using them or never known of anyone to use them. I've mainly heard it as a rumor type thing - they're used to catch catfish as I can recall. I've sometimes wondered about the effectiveness. Scott

   Are Goldfish harmful to a lake? from Ross  9/21/2000 12:07:00 PM
 Do they cause any harm to the ecosystem of lakes? Just curious.

   an excerpt from George, Imagination Bassin Guide Services  9/21/2000 12:08:00 PM
 This is an excerpt from Georgia DNR -

Never release live bait fish, aquarium fish, aquatic plants or mussels into our waters.

   I've heard of... from Pat (  9/21/2000 12:11:00 PM
 ...people using them as bait for mudcats...

   Goldfish legality from Team9nine (  9/21/2000 12:33:00 PM
 They're legal for use here in Indiana. Flathead fishermen swear by them but I ran into a guy this spring who stated that he caught some nice walleye on them. Here is an excerpt from a post by DNR personel on the subject. "Goldfish stay fairly small, but do sometimes get up to 10 or 12 inches long. Since they stay small, most predators can feed on them, so it is less likely that their population can get out of control. I rarely see goldfish during surveys which shows they are not really a problem."

   At least Indianna from George, Imagination Bassin Guide Services  9/21/2000 1:43:00 PM
 At least Indianna is very clear on the subject:

You may use a wild fish in Indiana as live bait as long as the fish was caught legally and meets any size, catch or possession limits established by DNR for that species. Goldfish may be used as live bait. Live carp and gizzard shad cannot be used as bait, except at Brookville Lake where live shad may be used

   Florida also spells it out from George, Imagination Bassin Guide Services  9/21/2000 1:46:00 PM
 Use of black bass or any parts thereof as bait is prohibited. Use of goldfish or carp as bait is also unlawful. Diseased bait is subject to confiscation. Taking of bait for the purpose of sale requires a commercial fishing license.

   Bait Shops sell Goldfish here from Texas Fisherman (  9/21/2000 3:32:00 PM
 I have seen goldfish all my life at bait shops where minniws are sold. They are used for catfishing, particularly trotlines extensively here in Texas. It seems big Ops love them.

   Gold Fish from Boliver (  9/21/2000 9:42:00 PM
 Is just a gold colored carp here in east Tn...see some very big ones out in the shallows,especially in the spring around Long Island..

   Not in NY from Robby (  9/22/2000 12:02:00 AM
 NY's regulations specifically prohibit the use of goldfish or carp as bait.

   Aquarium Fish from Jocko  9/22/2000 5:38:00 AM
 Down in south Fla flood control canals,which are quite extensive,(Okeechobee and Everglades linked)there's plenty of Oscars that I guess people dumped in after they grew too large and aggressive for their tanks.Nearly every subdivision west of I-95(and plenty east of it for that matter) has a series of canals.Folks catch em along w/ Crappie but I don't know if they're good eatin' or not.Personally,I wouldn't eat anything from those waters.Too much Mercury in it.'s the rub.. from Mr. Pets (  9/22/2000 3:33:00 PM
 ...ya gotta go to the lake and feed em every dang nite or they'll die..

   Goldfish Livebait from Ralph Manns  9/22/2000 10:06:00 PM
 Goldfish are legal in too many states. They tend to escape in legal states and, for all practical purposes, then behave like just "another carp", with potential to over-produce and muddy water if the predator population is not kept high with a restrictive harvest limit.

Goldfish, rudd (redfin shiners), and other non-native species are continually introduced where they don't belong by what biologists call "baitbucket stockings." The only reasonable rule for livebait is than no species not already present should be allowed as live bait.

As a separate piece of information: Tests comparing dyed baits with naturally colored shiners have been inconclusive. In some, shiners dyed red seemed to be more visible to bass and draw more attacks, while in others this was not true. Even in legal states, the use of goldfish may not increase catches when compared to catches made with other, more preferable, baitfish.



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