When do "YOU" use a "firetiger" pattern bait? When do "YOU" use a "firetiger" pattern bait?
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    When do "YOU" use a "firetiger" pattern bait?
from Pp (  
10/22/2000 12:49:00 PM


 I went fishing yesterday and used the conventional stuff,spinnerbaits,buzzbaits small crankbaits,worms,lizards,jigncraw,BUT i couldn't get bit on anything that I normally use to do so,SO I dug down in the box and found something I've never used before and caught a few that I probably would not have caught otherwise.It was a storm rattling hot'n tot,firetiger.but I always thought that firetiger was best for for post frontal conditions in most cases.Please reflect on this if you will.Thanks /pp

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   Firetiger color from Triton Mike  10/22/2000 1:13:00 PM
 PP, When I want a big fat smallie I fish a Fire Tiger crank, Rogue, trap etc. Donno why smallies like loud colors such as firetiger but they do. They go nuts over a clown colored suspended rogue which is a loud color as well. What do firetiger cranks represent?? I think a bream would be pretty close to firetiger as you can get.

Triton Mike

   Firetiger from Ken Dog  10/22/2000 2:00:00 PM
 I use three crankbaits. One is a shad colored Bandit Footloose. The other two are bandit 100 series. One is shad colored and one is firetiger. I use the firetiger around docks or whenever the water is a little dingy. I caught a nice big spotted bass around a dock on Lay lake when I was up there on my first cast with the firetiger. Good stuff. Fishard.

Ken Dog

   Good observations. from TroyJ/Angling Alabama   10/22/2000 3:47:00 PM
 I think both Mike and KenDog are right. All bass love to eat bream. Our bream are pretty bright so I think the firetiger is a good representation. I like it all year around docks since bream often hang out near docks. Early spring and late fall have always been good times for firetiger colors for me. Smallies seem to like it even in clear water in the early part of the year.

Angling Alabama

Experience trophey smallmouth fishing and great largemouth fishing on lakes Pickwick, Wilson, Wheeler, Guntersville and other Alabama waters.

   these fish were.... from Pp (  10/22/2000 7:09:00 PM
 Largemouth BTW,hanging on laydowns 4-6 ft.deep near(Inside river bend)deep water./pp......thanks for your comments guys

   Fire Tiger from paul (  10/22/2000 8:23:00 PM
 In grass and off colored water, especially if it is tea colored.

   Aw, I love this color! from Radar  10/23/2000 12:56:00 PM
 Our water around here is tea colored, and even tho not many guys throw it, fire tiger is great. Anyone try the Culprit 'firetiger' colored worm?? --Radar

   Fire Tiger pattern from Arby  10/23/2000 2:39:00 PM
 I use a Fire Tiger for lots of situations and conditions but especially when the weather is overcast and/or in stained water.

   Firetiger from Ralph Manns  10/23/2000 4:06:00 PM
 Dr.Loren Hill's drafts of his student's research on bass reactions to colors were the basis ofhis invention: the Color-C-lector. I do not support use of that device, but I have observed that flourescent red/orange, chartreuse and green ( the fire Tiger colors) were all high visibility items under most lighting and water clarity conditons.

The combination of Fire Tiger colors is high viz under practically all conditons. I feel FT is the optimum color to use in murky/dingy water when moving fast to try to locate bass that are willing to strike. It's not so good for slower moving lures and repeated casting, to wary bass in clear water.

   Firetiger! from lmitch (  10/25/2000 11:21:00 PM
 Firetiger is by far my favorite color in crankbaits. Catches fish in clear and murky water. Tennessee shad would be my second favorite, with it being better in clear water. I always have a firetiger crankbait tied on!



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