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    The Swimming Worm
from Bob Williams (  
12/25/2000 7:57:00 AM


 In Doug Hannon's great book, "Big Bass Magic," he talks of a swimming worm that he made by bending a hook. This differs from the two hook setup made famous by Mr. Jim Porter. Can anyone better define the bent hook, or know how I could contact the Professor? I would also like to ask him about casting techniques from the sitting position, as he advocates. BTW, if you haven't read the book, you should.


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   Bending the hook from Ken Dog  12/25/2000 10:01:00 AM
 I think basically any kind of bending will do the trick. Anywhere on the hook shank where it looks like a good place, go ahead and start bending that thing. I have seen that he sometimes bends the hook shank down towards the point, and then bends it sideways. Then you just thread the worm on there, not texas style or anything, just work that hook all the way down the shank, and it should swim in a circle like motion. Fishard and Happy Holidays.

Ken Dog

   Use A Swivel from SkeeterBug  12/25/2000 10:41:00 AM
 Bob, If you try the Swimming Worm, be sure you use a swivel a few inches up the line. It will twist your line unmercifully otherwise. I also believe the reason Doug Hannon advocates casting while seated is to lower your profile above the water, so the fish has a more difficult time spotting you. I believe he also casts parellel to the water, so the fish doesn't see the motion of the rod waving through the air. I forget the exact angle he mentions, but above a certain angle to the water, he feels you are far too visible to the fish. Good fishing down there in Florida. The water up here in Kentucky is starting to get awfully hard!

   Ok I'll "Bite" from Cooter (  12/25/2000 7:29:00 PM
 Anybody on the board carry the book or know how to get one?

   Bob from binkwood  12/25/2000 8:56:00 PM
 Not only is Hannon's book good, but he did two very good videos a while back. One is called "Understanding Big Bass" and the other "Catching Big Bass". In "Catching Big Bass", he demonstrates the swimming worm. He had a special long shanked, flexible hook in the video. He also marketed, through Burke Lures, a pre-rigged swimming worm on a leader. Eagle Claw makes a "bent hook" similar to a "True Turn" hook, that works well with a swimming worm rig. Also, BPS makes a hook called "Kahle Worm Hook" that is barbless that looks like it will work. Like Skeeterbug says, use a swivel. The swimming worm rig is good for both Largemouths and Smallmouths, and not too many people throw it. Good luck.

   The Book from Bob Williams (  12/26/2000 5:52:00 AM
 I purchased the book, along with "In Pursuit of Giant Bass," from This is an auction site where people agree to sell their used books at less than half retail. Both books were in excellent shape. Big Bass Magic was about $ 5.00 and pursuit was about $ 8.

Thanks for the suggestions on bending the hook. I tried several different configuations and am getting close to the perfect bend. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. The pursuit continues.



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