Suddeth Crankbaits? Suddeth Crankbaits?
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    Suddeth Crankbaits?
from Alan (  
12/30/2000 3:26:00 PM


 I have seen these crankbaits mentioned several times on here by some of the South Carolina guys. Are these made locally? Where can I find some to check out? Are they any good? Wood or plastic? What kinda price range? Any info on these will be apreciated. I would have e-mailed some of these guys directly but I hate the new e-mail system one here and wont gve all my personal info just to use it. Feel free to e-mail me. Thanks

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   Suddeth Crankbaits from Bass Assassin  12/30/2000 4:19:00 PM
 Most Suddeth crankbaits are small, wooden and flat. They work extremely well in clear water as do most flat crankbaits. These are my experiances. Im not sure where they are made but I have found that they are very good crankbaits.



   How to get em from Cooter (  12/30/2000 4:47:00 PM
 Suddeths are made in Easley, SC. Not far from Greenville, SC. I beleive they are located on Gentry Memorial Hwy in Easley. Call information (area code 864) and ask for Suddeth Bait Company. They will talk to you on the phone. Small company, good bait. If you go to they have pictures of them on there - although they don't call em Suddeths. Wouldn't order there though. They will ship em from easley to Texas to you and I think the proprietor of Bubba baits is ill and may not be shipping. You can buy them at many tackle shops up and down I-85 anywhere from Anderson, SC to Lexington NC. My old home lake was High Rock and the "Little Earl" was very popular there especially in Fall. Small and flat with a tighter wobble and a litte bit deeper run than a # 5 shad rap. Now that I fish Hartwell a lot I see plenty of guys using Little Earls and Boss Hawg's (More like a flat A). Good baits. JMHO.

    from BobP (  12/30/2000 4:50:00 PM

   Suddeth from jojo-sc  12/30/2000 6:49:00 PM
 Not wanting to start no fusses but Suddeth's are not made of wood. Every one I've broke into the last 20 years has been made of dense foam{for lack of proper tech. term} That's why you can buy them for $5 or less every where but on the WWW Get some they're good just don't bring no Chart/Brown Big Boss Hawg to Lake Secession this spring....that's my pattern LOL CYA Jojo-SC

   JoJo!! from Cooter (  12/30/2000 6:53:00 PM
 You are right I visited the site.

   Suddeth from Dan (  12/30/2000 10:31:00 PM
 I have a bunch of Suddeths and I can tell you they work well. My home lake is High Rock Lake, and these baits are always on the deck of my boat. I've bought some in a local store, Hill's Minnow Farm, and they run aroud $3 to $5 depending on what size you get. My favorite is the Little Earl. My advice, buy some....the work!!!!

   Suddeth from greg (  12/31/2000 12:38:00 AM
 They make suddeth baits and sell them on hwy. 8 between easley and pickens. i go there all the time. they let me test them in the test tank and they even offer me lures not released to stores yet.

   suddeth from Leroy (  12/31/2000 10:52:00 AM
 I ordered mine directly from Suddeth. They sent me a nice color catalog with a order form. Great baits for the money - <$5. Homemade flatsides up here cost between $10 - $15, sometime more. These Suddeth baits are just as effective. Advice on buying some - buy both sinkers and floaters. I've noticed the action varies a lot from bait to bait. Some of the sinkers will nearly suspend and these are the ones you want to put aside for T time. Good luck.

   luv dim suddeths from extreme (  12/31/2000 11:45:00 AM
 Until march of last year, I'd never even heard of a suddeth. Now i have about 40 of the little buggers on my boat and always have at least one tied to the business end of a rod and sometimes 3 of differant colors.

What happened in march was me getting my butt spanked from the back of my boat by one of the suddeths on Clark Hill Lake.

The suddeth in my experience is one of the best "tuned" crank baits directly out of the box. I have yet to open the package on many that didn't run true without having to tune it.

My favorite color is the "GGG" color they offer and I buy it mainly in the sinking version. It will dive quickly and hit everything in it's path and is pretty good when comming through cover. I have found that it will come through brush better than it will pass over a log without hanging. Keep a lure retriever handy.

And as ALWAYS with a crank bait, keep the drag loose.



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