Bait for stocked trout Bait for stocked trout
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    Bait for stocked trout
from fyrfyter  
1/17/2001 4:10:00 PM


 What type of bait and setup should I use to take my 2 nieces to fish for stocked trout in the city lakes and ponds that the Tx dept. of Wildlife has stocked for the season?


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   Whole Kernel Corn from Dogman  1/17/2001 4:15:00 PM
 I just got back from Iowa and the guys I went with said they had caught more Trout using Corn than any other bait.


I'm just a Louisiana boy though.

   Stocked Trout FOR bait!! from J. Kennedy  1/17/2001 4:45:00 PM
 Just messin with ya, I used to use the floating marshmallows and a meal worm or corn on a small carolina rig. Real light rig just enough weight to get the bait out there and no more.I used to fish off shore so we would put a forked stick in the ground, set the rod in it and wait for the tip to jiggle. You could hang a bell from the tip to help , with kids it's a good idea.

Corn by itself or flies on 4 lb. line on a clear bobber launched way out.Berkely trout bait molded onto the hook may work but I can't vouche for it.

I hope they are on for you , my niece gets bored in about 2 seconds if she doesn't have a fish on. I hear "hold this" about 100 times a day as she runs off to do something more important than fishing, is there such a thing??? It's cute though when they catch one. Good luck!!

   Bait for Stocked Trout from Andrew Bornn (  1/17/2001 4:51:00 PM
 I always use earthworms hooked once through the collar. Use a size 10 or 12 baitholder hooks. Try to use as little weight as possible, one or two split shots about six inches up from the hook. Good luck! Andrew.

   stockies... from Mike Bednarski  1/17/2001 5:46:00 PM
 I'll second the mini carolina rig. Definetly a killer with orange powerbait.

Another favorite of mine is too use kastmasters or rooster tails. Color seems in important, as long as they see it. Earthworms work well, but the odds are I'm throwing a silver/gray rooster tail with a rod out with orange powerbait if I'm trout fishing. My best trout hit a watermelon finesse worm though, so what do I know. Now Ive been killing the trout on a small orange jig with maggots. But that works well under 12" of ice.

   Power Bait from crankmn (  1/17/2001 6:18:00 PM
  Lived to trout fish for years before i got converted into a bass nut cant beat yellow power bait (berkley),worms and small spinners.just cast the power bait out on a 4 lb. test a #10 straight shank hook and let the fish do the rest.

   trout from john (  1/17/2001 8:16:00 PM
 A friend of mine uses power bait rolled into a little 2 or 3in worm he outfishes most trouters. I used to use velvetta cheese years back. It worked pretty good. After you catch one, tail hook it and hold on, for that monster bass hit!

   rubber rainbows from flippn' fool (  1/17/2001 8:20:00 PM
 out here lots of people fish for these stockers(aka rubber rainbows). power bait seems to work good if you use common sense when you rig it up. ive seen people fishing it under a bobber but it is a floating bait so the bobber is pointless. i suggest a small carolina rig with a 2-3' leader of 2-4 lb test. good luck

   Quick Limits While Others Struggle from Curt Stowers  1/17/2001 10:42:00 PM
 Have fished for the stocked critters with my kids for multiple years. ALWAYS have my limit first. Process is as follows. First, throw out a couple of handfuls of corn. Refresh your chum about every 15 minutes. This will hold the fish in the area (remember they are fed regularly at the hatchery. Rig up with light line. Would advise going with fluorocarbon 8lb unless you want to go with mono 4 lb. Place a small worm weight (1/8 to 1/16, the smaller the better) on the line and then a standard gold bluegill/crappie hook on the line (think its a #6 but I'm not really certain). Thread on three pieces of corn. Toss out two lines, one on each edge of the chum spread. Works like a champ. Good luck

   Stocked Trout from BobP (  1/17/2001 10:44:00 PM
 A nearby city lake has a trout pond where you catch'm and pay by the pound. For kids, a panfish setup (spincaster, 6 lb test, bobber, small crimp weight and #6 or #8 hook) baited with either worms or canned corn works well. The worms seem to work best, but corn may have obvious advantages for young fisherwomen.

   Stocked trout baits from Fontana Finesse Man  1/18/2001 8:51:00 AM
 When I used to take my son to the trout ponds, everyone was throwing corn, meal worms, we started fishing with rebel hellgramites designed for panfish. It was every cast everytime you went out. Was easy for him to do, just throw it out and reel back in. Worked very well for him and might work for you.

   stocked trout baits from bigjohn58 (  1/18/2001 11:08:00 AM
  Ok being from PA where we have lots of stocked trout, just about every kind of bait has its day. I would first try a spinner of some sort like a small blue fox vibrex, mephs, or something like that. They are easy to work all you do is throw them out and reel them in. If that doesn't work then I would try a red worm or some sort of other live bait such as a meal worm. Small crankbaits and jerkbaits work well to in some cases. I don't like the powerbait stuff but sometimes I have seen where that is the only thing that the trout will eat, that is how it is in a lot of the lakes and ponds. It seems like the powerbait stuff works there, but not in the rivers and streams. Hope all of this and what the others have posted can help!


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