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from dave (  
2/8/2001 1:43:00 PM


 Does anybody here use lumaflex for skirts.I just brought some in & never realized that it comes in single stands.How do you make skirts with this?Is this material used a lot for skirts?Thanks<% if strcomp("gerryb",inname,1)= 0 then %>

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   Yes from Ron (  2/8/2001 7:19:00 PM
 I make my own spinnerbaits and have purchased around 100 lumiflex skirts. When I bought them, they always came with the skirt band around the 30 or so strands. If you have to put the strands together yourself, You will need to buy a skirt plyers that you put inside the small skirt band and spread it out. Then you can insert the strands but this seems like a major pain. I use my skirt pliers to open up the assembled skirts to add crystal flash and other fly tieing materials that enhance the flash of the skirt.

   Lumaflex from B.A.'s Baits and Bassin Shop  2/8/2001 7:42:00 PM
 Hi Dave, I make quite a few Lumaflex skirts for my customers throughout the year. The skirt tool (pliers)that Ron was referring to will be a big assist to you in your attempt. However in an emergency a pair of automotive snap-ring pliers will also work. Give me a call and I can tell you how easy they are to make a lot easier than trying to explain by typing it out. 1-800-206-6928 TL&SHSTY.....Al

B.A.'s Baits and Bassin Shop

   lumaflex from Doug (  2/8/2001 8:15:00 PM
 A small pair of needle nose pliers works just as well. to put your skirts and flashabou together I use scotch tape. Tape one end and slide it through the skirt collar. Doug

   Lumaflex? from BassMonster (  2/9/2001 8:20:00 AM
 Hey you guys, Where did you find this stuff??? I made a lot of my own skirts (in the past), until my source for this stuff dried up. Used to get it from Barlows or Janns Tackle Supply, but they said Dupont (who makes it) stopped makin' it. And hey Dave from Canada, I swear by this stuff!!!, it makes skirts with features like NO other skirt material! Action is great(when trimmed properly) and holds scent better than anything else(as ut absorbs it) I credit a couple tournament wins to it!!! Also making skirts with it is easy, make your own tools(like guys said above)use long needle nose pliers, and wedge something between handles of pliers, to hold pliers open, after you slide skirt collar up on nose of pliers. Also lay strands out on your table or desk, and cut to length using very sharp scissors('cause this stuff is pretty tough compared to any rubber material) Then when you think you have enough strands layed out together, trim one end sqaurely, stick that end in your mouth to wet it, and it'll stick together and make a point, so now you can run it through the opening in the skirt collar on your pliers. Does'nt take to long to do, once you get used to it! Please write back and tell me where you found it, as it is one of my "confidence" skirts. Thanks for posting, good luck, I think you'll like it! Jim

   Where did you find the bulk Lumaflex? from BassMonster (  2/9/2001 8:33:00 AM
 I love this stuff, where did you find it?

   Sorry about double post from BassMonster (  2/9/2001 8:36:00 AM
 Thought the first one did'nt go through.

   lumaflex from dave (  2/9/2001 8:56:00 AM
 Thanks for the replies.We use this for our business,we did figure out a simple way to make skirts.We will start manufacturing our own line of skirts.The lumaflex compared to regular silicone skirts has a thinner cut with a nicer look & way more action in water.Time to change all of my spinnerbaits over.If you need some let me know,we will be selling the material in bulk.

   Lumaflex source from BB Bane  2/9/2001 9:30:00 AM
  A source for Lumaflex is:

Theyl it in 2.2 lb spools for $115.50. This is a lot of skirts! I thought about getting some until I figured it would take me a lifetime to use up that much Lumaflex. If anyone has a source for a smaller quantity, please pass it along.

Big Bass Bane

   Hey Dave from Canada! from BassMonster (  2/9/2001 11:15:00 AM
 Let me know how much, where can I order, etc. My e-mail is I must have some of this in white and black colors! Thanks Dave, jim



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