Any places to fish in Joplin, Missouri? Any places to fish in Joplin, Missouri?
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    Any places to fish in Joplin, Missouri?
from R Lawrence. (  
2/22/2001 12:47:00 PM


 Going to be there in may/june with my wife, visiting her grandmother before going off to a wedding in ohio...

Any good fishing holes in that area?


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   Grand lake is only........ from TheDue  2/22/2001 1:21:00 PM
 about 30-40 miles away, great lake. Stockton & Table rock are each about 90 miles. If you like bank or small boat fishing, the area has a lot of great strip pits, especially over west of Pittsburg, Ks. (30 miles). Don't forget about BassPro Shops in Springfield. It takes 1 hour from Joplin, and is worth the visit. Have a nice trip....TheDue

   You should post the KS guys on the pits........ from Apig4hogs (  2/22/2001 2:49:00 PM
 Ask some of the KS guys on here about the strip pits around Pittsburg when you get close to coming out. I've been to the pits on several different occasions and it is really good fishing. Are you driving/ bringing a boat? If not, I think the pits will probably be your best bet. If you come to Springfield to visit Bass Pro, look Fluker or I up and maybe we can get you onto some fish on Pomme, Truman, or the Rock. How long is your stay in the Sho-Me State?

   Should be there for 4 days or so from R Lawrence. (  2/22/2001 4:01:00 PM
 Possibly slightly longer.

I won't have a boat though, no. For one we're flying, and for two, I don't own one anyway :D

What exactly do you mean by strip pits? Just what kind of man do you think I am!?

Ahem...But no, really...What kind of place is that/they? I've never heard that term before.

Just to be on the safe side, if I don't get to travel as far as 90 miles out, is there anywhere nearer by? I'd hate to miss out fishing in the state.

And yes...The bass pro shop is top of my list. Theres no way I'm missing out on that one. Don't think I'll be able to buy anything, but I'd still like to see it.

Thanks. Rob.

   You need to hook up with Cranky®.... from boatboy  2/22/2001 4:37:00 PM
 ....that's are his neck of the woods!

-- boatboy

   Strip pits from dugbug (  2/22/2001 4:57:00 PM
 R. Lawrence:

Strip pits are small long lakes left in areas that were mined years ago. The lakes usually have good depth and steep banks. They often have vegatation. They are not always easy to get to or to fish - therefore they are known to produce big bass.

There are alot of strip pits (mining lakes) in Missouri and Kansas. Some are on public land and have good access. They really are neat to fish!

   Strip Pits from TheDue  2/22/2001 6:28:00 PM
 As dugbug said above, strip pits are simply big holes left in the ground after mining for coal. These dudes are deep, clear, and full of fish. The area to the west of pittsburg is just full of them and most are public grounds. Those in that area are mostly easy to walk around. The land was reclaimed, so they have been cleaned up around, and stocked for years. They actually have strip pit tourneys. Plastic worms are good, as are j&p's. It's like fishing in a giant bowl. Well known for good fishin.

Apig4hogs & Fluker could get you into some Pomme fish, purhaps on the day you see Springfirld. Or, if it don't work out, email me and I'll meet you at Stockton.


   Not always easy to get to? from R Lawrence. (  2/22/2001 8:05:00 PM
 So they aren't illegal drinking establishments for japanese businessmen then?

My mistake... It sounds like a really cool place to fish... When you say they're hard to get to, exactly how hard is hard?

There I go again...Making it sound dirty.


   MO fishings trip from Cranky®  2/22/2001 8:33:00 PM
 Boatboy is right...this is my neck of the woods...wished I'd seen your post earlier....e-mail me when you are gonna be here...I should be able to find some time to fish...the boat is always gased up and ready to fish...Cranky®

   Rob, if you make it to the "pits"... from J.R. Rods and Baits  2/23/2001 6:12:00 PM
 Remember that some of the biggest fish in 'em are almost completely nocturnal...

Hint, hint...nudge, nudge...say no more...


J.R. Rods and Baits

"I'll make the rod you pick up first
when you put the trollin' motor down."



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