Storage of Plastic baits question. Storage of Plastic baits question.
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    Storage of Plastic baits question.
from John (  
2/27/2001 10:36:00 AM


 Was curious to know how most of you guys store your plastic baits. ? Will those Plano clear boxes end up cooking my tubes, senkos,worms if I store them in there and leave in there when fishing a tourney? Just storing in the original bags for now and always find I cant find the bag of plastics I need since they get buried in tackle bag. Thinking the clear boxes would eliminate this? Your experiences or suggestions......

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   worm storage from bass1 (  2/27/2001 10:43:00 AM
  I use the Tackle Logic worm wraps. The system uses a series of plastic ziplock bags in a soft canvas binder with rings similar to a 3-ring notebook. Keeps lots of worms organized in a small space and I have never run into any heat related problems with them even though I fish in Texas and it gets into the 100's in the summer.


   worm storage from bassin-kid  2/27/2001 11:12:00 AM
 I have most of my baits in plano clear plastic 3700 boxes in the storage compart, where they stay all year outside. With no problems this is better for me than plastic bags or tackle bags/binders except, when Im in another boat. Can't leave the stuff on the deck anyway in the sun because when running it will blow out. Bassin-Kid

   Plano 3700's for me from Bassbaron  2/27/2001 11:31:00 AM
 I keep the plastics that I use the most in a couple of 3700's, and my "backup" stash in their original bags in a plastic shoebox I picked up at Wally World for $2.00. That's the most convienient for me, and I've had no problems.

   plastic storage from smalljawbasser (  2/27/2001 11:48:00 AM
 i've tried lots of different things, but the one that works best for me is a three part system.

1. leave plastics in original packs (keeps 'em from drying out)

2. sort them by type, color, or size, whichever you prefer. then store those in 1 gallon zipper bags. not zip-lock, but the ones with the zipper.

3. then store those in plastic weigh-in bags.

i like this way for one; because you can seperate them any way you want. you can have one fish bag for 4", one for lizards, one for tubes, whatever. for two; they are very easy to store, you can stack them or stuff them. storage compartments never seem wide enough for me to have two stacks of the plano boxes, resulting in wasted space. you can stuff these bags in beside of your 3700 boxes or whatever. for three; this system is very cheap!. they also won't melt, dry out, or discolor. this also works great if you are a non-boater (which i currently am). you can just put what you know you need in one fish bag and away you go. i've also started storing spinnerbaits and buzzbaits this way, as well as terminal tackle, line, parts, tools, extra clothes, you name it.

   I tried them all and this works for me from TNBill (  2/27/2001 12:09:00 PM
  The plano box that holds baits in the bag. Sorry I do not remember the name/number. It is an open box with dividers. Cost 6-7 each. Shoe box is the same idea but these have a locking lid. All these systems work to some extent but if you are a plastiholic like me you need lots of storage. Heck I have one with nothing but Yamamoto baits in it! Yes I have wraps, 3700's and the Plano boxes, different stuff in different storage areas in the boat depending on need, and I need a lot!

   Plastic Storage from drdj4 (  2/27/2001 1:06:00 PM
 I use Tackle Logic Wraps for all my soft plastics. Different colors hold different baits. Tubes in red, worms in black etc. Just look in the compartment and pull out the wrap.All hard baits go in 3700 boxes, as do my leadheads, worm weights etc.

   Keep the money in your pocket from Doug (  2/27/2001 1:21:00 PM
 I agree with smalljawbasser. Keep it simple. Other products mentioned are good ones for sure and work but you are making someone else rich. The ole zip locks do a fine job of sorting your baits. When you figure out what is working you can put that bag of plastics in your jacket pocket. Good Fishing!

   BPS Worm Binders from salmoides  2/27/2001 3:00:00 PM
 I have so many plastics that I don't know what to do with. I've tried many of the systems, but I've settled on using the Bass Pro Shops worm binders. I have a couple of the Jumbo Double worms binders and a model that is real nice and insulated that they don't make anymore...I don't think. Anyway, I still keep the plastics in the original packages and then put them in the plastic bags of the worm can put about 4 packs in each bag of the Jumbo depending...depending on size of the plastics...and you can store a lot of terminal tackle in them too...Just my deal...Tightlines...

   Gunny has THE method, I think... from J.R. Rods and Baits  2/27/2001 4:08:00 PM
 I'm sure he'll see this thread and post it. Where you at, Daddy?

Don't know if I like the part where he sucks the air out of the bag after it's got K'n B in it, though.

Dinger (Craw Breath)

J.R. Rods and Baits

"I'll make the rod you pick up first
when you put the trollin' motor down."

   Tuff marine from FID  2/27/2001 5:16:00 PM
 I know Marines are tuff but sucking the air out of a bag with KNB in it way beyond tuff:)

   I have a VERY UNIQUE way of storing them, but everyone from Thad  2/27/2001 8:04:00 PM
 that sees it, copies it. Similar to smalljawbasser, but different. What I do, is get a mesh rugby equipment back, or a divers bag, something made of small netting. I leave the plastics in the original zipped bag and then just put them in the mesh sack. Tighten the top and you have a fully portable soft plastic sack. You want want for everything? You have it. If you want one for lizards, one for flukes, one for worms and one for grubs, boom you have it. Good thing about this is, they stay dry, unless you get a hole one of the bags, and IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the lure you are looking for.

It is a bit unruly, but if you don't see it, dump the bag on the deck, grab it and stuff the rest back in. Still quicker than sorting thru 20 boxes looking for a specific THING. If it rains, no big deal, it is mesh and dries out. You do have a problem if you fish a lot of treble hooks, but that is one thing I can put up with for the ease of finding the bait I am looking for quickly. Triton Mike saw the bag and was amazed at how many it held, but at least 3 other BFHP fishers have gotten their own. Not pretty, but efficient AND PORTABLE. I have 4 bags, and probably the least of them holds $500 worth of plastic. The Senko bag probably holds 1000 or more. LOL.

Hope this helps. Tight lines, keep safe and good luck. Thad Rains

   worm storage from bigones (  2/27/2001 10:26:00 PM
 I leave in the origanl bag or put it zip locks them I put in baby wipe contaners Then lable this is easy and cheap.Takes up very litle space I got rid of 5 Plano clear boxes now just three baby wipe tubs.

   Soft Plastic Storage from Charles Pulley (  2/27/2001 10:37:00 PM
 I used to use the bags the plastics came in or zip lock bags. Now, I find it easier to find what I am looking for quickly by having it all sorted by style and color in Plano or Flambeau style boxes. Each style gets its own box. Each color gets its own compartment, starting with the darkest color in the left rear compartment and the lightest color in the right front. Drying out has never been much of a problem for me because I use the spray type scent to keep the plastics lubricated. The goopy type scents don't seem to work for this.

   EXPO World Fishing & Outdoor Expoistion from John F Wiggins (  2/28/2001 8:43:00 AM
 Rockland Community College is having their big expo this weekend in Suffern New York I have been going to it for Twenty years now And have never been Disapointed You will go broke there Always full Little kids sometimes hard to handle with all the people pushing around But always worth it Bring big tackel box off cash

   Lots of 3700 from hozer65  2/28/2001 11:40:00 AM
 I use a bunch of the 3700's. My boat has a place to store about 40 of the trays, so that is what I have used. I put all of the same baits in each box. I have found that I only need about 6-8 of each plastic for pre-fishin tx's. So then I put the rest of the 100 count bags in big plastic totes for storage. Then when tx comes, I take that box of plastics with another bag of the color that was working. I have also found that the new 3701's work REALLY NICE! I can put more tackle in the compartmnets with these.

Now the problem! With all of this plastics and tackle in the boat(enough to open a store!), how can I get this boat on plane? Been thinking about this all winter. Open to all suggestions, except for leaving my partner(wife) on the dock. She might not let me use HER BOAT next weekend.(haha)



   worm storage from chim sweep (  2/28/2001 12:20:00 PM
 I use soft sided six-pack can coolers to store my plastics in. They are cheap and work great.

   Too many worms, not enough water.......... from Pondman (  2/28/2001 3:59:00 PM
 Like most guys, I'm sure, I own more plastic baits than I can use in my lifetime if I never buy another bag (not likely). I carry a big Plano double-sided box with only the main dividers. You can lay your worms out flat, arranged for style and color, store your hooks, hardware, KNB and dyes in it, and with the clear sides, you can locate everything right now. I tried the "notebook" method, but out of sight is out of mind, and you may forget all the options you have stored in the wraps. I've never fried any baits in the Georgia sun, and the boxes last 3 or 4 years with rough treatment.



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