Need Some Help -- Tenn. Killer Crankbaits Need Some Help -- Tenn. Killer Crankbaits
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    Need Some Help -- Tenn. Killer Crankbaits
from FishCrazy (  
3/14/2001 6:43:00 PM


 I have a couple of older Tenn. Killer crankbaits and I would like to find some more. The ones I am looking for are about 1 3/4 long not counting the bill. The bill is a small caufin shaped lexan bill. One has Perry's on it's belly the other has Tn. Pro. Any info. on where to find these would be greatly appreciated. I think they are discontinued but maybe I can find some that are pretty close to these. I am not concerned about color I will take any colors I can find.

Thanks, Richard

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   Tenn Killers from babydoc (  3/14/2001 9:46:00 PM
 Previous posts noted that Norman's had made them but subsequently discontinued. Ken Nance had reported have a box full and a possible willingness to depart with a few. Do a search for his name and try e-mailing him. Good luck. P.S. Gary Dee's D Bait and Mike Estep's "Big E" (at are worth a look too.

   I think Bubba Jack's used to carry them from JohnM (  3/14/2001 11:54:00 PM
 Maybe he can give you some leads- good luck. John

   I've been looking for them for awhile.... from bass2xs  3/15/2001 6:37:00 AM
 I've been looking for them for awhile but no luck yet. The only ones I can ever find are Norman's sorry knock off. Godd luck in your search.

   Tenn. Killers from Ken Nance  3/15/2001 7:00:00 AM
 Heya guys, I have 1 of the old original Tenn. Killers and a bunch of the Norman Tenn. Killers. Tight lines, Ken.

   Tn killers from Jason Mosier (  3/15/2001 8:39:00 AM
 I do not know much about who bought the line of baits but I beleive and may be wrong somebody did.....I love the bait for muddy water....flat sides seem to help the fish find it better.....I know a guy that told me he found some....I will give him a call and post it back here if I find out.

Fish 32 bass

   tn killers from Jimv (  3/16/2001 1:24:00 AM
  that crank was originaly known as the tennessee tuffy,then the tennessee killer, and now the Tapp. I have some original tennessee tuffys that I'll be willing to sell,or you can buy tapps from bubbajacks. and both of them plugs are better then those tennessee killers. You can see the tapps at, or you can e-mail me at about the tuffys.



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