Need advice on carp dough bait recipes Need advice on carp dough bait recipes
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    Need advice on carp dough bait recipes
from jim (  
6/19/2002 9:23:00 PM


 Taking my daughters camping this w/e on a river. I want to take some carp bait with me so they can get some real tuggin action. Isn't there one you make with corn flakes and red soda pop or something????

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   dough ball from Dave (  6/19/2002 9:59:00 PM
 We used to use equal parts (1/2 cup each)of flour and yellow corn meal with a tablespoon of vanilla and enough water to make a thick dough. Form it into a ball and wrap it in an old towel or rag, tie the top, and boil it for 10 minutes. That makes it real sticky.Pinch off enough to cover the hook and hold on for ole bugle lips.It holds better if you use treble hooks....Dave

   me from bassmare (  6/19/2002 10:05:00 PM
 I just use green giant corn nibblets

   Carp from Robby (  6/19/2002 11:55:00 PM
 Corn is good, so is cereal. The guys I carp fished with used Wheaties. Just grab a handful, dip your hand in the water, squeeze out the water and you've got bait. You can add flavoring, like powdered Jell-o or other stuff, but it's not necessary.

Some people think of carp as trash fish (I don't) and easy to catch. Well, they're not that easy, they can be very wary.

Good luck.

   Secret Recipie from Willie G (  6/20/2002 6:31:00 AM

I don't normally cut this up with people, but since you are taking your little girls, I will share it with you. This is a tournament winning (yes there are a few carp tournaments) family secret.

In your wife's best mixing bowl, put in Wheaties. They can be crushed or whole. Add some cotton seed meal, which is available at your better feed stores. Use about a half of bottle of Karo syrup. You might have to add a little water, and then mash this mixture together. It works better to use your hand. You know, kinda squash it up between your fingers. I usually put about a quarter bottle of vanilla extract. The pure Mexican variety works best.

You might need a helper, but then start adding some flour until it starts getting the texture of dough. I usually will spread a sheet of wax paper on the counter and knead it real good.

Colored Jello can be added to the original mixture for color (which can really make your competitors think you have something different), but it isn't necessary.

I've fished for carp all of my life, and have honestly weighed in over 200 pounds in a FWAC tournament in the early 80's. This can be verified through Bob Hood, who is the outdoor writer for the Ft. Worth Star Telegram.

Use a small treble, and make your dough balls about the size of a marble. Keep in mind that these bugle mouth bass don't have the tough mouth that a largemouth has, so don't horse them, and utilize your drag.

Fish with a tight line and as small a weight as possible. It works the best without any weight, if you can get away with it. Let the fish actually take the bait and don't be jerking every time one pecks at it.

A simpler version that some of my friends use, is with wheaties, cotton seed meal, sugar, and water. Mix in the flour until you get the consistency that you want.

Clean up the kitchen or you going to get in trouble.


   i got one too! from will (  6/20/2002 9:51:00 AM
 hey jim, haven't chased carp in a while, but when i was younger this was a great one!

1. wonder white bread

2. 1 can of warm beer (regular bud i what we used)

3. no. 1 or 2 baitholder hook

make sure the bread is soft/fresh. form into tight little dough ball (same as willie g. - about marble size). thread it on to hook. soak in beer for about a minute.

we normally used ultralights and no weight. but i think you could get away with a split shot.

tight lines, will

   Thank You all!! from jim (  6/20/2002 5:03:00 PM
 I was wondering if i'd get ANY of you die hard bassers to fess up and admit you had recipes for carp!! I end up getting numerous recipes! I am actually looking forward to catching them,errr i mean, my DAUGHTERS catching them now!!!hahaha!! Seriously, thanks!!

   100% bran flakes and Big Red soda. from chad heitman (  6/20/2002 6:37:00 PM
 mix until it becomes thick enough to put on a hook. Also, on a side note, for an excellent non-stink catfish bait use chicken livers mixed with Strawberry/banana Instant Jello gelatin.

   Carp Bait from S.Wayne (  6/20/2002 8:39:00 PM
 Like bassmare says get you some green giant whole kernal corn. This is the best and easiest way to catch carp. Saw a bassmasters kids fishing program and they baited the area with this prior to the kids fishing.

   My VERRY good carp bait... from Isaiah (  3/30/2004 9:08:00 AM
 Hey there, I got a carp bait recipie that will have you catching carp a lot ..., so here it is, in a food prossesser, mix 1, 12 oz. can of unsalted peanuts, 3 tbl. spoons of marshmellow cream, 1 tbl. spoon vinilla extract, 1 teaspoon almond extract, 1 pouch of kool-aid (any flavor) So after you got all that, mix all of the stuff together in the food proccesser untill you got a thick dough ball like thing and then you can go fishing for carp..., this bait works best on treble hooks, ( hey if any of you catch any thing on this bait, e-mail me back and tell me about it...



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