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    Dimpled Boat Hulls
from Ziert (  
2/14/2003 6:00:00 PM



Anybody know anything about this ?

The application of dimples in the hull surface is supposed to act like the dimples on a golf ball. It will make the hull more aquadynamic, and move the boat faster over the water with less horse power.

Do any of you know of a manufacturer that has such a hull design ? What else do you know about it ?



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   golf ball dimples from boats (  2/14/2003 10:18:00 PM
 I don't golf, but I thought they were for the club to make good connection with the ball. I just don't know

   haven't heard anything lately, but ...... from rustyhook  2/14/2003 11:22:00 PM
 Ziert, could give you a long theoretical post on the golf ball lift-drag dimple design, but that would only get markG excited. then he would post something that would give T-Mike another headache ....... so let's not go there. Hey could stir up the old should you wax the bottom of the boat or not to increase your speed issue, since the principle is the same ..... no, let's not go there either ...... don't know of any hull designs in production. I did read about one of the America's Cup boats that did some testing using a drag reducing film awhile back. This film contained 'micro-rivulets" which is a fancy way of saying roughness. The roughness was very slight and the size was precisely calculated for the anticipated flow conditions speed, location on the hull, boundary layer thickness. The film had to be oriented in specific directions with respect to the flow field. The drag reduction results in the ocean were inconclusive but were very small if present. (sorry T-Mike).

   Lol from markG  2/14/2003 11:47:00 PM
  Hey, I worked on that Americas Cup riblet film, so watch it!! LOL...got them on aircraft too. :)


Rich, dimples and other structured surfaces are there for drag reduction as rustyhook said. Basically it's a way of controlling turbulent flow and preventing what is called "separation". Type in laminar/turbulent flow, separation, Reynolds number, in a search engine, and you get more than you want to know.

sorry Mike!


   Engineering trade offs from Pski's partner (  2/16/2003 7:17:00 AM
 Interesting concept here, but I think its a good example of what engineers and scientitists would refer to as a performance trade off. In other words, by changing the surface geometry, it will have an effect on the drag, but, would this effect be the same over a wide range of application conditions?

In the case of a bass boat, which operates over a (relatively) large range of speeds, it will be much more difficult to change the surface and benefit the drag force across the entire speed range of your average bass boat. In other words, a "dimpled" hull may perform better at greater than 50 or 60 mph, but may perform worse below that threshold, resulting in higher minimum planing speeds, more time to get on plane, and other features which could be considered negative by the consumer. Maybe they are considering some texture for the hull's high speed pad, leaving the majority of the hull smooth, just a thought. Neat concept though.

   don`t know about the boat but... from fatboy (  2/16/2003 3:19:00 PM
 the dimples on my big fat butt don`t make me go any faster :)



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